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Algarve Boat Festival

We have the best options for you to join the Algarve Boat Festival.

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Boat Charters

We have selected the best boat charters for you. Private charters are a great way to explore the unique coastline at your own pace. Feel like the owner of your own boat!

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Dolphin Watching

We have selected the best dolphin watching tours for you. Dolphin watching is a very special and magical experience as you get to see these magical creatures in their natural habitat.

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Kayak Tours

We have selected the best kayak tours for you. Kayak tours are a fun, sustainable and sporty way to explore the coastline that doesn’t require any previous kayaking experience.

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SUP Tours

We have selected the best SUP tours for you. SUP tours will take you really close to the amazing coastline in a sporty and sustainable way. For most SUP tours, no previous experience is required.

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Cave Tours

We have selected the best cave tours for you. Cave tours are very popular especially in the Algarve, where you can find many unique rock formations.

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Surf Trips

We have selected the best surf trips for you. Surf safaris, as we also call them, are a lot of fun and you will be able to learn an exciting new sport or improve your skills!

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BBQ Cruises

We have selected the best BBQ cruises for you. BBQ cruises are a great way to spend a full day out on the sea, exploring the unique coastline.

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Have you already heard of coasteering before? It is a great new action sport that is taking over the coasts all over the world.

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Diving and Snorkeling

We have selected the best diving and snorkeling tours for you. Scuba diving is a great activity for all travelers who would like to explore the underwater world.

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Family Tours

We have selected the best family tours for you. Have a look at our most family-friendly sea experiences. Family tours are great experiences to do with your kids and enjoy the sea to the fullest.

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Fishing Tours

We have selected the best fishing tours for you. Fishing boat tours are a lot of fun for families or group of friends who would like to compete on who catches the biggest fish!

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Birdwatching Tours

We have selected the best birdwatching tours for you! Birdwatching tours are great for all nature-lovers who would like to combine a boat tour with birdwatching.

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