Are you ready for your first dive in Santorini from a boat?

Staying on Santorini and always wanted to try out scuba diving to see the fascinating underwater world? Don’t you have a diving certificate? No worries, on your first dive in Santorini, our experienced instructors will take you out to take your first breath underwater without the need to have a certificate! Join us for a boat tour of 5 hours and lots of diving fun in Santorini. First off, there will be a theory lesson and a training session with your friendly instructors on board of our boat. Once you feel comfortable, we will take you down in the blue sea! You will have the opportunity to go for 2 dives at two sites, each of about 40 minutes. It will surely be one of the highlights of your holidays, immersing yourself into this parallel universe awaiting us underneath the surface. With all equipment included and the help of your instructors, you don’t need to worry about anything and can simply enjoy and float around the crystalline waters of Santorini! And to restore your energy levels, our friendly crew will serve you some drinks and snacks between the two dives.
If you rather would like to go snorkeling in Santorini, we also have this option!
What are you waiting for? Take this chance and come with us for your first dive in Santorini!

  • The perfect opportunity to try diving for the first time and explore the underwater world;
  • No previous experience needed, our experienced instructors will teach you all the basics;
  • You will have the chance to do two dives from the boat on 2 sites, each dive will be about 40 minutes;
  • Escape the crowds and visit places far away from busy touristic towns;
  • The perfect opportunity to see if scuba diving is something for you, in the clear waters of Santorini!  
Don’t forget:
  • For your first time diving in Santorini, you need to be able to swim and feel comfortable in the sea;
  • Wetsuit, full gear, boat tour, theory briefing, training and 2 dives included; 
  • Drinks (water, tea and ice tea ) and Snacks (cereal bars, fresh fruit) are included, but feel free to bring your own;
  • Check-in should be done at the diving center 15 minutes before departure;
  • Detailed information about the diving school, including local telephone numbers and addresses, are included on your confirmation email.  


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First dive in Santorini from a boat
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