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On the volcanic island of Madeira, about 700 km west from Lisbon, you can find one of the 7 Wonder Beaches of Portugal, the beach of Porto Santo. But this small group of islands has a lot more to offer than this golden sand beach! 
Hikers can explore the trails along the famous “levadas”, small irrigation canals that you can follow from the North until the South of the island and that will show you every corner of this magical place. If you wish to enjoy the sea, hop aboard on one of the plenty dolphin watching boat tours in Madeira.  For a once in a lifetime experience, swimming with dolphins in Madeira is our recommendation. The warm water around the island also invites for a surf lesson in Madeira, or any other of the plenty water sport activities you can do here. 
Madeira is one of our secret highlights for boat tours and dolphin watching tours in Portugal, taking you on an adventure in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

  • Our favorite beach: Praia da Prainha – Caniçal
  • Our favorite restaurant: Papa Manuel do Lido
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  • Our favorite water sport in Madeira: Surf in Madeira

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