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Best Sea Experiences in Crete

Crete is the largest island of Greece, situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. From the populated towns in the North, over the mountain range with its deep forests all the way down to the less touristy South coast, where you can still find completely deserted places - Crete is definitely a special place to visit!

Besides the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and turquoise waters, Crete also has a lot of culture and stands out with its impressive history. Did you know that one of the first advanced ancient civilizations, the Minoans, once inhabited this piece of paradise? You can find a lot of museums and ancient sites spread around the island.

Follow the history of humans and visit this impressive island! You won’t be disappointed and the beaches along the entire coast will simply amaze you with their beauty!

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  • Our favorite restaurant: To Mikio Taverna, Chania
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  • Our favorite watersport in Crete: SUP & Snorkeling Tour in Crete

Language and Currency in Crete 

The currency used in Crete and Greece, in general, is the Euro. So if you come from anywhere else in the EU, you don’t have to worry about exchanging money. ATMs can be found everywhere around the island, and you can also easily exchange foreign money.

The official language in Crete is Greek. Locals speak good English though, so no problem getting around only with English! 

Getting around in Crete 

Getting around in Crete is possible in many ways, and not very complicated. It is a rather large island, compared to the other Greek islands. However, Crete has no railway system. Instead, most public transport in Crete is run by the local bus company KTEL.

Getting around in Crete by bus is very simple and the best option to get around the more popular towns and resorts. The busses are very inexpensive, modern and usually on time. You can check the timetables here. It’s the cheapest and also a very easy way to get around in Crete.

You can also use a taxi for getting around in Crete. Most taxi drivers are very friendly and trustworthy. The best is always to get the price already before start driving, so there are no surprises. You can also ask at the hotel or airport desk what the usual fares are so that you know what is reasonable! 

Another way of getting around in Crete that also allows you to explore the island, is renting a car. While this is more expensive than using public transport, you also get to see more remote parts of the island. With a car, you can explore hidden beaches as well as the island of the island. It’s an awesome way to see Crete! 

Best things to do during your holidays in Crete 

Crete is an island full of many different things to do. You can spend time at the sandy beaches or explore the mountain region of the White Mountains. Of course, there is also a lot of ancient history in Crete. One of the best things to do in Crete is to visit the famous archaeological site Knossos. Knossos is also known as Europe’s oldest city. The ruins of the Palace are located not far away from Heraklion. The first known settlement at Knossos was in 7000 BC, so it is an interesting place to visit for all fans of ancient history. 

Another nice thing to do in Crete is to walk the Samriá Gorge. This trail is located in the Samriá National Park, in the Western part of the island. Hiking Samriá Gorge is a great way to explore the pure nature in this part of Crete. The steep cliffs, green landscaped and the freshwater along the trail are very beautiful.

During your holidays in Crete, you should also go and visit Elafonisi Island. This little island is located close to Chania. On good days you can even walk through the sea until you reach the island. Elafonisi is especially known for the pink sand beaches. The perfect place for a day tour!

The best watersports in Crete

The warm and calm waters of the Aegean Sea in Crete is very inviting to spend some fun time in it! If you love being in the sea and being active, we have the best watersports in Crete for you.

Snorkeling in Crete is a great way to explore the amazing underwater world. The crystal clear waters allow you to see very far, so it’s the perfect place to go snorkeling! Another fun sport to do in Crete is SUP!

SUP, short for Stand-Up Paddling is very easy to learn and a sporty way to explore the coast! We have a SUP Tour in Crete that also includes snorkeling and even cliff-jumping, so you get to do the best watersports in Crete all at once!

Another cool thing to do in Crete is diving! The visibility is simply ideal for scuba diving in Crete, so if you always wanted to try it out you can join us for your first dive in Crete! Certified divers are also very welcome to join us for a scuba diving adventure in Crete! 

The best boat tours in Crete

Since Crete is an island, what would you think is the best way to explore the coast? A boat tour of course! And even better is a private day trip only for you and your friends and family! On a private boat tour in Crete, you get to explore the coastline at your own pace!

You can book a private sailing trip for either a half-day or even a full day to see more stunning places along the coast! Have you already heard of the famous Balos Lagoon? On the full-day boat tour in Crete, you also have time to visit this amazing place and go snorkeling there! 

What and where to eat in Crete

Cretans love cooking with fresh and local ingredients, which is why you can enjoy some delicious and healthy meals in Crete! What you should eat in Crete is definitely the typical fresh salads! Did you know that Crete is also an expert when it comes to cheeses? There are many different local kinds of cheese in Crete for you to try!

Seafood and lamb are also specialities in Crete that you shouldn’t miss! Depending on where you are on the island, there will probably always be a local restaurant nearby where you can get typical dishes! Hagiati in Heraklion and Talos Restaurant in Chania are two hotspots for local cuisine for example!

Enjoy the beautiful beaches around Crete

Two of the most beautiful beaches in Crete we already mentioned before, Elafonissi and Balos Lagoon! But there are many more paradisiacal beaches in Crete that you should definitely visit during your holidays on the beautiful island! 

Kedrodasos Beach is just around the corner from Elafonissi but much less crowded. It is still a rather untouched piece of paradise and is very nice to spend a day simply relaxing! The forest right next to the beach gives it a very special and unique touch! 

Another beautiful beach in Crete is Marmara Beach. You can easily reach it by boat or go for a relaxing long walk through nature to reach it. The water at this beach is great for snorkeling and you can also enjoy some cliff-jumping around it! This beach is usually not very crowded either, and perfect for a day out!

There are many amazing beaches in Crete all around the coast, so if you want to get the most of your holidays make sure to visit as many of them as possible!

Whatever you decide to do during your holiday in Crete, we promise you will love the boat tours and watersports. Sunshine and a lot of fun are guaranteed! For any further tips or requests, feel free to contact us anytime.

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