kajak tours in Portugal

During your holidays in Portugal, besides lying on the beach, you sometimes want to do something active, discover the best 5 kayak tours now.

Our kayak tours in Portugal are some of the nicest ways to get more out of your vacation. And it is not only fun, but you are also immediately involved in sports.

We have made a top 5 of the most beautiful kayak tours in Portugal that you definitely cannot miss!

The kayak tours in Portugal that we have listed for you vary from 2 hours to 6 hours and from 25€ to 65€.

Whether you want to go only kayaking or combine it with a boat trip, everything is possible.

All kayak tours that we offer each have something special. The first four kayak tours described below are for all ages and levels of experience.

The intensity of the kayak tours in Portugal will be adjusted to the level of the group.

Do you already have some experience? Then we have a new challenge for you, namely point 5, the kayak tour in Sagres.

Do you dare to explore the Portuguese coast in an ecological and healthy way?

This is our top 5 of kayak tours in Portugal

Zelfs honden willen mee
Even the dogs want to join us

1. Kayak tour in Lagos

  • Duration: 2:30 hours
  • Location: Praia da Batata, Lagos, Portugal
  • Price: 30€

Lagos is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the South of Portugal, the Algarve. 

A kayak trip in this area is definitely worth it! Do you already know the beautiful cliffs of Lagos? No? Then this is a very cool trip for you! Smoothly sailing over the sea, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful cliffs, caves and hidden beaches.

There is plenty of time to occasionally stop at remote beaches. Here you can have a nice rest, or you can choose to snorkel, the area is beautiful.

We are a real fan of these kayak tours in Portugal from our own town.

Er gaan meestal 2 personen in een kajak
Each kayak usually takes 2 people

2. Boat + kayak tour to Ponta da Piedade

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Location: Lagos, Portugal
  • Price: 30€

Yes, you read it right, this excursion is a two in one! First, you will cruise with a boat towards the beautiful area around the caves of Ponta da Piedade.

Once we arrive in this area, you will switch to a kayak to discover the caves of Ponta da Piedade up and close.

This tour is very suitable to do with the whole family or a group of friends

Benagil cave
Yes, you can kayak here!

3. Boat + kayak tour to Benagil

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Location: Ferragudo, Portugal
  • Price: 65€

We can say that this tour is one of the most popular tours we offer. The tour lasts about 3 hours and is worth the money.

The combination of a boat trip + kayak tour makes this tour very unique in Portugal. This tour also goes to the most popular cave in Portugal, the Benagil cave.

The tour starts early in the morning for two reasons: first, you avoid kayaking in the heat of the day and secondly it is still very quiet in the early morning, so you are one of the few who is already enjoying the sea and caves, amazing.

Also, on this boat trip, you do not necessarily have to kayak. You can also enjoy the surroundings from the boat.

Do you really want to stand with your feet in the sand of the Benagil cave? Then you have to join the kayak.

Coastal canoeing Sesimbra
The scenery around Sesimbra is incredible

4. Kayak tour in Sesimbra

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Location: Sesimbra, Portugal
  • Price: from 25€

During a kayak tour in Sesimbra, you will definitely pass the most beautiful beaches in the area around Lisbon. Sesimbra is a place is not far from Lisbon (about 30 minutes by car).

If you want to get away from the busy city and are in need of a bit of nature, then these kayak tours in Portugal are definitely something for you.

You will be amazed by the untouched beaches and the crystal-clear water.

The nature is so breathtaking around the area of Sesimbra, and so close to Lisbon! On this tour, you can kayak in Portugal all year round.

Discover the caves around Armação de Pêra
Discover the caves around Armação de Pêra

5. Kayak tour in Armação de Pêra

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Location: Armação de Pêra, Portugal
  • Price: 35€

Can you imagine yourself taking pictures whilst paddling along the impressive cliffs and beaches around Armação de Pêra?

Discover the coastline from Armação de Pêra to Praia da Albandeira by the sea in a sporty way, on this fantastic tour by kayak.

We have more tours for kayaking available in Portugal. Unfortunately, we do not rent kayaks for kayaking in Portugal because tours are a safer option. If you have further questions or tips, please contact us!


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