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Mykonos is a magical island, part of the Cyclades. It’s one of those Greek islands that attracts millions of tourists due to its unique landscapes, crystal-clear waters and a very hip and modern scene for fashionistas, luxury-lovers and stylish people in general! 
Just off the coast of the paradisiacal beaches of Mykonos, there are some untouched islands, like Dragon Island and the island of Delos. The latter one is a true archaeological jewel, and attracts historians from all over the world due to its rich mythological past! From Mykonos you can easily visit this special place on a boat tour. The warm and calm waters of the Mediterranean also invite you to try many other watersports. And the party-people out there can expect a crazy and exclusive nightlife around the island! Mykonos is a trendy location and has even inspired artists like the Fleet Foxes to dedicate a song to it! 

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