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Santorini is probably the superstar among the Greek islands at the moment! It is located in the Aegean Sea and blessed with crystal-clear beautiful water. There was once a huge volcanic eruption, that was the cause for the unique way the island is formed. On the East coast, where most tourism is centred, you have impressive cliffs and a landscape so unique that you can spot directly when a photo was taken in Santorini!
The most famous town in Santorini is undoubtedly Oia. If you check social media for content of Santorini, you will find mainly photos of Oia! No surprise, because the white-washed buildings with the beautiful architecture based on the impressive cliffs are definitely postcard-worthy! But Santorini also hosts some beautiful surprises along the rest of the coast and even inlands. On the Eastern coast, you have quiet little beach towns like Perisse, and if you take a little tour into the inland of the island you’ll find friendly locals, pretty vineyards and cute authentic villages. 
If you go on holidays on Santorini, you can only win! And of course the history of the island is also impressive. Did you for example know that some even say that Santorini could be the place the legendary island of Atlantis once was?

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