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  • Trip Mallorca
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    5 Reasons why a trip to Mallorca is the best Cure for your Winter Blues

    Winter blues hits full speed these days: Christmas days and New Year’s celebrations are over and what stays left behind in their wake are some few kilos extra and a dragging mood. Yikes! But who says you have to just sit through it and wait for better weather – literally?  Here are 5 reasons why a trip to the Balearic gem Mallorca is the ideal cure for your winter blues! 1. Here comes the Sun! It might seem hard to believe, but there actually are places around Europe where the sun is still shining its warm and healing light – even past 3 in the afternoon! Mallorca is one of…

  • Best Kayaking Destinations in Europe
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    Best Kayaking Destinations in Europe

    There is no better way to discover Europe than on a kayak or canoe. From peaceful waters, lovely lakes to wild whitewater, there is something great for every kayaker! But, a wrong choice of destination can spoil every bit of your trip. That is why I have taken the time to highlight the 10 best-kayaking destinations in Europe that will give you an experience of a lifetime. Top 10 Kayaking destinations in Europe Ardeche, France The Ardeche Gorge in southern France stretches for about 30 km and gives you a kayaking experience like no other in Europe. Regardless of your kayaking skills, the class I to III waters are comfortable…

  • Surf Travel Guide
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    Surf Travel Guide – Top 10 Amazing Surf Destinations

    Do you love surfing and you are looking for the best surfing locations around the globe? Well, you have come to the right place. Here we will dive into the best spots around the world where you can surf like no one is watching.  Surfing is an incredible sport and for those who are not afraid of the water, it can turn out to be a pretty nice experience. Learning to surf might be difficult at the beginning, but once you manage to ride your first wave, everything changes. So, if you are looking for an adventure while traveling the world, here are 10 amazing surf destinations you should not…

  • Valencia

    16 Seaside Activities in Valencia

    Year after year, Spain is rated as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some love the architecture. Some adore the incredible landscape. We love the watersports. Valencia isn’t the capital of Spain, but it’s a haven for water activities. Surfing, snorkeling, swimming – you can do it all here. Everyone has a different reason for loving this city. We encourage you to get your feet wet and try these 16 seaside activities in Valencia. Keep your valuables safe and dry by using a luggage storage service before heading off on your adventure. Playa de la Malvarrosa Spain’s beaches…

  • Alicante
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    Alicante: Your Next Mediterranean Experience

    Tucked away in the southeastern corner of Spain between Murcia and Valencia, Alicante is the capital of the Costa Blanca vacation region. Often overlooked in favor of more famous names like Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca, and Malaga, Alicante is a gorgeous little city that is an excellent place to stay.  As the name suggests, the surrounding area is littered with beautiful white-sand beaches, while the city itself is a fantastic combination of culture, history, and relaxation. Right on the coast, there’s a delightful city beach, while the medieval fortress looming over the white houses and cobbled streets of the old town center hints at the region’s fascinating history.   If you…

  • The 7 Most Romantic Places In Europe Where Sea Meets Shore
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    The 7 Most Romantic Places In Europe Where Sea Meets Shore

    A Thalassophile’s Guide To The 7 Most Romantic Places In Europe Where Sea Meets Shore The ocean —whether open water or its sandy beaches— is an obsession for many. All kinds of travelers find themselves irresistibly drawn to the beautiful waters of the planet and for as many different reasons as there are different people. Some people crave the thrill of confronting the depths of the unknown, while others seek the excitement of speed and surf. No less valid is that innate desire for serenity and calm that many of us can only find with the accompanying soothing sounds of crashing waves. For a lot of us, it might have…

  • Student Must Visit In Spain
    Barcelona,  Spain

    5 Places Each Student Must Visit In Spain

    Spain is well-known for more than just its hot bullfighting, passionate dances, and luxurious beaches. This country has a long history, a rich indigenous culture, and incredible natural wonders that you will not find anywhere else. Spending a vacation in Spain is a fantastic way to unwind not only from your daily routine but also from a long semester and exhausting academic work. It is difficult for students to stay tuned in all the time. Numerous tasks, lectures, exams, and activities gradually deplete the reserve of energy. As a result, taking a well-timed break can not only recharge your batteries but also allow you to discover new places you will…

  • Beaches in Europe
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    12 Best White Sand Beaches in Europe

    Gentle sun, warm sand, azure water, soft soothing sound of rustling waves, fresh seafood, long walks on the beach, pink sunsets – is there a more perfect combination for a serene yet invigorating vacation? If this sounds good to you, welcome to our club! To be fair, it’s quite crowded here but take a seat, grab a cocktail and enjoy. Hopefully, you haven’t booked tickets for your next vacation, as our 12 white sand beaches of Europe will likely make you reconsider all your plans. Keep reading to learn about the best locations where you can soak in all the joys of coastal living and get memories for life! A…

  • Spain in spring
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    5 Convincing Reasons to Come to Spain in Spring

    I spent a semester in the beautiful city of Madrid as a graduate student and fell in love. The food was amazing. The weather was nice for this Midwestern gal, and the location was ideal. I’d never lived in a place where it was so easy to access the coast one day, then drive to Portugal for a weekend trip a few days later.  While I love Spain year-round, I make a special effort to return in the spring as often as possible. I think you should do the same. If you haven’t added Spain to your shortlist of spring vacation considerations, take these five reasons into consideration. 5 Convincing…

  • Our complete SUP Guide
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    Our complete SUP Guide

    SUP, short for Stand-Up Paddleboarding, is one of the most popular watersport activities that have come up in the past few years. It’s a great way to explore coastal areas while staying fit at the same time. And the best part about it – it’s super easy to learn and anybody can do it! We at SeaBookings are also absolutely in love with SUP, and decided to offer a complete SUP guide to anyone looking for some advice!  Ways to do SUP SUP Board rental Before anything else, you should decide how you want to do SUP for the first time. For this, there are different options – you can…