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Are you ready for a boat tour to watch dolphins in Lisbon?

Depart from Lisbon on a fast speed boat in direction to the endless Atlantic. Get aboard and choose your seat. If you like adventure and would like to go out to the ocean in search of wild dolphins, join this boat tour to the dolphins in Lisbon.

Before leaving the Tagus Estuary through the river mouth, you will pass under the emblematic 25th of April Bridge. You will also be able to see some of the beautiful monuments in Belem neighbourhood. The guide will show you and tell you about the Discoveries Monument and the Belem Tower built 500 years ago. Once we get out to the ocean in search of some wild dolphins in Lisbon, you’ll get the best view from the Atlantic Coastline.

With our versatile fast RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat), we can scan the ocean in the search for wildlife. Our skipper is also a Marine Biologist on board, so you can truly learn about these incredible cetacean species and seabirds in the middle of the Atlantic. For about 3 hours, you will experience the adventure of looking for dolphins in Lisbon where it seems impossible. You might also encounter other marine species, like sunfish, sharks, jellyfish, or even sea turtles, so close to Lisbon. 

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this fun and exciting speedboat tour in search of wild dolphins in Lisbon!

FAQ about dolphin watching tour from Lisbon

  • Do you need to know how to swim for this dolphin watching tour? No, you’ll get onto the boat in the Marina and you’ll almost won’t get wet as the tour finishes in the Marina too.
  • Can you get off the boat for a swim? No, no swimming is allowed on this tour. In Portugal, swimming with dolphins is only permitted in the Madeira and Azores;
  • Do we always see dolphins? No. The dolphins we search for are wild animals and they’re not fed. We never know if we’ll find them. It’s a true adventure. The staff is very experienced and knows the sea like no other, so they manage to spot dolphins on almost all our trips. But there’s a small chance to have tough luck. The tour is always great fun, though, with impressive sights over the coastline.
  • How close can you get to the dolphins? This really depends on the species of the dolphins and their mood at that moment. Some dolphins, like bottlenose dolphins, love to give us a show. Common dolphins are nice to see when they’re feeding, as they get really excited. Sometimes, the dolphins come close enough to touch, other times, we may find a pod that's less interested or shyer. It really depends.
  • Are the dolphins fed? No, the dolphins are not fed. They are wild animals and we will try to interfere with them the minimum as possible. 
  • Are there dolphins in Lisbon all year round? Yes, the dolphins are around the whole year. And this dolphin tour runs all year round. 
  • Is it possible to observe other species than dolphins? Of course! As we said before, the dolphin watching tours are a true adventure. You never know if you’ll find any marine life and if so, what species. On this tour, we also frequently find turtles, orcas and several species of whales.
  • Is this dolphin watching tour suitable for babies and pregnant women? No. The dolphin watching tours on Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) are not recommended for babies under 5 years old, pregnant women nor people with back and neck problems. 
  • Is the use of lifejackets mandatory? Are there lifejackets for children available? Yes and yes.
  • Can you take your camera and phone with you on the dolphin watching tour? Yes, it’s OK to take your camera and phone with you on the tour, but we are not responsible for any damages or losses that may happen.
  • How many people go on each boat? Each boat takes 12 people and 2 skippers/guides. If you need more than 12 seats, we can take several boats or a bigger one. For charters or private tours, please get in touch with us for a personalized offer.
  • Should I book my dolphin watching in advance? Yes, we always recommend booking in advance. In high season, boats get often fully booked!
  • What’s the best time to go dolphin watching? We highly recommend the morning trips, the earlier the better because normally there is less wind in the morning and the sea is calmer.
  • Is there a minimum of participants for the tour to run? Yes, the minimum is 6. If we do not manage to reach this number, we'll try to reschedule or work with our partners to take you to the dolphins.
  • Can you pay by card? Yes, you can pay the balance due upon check-in by card or in cash.
  • What happens if the boat trip is cancelled? The dolphin tours are always subject to the weather and sea conditions. If the tour is expected to be cancelled, you will be contacted to try to reschedule. It may occasionally happen that the tours are cancelled last-minute. We’re sorry, but this can happen as the sea can be rather unforeseeable and we want your safety above all. You’ll always be 100% refunded.



  • This experience provides a close encounter with these wonderful mammals;

  • Extremely high chance of spotting wild dolphins with the experienced crew;

  • Seeing these mamals in their natural habitat is really a magical moment;

  • Enjoy the view over the impressive city skyline from a unique perspective;

  • This experience can be done all year round, depending on the weather and ocean conditions;

  • This experience is a good choice for families and groups of friends who are passionate about the ocean, nature and adventure;


  • This tour is not suitable for pregnant women or people with back/neck problems;

  • We can't guarantee you'll see dolphins / whales. They are totally wild and not fed. Success rates are very high;

  • Please check-in 15 minutes before the start of the experience;

  • All sea experiences are subject to the weather and sea conditions. In case of bad conditions, we'll contact you to reschedule or arrange a refund;

  • Detailed tour operator information, including local phone number and exact address, is included in your confirmation email;

  • We recommend bringing sunscreen and comfortable clothes;

  • The minimum age is 5 years old;


  • A safety briefing, insurance and life-jackets are included;

  • A local captain will give you onboard commentary about the sights;

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Boat tour to watch dolphins in Lisbon