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    The Best Crete Guide Tour for a Wanderer

    Crete, Greek’s most iconic isle, boasts a long list of enlightening sites for the summer and winter holidays. Equipped with the right guide to travel, you can tag along with your family to experience nature’s beauty at its best. From the nature hikes to the amusing winter temperatures, there’s no limit to the fun and recreation you can enjoy while on a tour guide visit of this island. Whether you want a perfect spot to hike or relax, you’ll get it all in a Crete guide tour experience. Find out more about what awaits you on your Crete tour in this ultimate Crete travel guide. Best Crete Guide for Your…

  • The Best Places to Visit in Greece

    The Best Places to Visit in Greece

    The birthplace of democracy and since then under the yoke of many undemocratic empires such as the Roman and Ottomans: Greece has been constantly topped up with a history for many thousands of years meaning wherever you go it is now brimming with it. The Ancient Greek sites are of course the most famous but later sites are just as well worth visiting including many fine Ottoman Mosques and Greek Orthodox Churches and Cathedrals. Heading to the Greek islands don’t assume you’ve seen one and seen them all, some are centers for watersports, some clubbing and partying, some are strewn with ancient sites and some are just fantastic for relaxing…

  • Best Places for Snorkeling in Greece

    Best Places for Snorkeling in Greece

    The word snorkeling comes from the German “schnorchel,” which translates as a breathing tube. Snorkeling is a type of scuba diving with a snorkel, mask, and usually fins. If the water is cold, you can wear a wetsuit Thanks to the listed equipment, swimmers get the opportunity to admire the beauty of the sea for a long time, without much effort. What Equipment Will You Need to Snorkel In Greece? The equipment for snorkeling in Greece sites is standard: Wetsuit. Appropriate if the water temperature is not pleasant. Experts say that it is sometimes advisable in hot countries, as it has a beneficial effect on buoyancy and protects against UV…

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    Greek Vacation With A Twist!

    Exactly what is actually a Classical Island Vacation? It’s an experience that incorporates the best European adventures. Society, history, meals mixed with a heat scorching, sand, grazing seashore trip. Optimistic POVs Throughout the years, the Greek Islands have maintained their town feel, sluggish, and also captivating rate of life. It is a perfect place for employees of a custom essay writing service and for other people who are constantly looking for inspiration, The majority of the isles possess a done, fit atmosphere that visitors discover loosening up while soaking up on their own in the passionate history and also the personality of Greece. Preparation for a vacation in Greece is…

  • 10 Tourist Attractions To Check Out In Rhodes
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    10 Tourist Attractions To Check Out In Rhodes

    Rhodes is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, and with good reason. With so much ancient history to explore, along with gorgeous sandy beaches to relax on, there’s something for everyone here. Here are the top 10 attractions you should check out when you’re in Rhodes, Greece.  Anthony Quinn Bay This bay is named after Mexican national Anthony Quinn, who filmed several movies in Greece and bought the bay part of the island. This is just a mile from Faliraki, and is considered to be one of the most stunning beaches in Rhodes. It’s surrounded by rock and has crystal clear water, so it’s a beautiful spot…

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    Why You Should Charter a Boat in Greece

    Of the many reasons that tourists love to visit Greece, the gorgeous Mediterranean sea and all it has to offer is always at the top of the list. Not only is it gorgeous to observe, but there is also a lot of fun to be had in those waters. But if you really want to see what the clear and amazing islands have to offer, you absolutely have to charter a boat in Greece. With so many tourism companies on the islands, it is easier than ever to charter a boat and enjoy Greece with your friends and family or as a romantic getaway or honeymoon. You have many options…

  • Beaches in Europe
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    12 Best White Sand Beaches in Europe

    Gentle sun, warm sand, azure water, soft soothing sound of rustling waves, fresh seafood, long walks on the beach, pink sunsets – is there a more perfect combination for a serene yet invigorating vacation? If this sounds good to you, welcome to our club! To be fair, it’s quite crowded here but take a seat, grab a cocktail and enjoy. Hopefully, you haven’t booked tickets for your next vacation, as our 12 white sand beaches of Europe will likely make you reconsider all your plans. Keep reading to learn about the best locations where you can soak in all the joys of coastal living and get memories for life! A…

  • Our complete SUP Guide
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    Our complete SUP Guide

    SUP, short for Stand-Up Paddleboarding, is one of the most popular watersport activities that have come up in the past few years. It’s a great way to explore coastal areas while staying fit at the same time. And the best part about it – it’s super easy to learn and anybody can do it! We at SeaBookings are also absolutely in love with SUP, and decided to offer a complete SUP guide to anyone looking for some advice!  Ways to do SUP SUP Board rental Before anything else, you should decide how you want to do SUP for the first time. For this, there are different options – you can…

  • Maximizing The Health Benefits of Your Travels in Greece, Portugal, and Beyond
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    Maximizing The Health Benefits of Your Travels in Greece, Portugal, and Beyond

    The only thing better than time spent on vacation is getting healthier when you’re there. The subjects of health and leisure do not always go hand-in-hand, as we often go to an exotic destination only to sit around the pool and drink fruity beverages. However, those who seek to get more out of their trip only need to look for the right destination.  A trip to the Mediterranean Sea could be just the ticket. When you visit great vacation spots like Greece and Portugal, you are transported to a land of amazing sights along with many ways to keep your mind and body in tip-top shape. To help you plan…

  • The best boat tours for groups in Mykonos

    The best boat tours for groups in Mykonos

    Mykonos is one of the many Greek islands and is part of the Cyclades. It lies in the middle of the Aegean sea, blessed with calm and warm waters. It is one of the most popular islands off the Greek mainland for travellers from all over the world. In Mykonos, you can get it all – amazing beaches, crystal-clear waters and a hip scene. The picturesque villages and white-washed houses are simply picture perfect. No wonder there are lots of people who want to visit Mykonos and take home some of those amazing Greek memories. Being an island, it’s just obvious that a boat tour in Mykonos is something that…