Our complete SUP Guide

Our complete SUP Guide

SUP, short for Stand-Up Paddleboarding, is one of the most popular watersport activities that have come up in the past few years. It’s a great way to explore coastal areas while staying fit at the same time. And the best part about it – it’s super easy to learn and anybody can do it! We at SeaBookings are also absolutely in love with SUP, and decided to offer a complete SUP guide to anyone looking for some advice! 

Ways to do SUP

By renting a board, you can experience the sea all by yourself

SUP Board rental

Before anything else, you should decide how you want to do SUP for the first time. For this, there are different options – you can rent a SUP board and venture out by yourself and try your luck. If you want to do this, it would come in handy if you already had some experience in other board sports like snowboarding, surfing or skating. 

Guided SUP Tour

If you prefer having a guide teaching you the basics about SUP and showing you around the most beautiful spots, the best option would be a guided SUP Tour. Usually, there are private as well as shared tours available in any region where SUP is possible. A guided SUP Tour is great to really explore the region in a safe and fun environment, while also improving your SUP technique. 

SUP holidays

And for those looking for a real extensive SUP experience, there are more and more offers of full SUP holidays! On these kind of holidays, you will have different SUP experiences and really get to improve your skills. SUP holidays are offered in many destinations already, like Croatia, Greece or Spain! This is a great opportunity for those looking for an active holiday out in nature! 

Stand-up paddle is a favorite for environmentally-conscious travelers

Basic techniques of SUP

A complete SUP guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the most important SUP techniques! There are a few things to have in mind when paddling around the water, so here come our most important basic techniques of SUP! 

How to stand on a SUP Board

While it may look easy, you will see that it actually can be quite hard to keep your balance when standing on a SUP Board. To stabilize your body, there a few simple techniques you can use. 

First of all, you should be standing right in the middle of the board. The middle is usually quite easy to determine because it is where the handle is situated. Make sure you use this helping point because if you stay too far in the front or the back, it will be very difficult to balance the board on the water.

Secondly, your feet should be standing shoulder-width apart. This is the best position to balance your body and evenly distribute the weight between your two legs. Also, make sure you don’t grip your toes into the board, but keep your feet flat and stable. In this position, you should be able to stand perfectly stable on your board! 

If you prefer, you can stay on your knees

How to paddle 

After you know how to stand properly on the board, the next thing to do is to paddle forward! When doing SUP, you have one big paddle you use. The first thing to do is to adapt the paddle to your size. There are a few tricks you can use to adjust your SUP paddle correctly:

  • Do a “shaka” or hang-loose, place the thumb on top of your head and where your pinky is, that’s where the paddle should end (while touching the ground with the other end)
  • Put the paddle upright with the handle touching the ground in front of you. The place where the blade starts and the stick of the paddle ends should be right in front of your eyes

Once you have the right paddle size for you, you just need to figure out how to do the perfect stroke. Before starting, make sure you’re holding the paddle correctly – it should be bent away from you. This way you can generate the biggest power while paddling. 

When you start paddling, you first need to dip your paddle in the water in front of your body. Make sure you have the entire blade underneath the water surface to be able to do a strong stroke. Knees should be slightly bent and your shoulders should be relaxed and not pulled up to your ears to avoid injury.

Once the blade is inside the water, you need to do the stroke that moves you forward. For this, you should activate the muscles in your core and back to move the paddle towards you. It’s important to really engage all muscles in your upper body and not only use your shoulders. This way you will have a lot more energy and power! After completing the stroke, you just dip your paddle in front of your body in the water again and go for the next stroke! 

How to turn on a SUP board

To turn your SUP board as a beginner, the easiest way to do so is simply by stroking with more power on only one side. So if you want to go right, you just keep paddling with strong strokes on the left side. To do the turn even faster, you can even do a wider stroke, like drawing a half-circle on the water. 

The other technique to turn is by doing a backstroke. You might already know this if you have done kayaking before! For this, you just remain in the same position standing on the board, but instead of paddling from the front to the back, you reverse the direction of the stroke! So you dip your paddle back of your body and do the stroke to the nose of the board. This way you will turn even faster than using the front stroke! 

These are the two basic techniques to turn a SUP board in the water. Some people prefer the one while others feel more comfortable with the other. The best way to find out which one is better for you is simply by trying them out in the water! 

SUP na Madeira SUP en Madeira SUP auf Madeira SUP in Madeira SUP op Madeira
Big SUP is also fun to try out. In Madeira, Portugal, for example.

Best places to do SUP

Alright, after establishing the most important things about Stand-Up Paddleboarding it’s time to plan your next SUP trip, right? Our complete SUP guide will show you the best spots in Europe for SUP


Portugal is our all-time favourite for any kind of boat tour or watersport activity, thus we also think that SUP in Portugal is a perfect holiday activity! The variety of different landscapes and regions in Portugal come with some incredible spots to do SUP! Number 1 being, of course, a SUP Tour to the world-famous Benagil cave in the Algarve. But did you know that the Ponta da Piedade in Lagos is just as stunning as the Benagil area? Here you can also do a sunrise SUP Tour along the impressive rock formations.

Further west there are some unforgettable SUP Tours in Arrifana or, for a change, on an amazing river along the beach of Odeceixe. If you’re looking for an option closer to Lisbon, you can do a SUP tour in Sesimbra that allows you to explore the unique bays of the region. Or you can do a SUP tour in Lisbon to explore the city coastline! For those looking for something calmer, there are options for SUP Yoga in Lagos and Cascais! Portugal is a true paradise for SUP-lovers, and has great options for everybody!

Imagine exploring these incredible landscapes of Rhodes by SUP


Another great destination in Europe that can’t be left out on our complete SUP guide is Greece! The islands of Greece are great for SUP thanks to the calm and warm waters surrounding them. Being islands, there are also, of course, plenty of coastal spots to explore by SUP! The best way to find the best spots around the coast is by joining a guided SUP tour!

Some of the best destinations in Greece to do Stand-Up Paddleboarding is Rhodes and Crete! In Rhodes, you still have a lot of unspoiled nature that can be best admired from the sea. On a SUP Tour in Rhodes you have the opportunity to move really close to the impressive coastline! In Crete, you can also enjoy the coast while paddling along it, and on a SUP Tour you even have the chance to do some cliff jumping as well!

Croatia is a true SUP paradise


Croatia is probably the hidden gem among the best destinations for SUP in Europe! It is spoiled with splendid landscapes and stunning beaches all around, and the warm water of Croatia makes it the perfect destination for your next SUP adventure! 

In Croatia, you actually have quite a lot of complete SUP holidays that are very accessible when it comes to prices! Along the Croatian Coast, there are some amazing spots that you can explore while paddling on your board, like Kornati Islands, Brioni Islands, Hvar Island or the famous Brač Island. Wherever you go, expect breathtaking landscapes and perfect conditions for SUP in Croatia.

SUP yoga is a great alternative to a regular SUP tour


Last but not least on our list of destinations in our complete SUP guide is Spain! The Mediterranean country and its surrounding islands have a lot to offer when it comes to Stand-Up Paddleboarding. Whether you want to do a relaxed SUP Tour along the coast of Alicante or explore the coast of Mallorca, there are plenty of options to choose from!

Also, the Canary Islands have a lot to offer for SUP-lovers! Stand-Up paddle in Tenerife is a great adventure for those looking for some fun, and allows you to have some of the best views over the volcanic island! And for those looking for an alternative to partying in Ibiza, there’s the option to do some SUP Yoga along the coast!

We hope we could help you out with our complete SUP guide and maybe even ignited the fire to try out stand-up paddle boarding during your next holidays! We promise that you won’t regret trying it out and most probably will find a new addictive hobby! If you have any questions about our SUP guide or any tours, just send us an email! We’re always happy to help spreading the passion about the sea!

When will beaches in Spain reopen?

When will beaches in Spain reopen?

Will we be able to enjoy the lovely Spanish beaches this summer? Now that we know that the two-week coronavirus quarantine for overseas arrivals in Spain will be lifted from July 1st, we want to know when will beaches in Spain reopen. According to El País, Spain is to recommend reopening beaches at reduced capacity, just like its neighboring country, Portugal, where beaches are already open.

Spanish beaches should be reopened in summer with measures in place to reduce the risk of coronavirus contagion. These measures include:

  • Limits on capacity
  • Distance between sun loungers
  • Delineating the space allowed for each beachgoer.
Holidays in Spain after lockdown
Soon, beaches in Spain will reopen

Beaches are allowed to reopen under Phase 2 of Spain’s deescalation plan. So far, beaches have been only open for walks and sports activities. The Institute of Quality Spanish Tourism (ICTE) established general protocols for reopening beaches. In addition, a draft agreement was reached with regional and local authorities. The final decision on beach regulations will fall to city councils, which are largely responsible for beach management. In fact, local councils will have to determine whether it is necessary to set up a system that warns people they are unable to go to a beach when it is at capacity. 

“It’s a draft that still needs to be approved by the Health Ministry, meaning that the final version could be different,” explained a spokesperson from ICTE. “The rules are not binding, but they have been created with the input of the regions and local authorities, so we believe that most of them will be followed.”

Just can’t wait to enjoy the beach in Ibiza again!

Local governments should estimate the capacity of each beach, taking into account its characteristics and how space is used (availability of beach umbrellas and sun loungers) to determine whether it is necessary to control access or set up a system that warns people they are unable to go to a beach when it is at capacity. 

According to the guidelines, areas for sun loungers and umbrellas must be clearly demarcated, with controls set up to ensure that “the equipment has been properly cleaned and disinfected.” 

Some regions in Spain have already outlined their own regulations. In Andalusia, for example, Southern Spain, regional authorities have recommended limiting time at the beach to four hours, setting out safe distances on the sand, setting opening and closing hours, disinfecting beaches every day, and banning the use of shower facilities and changing rooms. And in Tenerife, the white-sanded Las Teresitas beach is now open under Phase 2 of the government’s coronavirus deescalation plan. Some watersports are even available already, like SUP tours and kayak tours for small groups.

So the answer to our question is soon! Gradually, beaches in Spain will reopen. There’s no fixed date like in Portugal, because the decision about the reopening date and the protocol for each beach depend on municipal authorities.

Holidays in Spain after lockdown

Holidays in Spain after lockdown? ¡Sí!

We’ve long been waiting for this news! Spain will lift its two-week coronavirus quarantine for overseas arrivals from July 1. Regarding tourism and opening its borders, Spain has been one of the most cautious countries in Europe. Yes, we can continue planning our holidays in Spain after lockdown.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel as Foreign Minister Arancha González says via Twitter that “the hardest part is behind us,” and that “health conditions will be guaranteed” for visitors. It seems like we can enjoy summer in Spain this year as the Spanish government is planning on lifting the two-week coronavirus quarantine requirement for overseas arrivals on July 1. 

Since May 15, the Spanish Health Ministry has required travelers arriving from outside the country to remain isolated for 14 days. The rules currently in place apply to all international travelers, with a few exceptions for specific types of workers.

Soon we can enjoy the Spanish sun again

Both travellers and the local travel sector were concerned about the quarantine period for the effect that it would have on the arrival of overseas tourists this summer. Luckily, given the positive progress of the epidemic in Spain, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced that the sector should start to get ready for the summer season and that overseas tourists would be welcomed into the country under safe conditions from July. He also encouraged Spaniards to start planning domestic vacations from as early as June.

It’s still uncertain if the quarantine-free arrival applies to all foreign travellers or if Spain will bet on the free movement of travelers from countries that send the highest number of tourists to the country, such as Portugal, France, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Let’s stay tuned for more news while planning our holidays in Spain after lockdown this summer. Guess we all deserve some Spanish sun after lockdown, right?

Things to do in Gran Canaria during winter

Things to do in Gran Canaria during winter

Visiting Gran Canaria during winter?

Do you have enough of the grey sky and are the rainy days bothering you? Then grab your passport and come to the Canary Islands this winter. The beautiful beaches of the islands are waiting for you!

When is the best time to visit Gran Canaria? Some may say that the best time to visit Gran Canaria is between April and October. The average annual temperature is 24°C, with highs of 26°C between the summer months of August and October.

But did you know that from December up until April, winter presents warm days with average highs of 22°C? That is already one good reason why Gran Canaria is a great holiday destination during winter!

Whether you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday or an active holiday filled with water sports, Gran Canaria has something to offer for any type of traveller. It’s a popular holiday destination among tourists all year round because of its very mild climate.

Discover the dunes of Maspalomas

Visit Playa del ingles and discover the dunes of Maspalomas

Even in January, the southern beaches of Gran Canaria are guaranteed with sunshine and warmth. At Playa del Inglés you can hire sunbeds and laze the day away in the sun. For the more adventurous ones amongst us, we recommend taking a walk across the Dunas de Maspalomas, one of the island’s natural reserves! 

From Puerto Rico, you can take a nice boat tour in Gran Canaria

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the perfect location to do dolphin watching. From there, you will sail to the area where the magnificent creatures live. What is more beautiful than observing wild dolphins in their natural habitat

It is also possible to do some great watersport activities from Puerto Rico. Discover the  beautiful flora and fauna around the island whilst snorkeling or go for the first time diving! The sea temperature has an average of 20.8°C in December. The water might be too cold for some, but others still swim comfortably. 

During winter and spring, the island will be much greener.

Carnaval in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

February is the month when one of the most famous Carnivals in Spain is held in Gran Canaria. Carnaval is taking over the streets in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with people dressed up, smiling, dancing and lots of visitors from all over the world.

It is definitely worth a visit if you are in Gran Canaria in February. There are plenty of attractions and events for kids, nightlife parties, dancers, people watching and even pets! Did you know that there is a Carnaval especially dedicated to pets? 

The “golden hour” is magical all year round

In a nutshell, Gran Canaria is one of the best holiday destinations during winter! We also wrote a blog about some practical tips for your holidays in Gran Canaria. Please let us know if you need any further help in planning your holidays.

visit Lanzarote in low season

5 reasons to visit Lanzarote in low season

Looking for some travel inspiration for this Winter? Lianne, responsible for the Spanish market and content/translations at SeaBookings, gives us 5 reasons to visit Lanzarote in low season.

Are you planning your holidays to the Canary Islands? Maybe it’s time to visit Lanzarote. Whether you plan your holidays to Lanzarote in high or low season, it all depends on what you want from your holiday.

We are sure that both in peak season and in low season you will have a good time spending your holidays in Lanzarote.

Some like to follow the trend and visit places during the summer season, for others they want to escape the madding crowd and come when it’s quieter.

Of course, this very much depends upon whether you have children and are tied to visiting during the school holidays.

The summer months, when it’s a popular time to go on holidays to Lanzarote, are July and August. But visiting Lanzarote during low season, between the months September and June, is maybe one of the best things you can do. Really! During this time of the year, there are so many beautiful things you can see and the fact that it’s less crowded means that you can enjoy the island even better. 

Here are Lianne’s 5 reasons to visit Lanzarote in low season:

Sunny Lanzarote

#1 Sunshine guaranteed

One of the major advantages of Lanzarote during low season is the weather. It’s not boiling hot, but comfortably warm. The average temperatures are between 19°C and 22°C in December and January. The sunshine and very low rainfall throughout the year makes it easy to escape from the cold winter and enjoy what Lanzarote got to offer. 

So, if you are looking for some summer sun, why not spend Christmas next to a palm tree instead of a Christmas tree? 😉

Enjoy empty beaches

#2 It’s quieter

There are not so many tourists on the island Lanzarote during the low season. That means that you can really enjoy the island without too many people spoiling it for you! The island is such a relaxing place to visit in the off-season.

Life can be pretty hectic at times and when on holiday, we understand you really want to relax and reload before you go back home. Lanzarote is just the perfect place to do that during the low season.

Dolphin watching in Lanzarote is a unique experience

#3 Dolphin watching in Lanzarote

Doing a boat tour to search wild dolphins is a fun and exciting experience for young and old. Dolphin watching in Lanzarote can be done all year round, also in low season! From Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote, it is easy to navigate to the open seas of the Atlantic Ocean where many dolphins and other cetaceans pass. If you are lucky, you might even spot some whales

Experience the thrill of searching for dolphins, whales and other marine mammals in their natural habitat during a dolphin watching trip in Lanzarote! After watching these incredible loved creatures it is even possible to watch an amazing sunset, if you decide to join a boat trip in the afternoon/evening of course 😉

Isla de Lobos Canaries
Visit the sea life sanctuary at Isla de Lobos

#4 Discover the natural reserve of Isla de Lobos

The nature reserve Isla de Lobos (Lobos island) is a sanctuary for sea lions, rare birds and lizards. Also, the waters surrounding the island are full of a huge variety of fish and other sea creatures. Beach lovers should definitely visit the island. Because there are no buildings around to offer shade on Lobos island, it is advisable to visit the island during the winter months when the weather is cooler.

During the period from November to March, the weather conditions are more easily tolerated and it will be easier to explore this island. If you decide to do a boat tour from Lanzarote to Lobos island, you will get you the opportunity to walk through the natural park and the fisherman village. 

Did you know that there is a natural spa on the island? The crystal clear turquoise waters will definitely make you want to take a dip in the ocean. Fill yourself with vitamin D on the white sandy beaches.

La Graciosa island is very mystical when it’s cloudy

#5 La Graciosa island

La Graciosa is known for its calm and crystal clear waters and incredible beaches. In La Graciosa, you can go to the beach during winter and even might swim in the Atlantic Ocean! To get to La Graciosa island you should cross the sea from Ózorla, a fishermen’s population on the north of Lanzarote.

The best way to do this is with a catamaran boat tour in Lanzarote. Enjoy the marine reserve of La Graciosa and walk through the unpaved streets of the island where it seems that time stops.

I hope I could help you prepare your visit to Lanzarote in low season! Enjoy your stay and feel free to contact us for any additional tips or questions.

boat trips in Ibiza

The best boat trips in Ibiza

If you happen to go to Ibiza with your best friends, family or maybe only just with your most beloved one, we have listed the best boat trips in Ibiza for you! For everyone, there is something suitable and if you have a special request, no problem! Please let us know and we will try to make the impossible possible!

How do you decide what is the best boat trip in Ibiza for your group?

1. Duration of your boat trip in Ibiza

First, it is important to check out if you prefer to do a full- day boat tour, a half-day boat tour or a sunset boat tour. All our day trips depart from Port San Antonio and will return to the same place afterwards. During the boat trips, you will get to know the west coast of Ibiza a little better and you will visit some beautiful bays like Cala Comte, Cala Bassa and many more!

Full-day boat trips in Ibiza

The Es Vedra island is really worth a visit

The Es Vedra island is really worth a visit

Private motorboat tour to Ibiza and Es Vedra

If you decide to do a full day boat trip in Ibiza this means that you have plenty of time to do everything you want! The friendly guide and skipper will take you to see the amazing coastline of Ibiza and he does not only know all the secrets of the coast, but also of the mystical island Es Vedra and Atlantis.

Es Vedra is said to be the home to sirens and sea-nymphs and surely a place like few on Earth. Come on board and discover it yourself with this private motorboat tour in Ibiza. The tour takes about 7 hours and you will pay 1100€ per charter up to 10 guests.

The skipper will tell you all you want to know about Ibiza

The skipper will tell you all you want to know about Ibiza

Private full day boat tour in Ibiza on a traditional llaut

If you are looking for another type of boat, then this traditional llaut named “Julia” is maybe the right choice. With space for up to 9 people on board, this lovely full day boat trip will show you the best of the west coast of Ibiza.

Paddleboards and snorkeling equipment is included so you can take a dive into the ocean and explore the marine life around the beautiful island while snorkeling in the crystal clear waters. Prices vary from 710€ (for 2 people) up to 950€ (for 9 people).

Why not enjoying the sunset on a speedboat?

Why not enjoy the sunset on a speedboat?

Private full-day sunset boat tour to Formentera

During our 8 hours boat tour to Formentera, you will get the best of the best. Formentera is a unique and beautiful island and definitely worth a visit! If you want, we can organise a picnic on board (price of the picnic not included). Or we stop in Formentera and suggest a nice restaurant with great seafood.

Because Formentera is situated a little further from Ibiza, it is only possible to do this with a full day 8-hour tour. After we visited this beautiful island with its white sanded beaches we will head back with a thrilling speed ride to Café Mambo. In front of the popular Café Mambo, you can admire the magical colors of a beautiful sunset and party like there is no tomorrow!

The price of this whole adventure is 1600€ per charter for up to 10 people. If you decide to not go to Formentera then you will only pay 1300€ per charter. The nice thing about a full-day tour is that you can add some fun water sports like for example wakeboard, waterski or inflatables (for more information, please send us an email).

Half-day boat trips in Ibiza

Book a private boat party!

Book a private boat party!

Private boat party in Ibiza

We understand like no one else that if you are in Ibiza and planning to organize a bachelor party, this has to be PERFECT! That’s why this 3 hours private boat party will be the best option for you and your group of friends. During 3 hours we will take you wherever you would like to go. You can party as loud as you want and if you think the drinks that are included are not enough, it is also possible to add some extra drink packages (please send us an email for more information). Prices differ in the morning (390€ per charter) and the afternoon (550€ per charter) up to 10 party people.

The whole family is welcome!

The whole family is welcome!

Family boat tour in Ibiza

Are you with your family and looking for some quality time together? Our friendly skipper knows every place around Ibiza very well and if you want, you can decide together with him which places you would like to visit, where it’s best to stop for snorkeling or where you will have some privacy at a hidden beautiful beach or bay. So what are you waiting for? 😉 Charters start at 390€ for up to 10 guests.

Sunset boat trips in Ibiza

The most magical time of the day for a boat tour? Sunset!

The most magical time of the day for a boat tour? Sunset!

Private sunset boat tour in Ibiza

Did you know that an Ibiza sunset is magical? No? Come and experience it yourself during this 4-hour sunset boat tour in Ibiza on the traditional llaut named “Julia”. During these 4 hours aboard, you’ll have the chance to relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset of Ibiza while sailing along the west coast and being surrounded by unique landscapes.

As the sun sets you can do exactly what you feel like. There is a chance to swim in the refreshing sea, toast with cava or simply relax on the sun deck and possibly see the best sunset on the island. Prices vary from 500€ (for 2 people) up to 670€ (for 9 people).

A motorboat and a sunset are just the perfect combo, right?

A motorboat and a sunset are just the perfect combo, right?

Private sunset boat trip in Ibiza

This sunset boat tour in Ibiza takes you to discover the beautiful coastline of Ibiza. It is possible to book your own private boat for 3 hours (590€) or 4 hours (690€). During this time you can relax, swim in the sea, do some snorkelling and drink with your friends and/or family. Why not finish the tour with a thrilling speed ride back to enjoy the sunset in front of café Mambo?

You can stay to sunset and enjoy stunning views

You can stay until sunset and enjoy stunning views

2. Type of boat for your boat tour

After choosing if you would like to do a full day boat tour, a half day boat tour or a sunset boat tour, it’s important that you decide which type of boat will be more suitable for your group of friends and/or family.

Our traditional llaut can take up to 9 people and the motorboat can take up to 10 people. Are you with a group of more than 10 people? No problem! We can take up to 20 people on two motorboats and if you are with more people, please send us an email and we will try our best to find something suitable. 

Ibiza during Winter

Discover hidden beaches by boat

3. What do you want to have included?

Traditional llaut 

Professional skipper, fuel, towels, drinks, tasting of local products, ecologic wine, snorkeling gear, paddle surf, insurance, regulatory safety equipment..


Professional skipper, fuel, sound system, snorkeling gear, complimentary drinks (beer, cava & soft drinks) and welcome snacks

As you can see, there are some awesome private boat trip in Ibiza where you can choose from. Do you have a special request? Just send us an email! We’re happy to help you find the best boat trip in Ibiza for your group!

eco tours in Mallorca

Discover the best eco tours in Mallorca

Did you know that the name Mallorca derives from the classical Latin insula maior, which means “larger island”? And that is not so strange, because Mallorca is the largest island of the Balearic Islands, and maybe one of the most popular islands located in the Mediterranean. The official native language is Catalan, which is co-official with Spanish.

Would you like to know how you can discover Mallorca without leaving your footprint while adventuring abroad? We’ve made a great list of the best eco tours in Mallorca and give you some great tips about the best things to do in Mallorca.

Mallorca is a real paradise with lots of hidden bays and beautiful beaches. But what is the best beach to visit, the most stunning caves to admire from inside and what has Mallorca to offer in terms of nature? Hereby a list of the best eco tours in Mallorca to discover the best natural places!

Our favorite eco tours in Mallorca

Kayaks are always a good idea!

Kayaks are always a good idea!

One of our favorite beaches in Mallorca is Beach Muro. With its length of 5km, there is more than enough space to relax, sunbathe, swim and at the same time enjoy nature. Believe us, you will never get bored of the white sand beach with its crystal clear waters. The old fisherman’s village is surrounded by very rich nature.

There are plenty of good restaurants with fresh fish and some of them you can find right on the beach! Beach Muro is great because it is suitable for families, groups of friends, couples and solo travelers. This kayak trip in Mallorca is on the list of eco tours in Mallorca because it’s a nice sustainable tour to do with the whole family!

During 3 hours you will get the opportunity to discover the most pristine Beach Muro with crystal clear waters and the nature reserve Albufera. Our guides will provide you with transparent kayaks! What? Yes! You will see the seabed beneath you whilst paddling and if this isn’t enough you can do some snorkeling too! All this fun without hurting the planet 😉

SUP is a great workout

SUP is a great workout

Very close to Beach Muro you can find the nature reserve Albufera. Albufera is the most well known and biggest nature reserve in Mallorca. Nature lovers can find here wetlands, exotic birds and beautiful senderismo or hiking trails. If you are looking for a fun, original and sustainable way to discover Albufera, why not do a stand-up paddle tour?

Stand-up paddle, or SUP is very easy to learn and will be the highlight of your holidays in Mallorca. You will get to know Beach Muro ánd Albufera even better. Win-win! Doing stand-up paddle in Mallorca is a very ecological way to discover the island!

Sea caving is a unique experience

Sea caving is a unique experience

Did you know that many caves are truly amazing from the inside? Covas de Coloms as well. The sea caves stalagmites have a range of amazing red colours that glisten like diamonds. The unique mix of mystery, romance and adventure make that every year people return to visit this beautiful cave again!

Do you also want to experience how it is to wander around in a cave deep underground? Sea caving in Mallorca is a very adventurous, unique and sustainable way to explore the amazing hidden caves of this beautiful island.

Coasteering is ideal for nature lovers

Coasteering is ideal for nature lovers

Coasteering is a very original, exciting and sustainable way to explore the coast of  Mallorca. And that’s why this experience is on our list of eco tours in the Algarve. If you are looking for some adventure, then this sustainable tour to explore the Algarve coastline is the perfect activity to do. Coasteering involves swimming, climbing, cliff jumping and doing zip line so you can imagine it is a very intimate way to explore the coastline! Did you know that you can also go coasteering by night in Mallorca? Yes! The perfect activity for the real daredevils amongst us! 😉

Anything better than kayaking AND snorkeling?

Anything better than kayaking AND snorkeling?

We already mentioned that kayak tours are one of our favorite sustainable tours in Mallorca and this kayak tour in Mallorca will definitely be the highlight of your holiday! Did you already hear about Porros island? With this kayak tour, you will visit this beautiful island situated north of Mallorca. Because Porros Island is located in a natural park, you can expect some natural wealth! Our experienced guides know the area around Porros Island very well and they are happy to share their passion for nature with you! Snorkeling is also part of the tour!

Do you have more questions after reading about our favorite eco tours in Mallorca or are you looking for more tips to discover the beautiful island Mallorca in a sustainable way? Please let me know by sending an email to [email protected]!


activities in Tenerife

Romantic ideas for Valentine’s day in Spain

Valentine’s Day is only a few days from now! Are you lucky enough to spend Valentine’s day in Spain? Nice! Do you already have the perfect day planned? Maybe we can help you plan the perfect romantic experience for Valentine’s Day in Spain!

We have quite a few romantic experiences in Spain to choose from! We think that being out on the sea is always a good idea! And on our most romantic experiences for Valentine’s Day in Spain, that extra touch of magic is guaranteed!

Check out our most romantic experiences for Valentine’s Day in Spain, so that you can just pick and choose whichever is closest to you!


Sunset Boat Tour in Barcelona

The skies become magical once the sun starts setting

The skies become magical once the sun starts setting

To have one of the most romantic experiences in Barcelona, come on board this amazing sunset boat tour in Barcelona! On board of our beautiful catamaran, you can relax on the deck while enjoying some chill background music and the unique scenery.

The skyline of Barcelona is best admired during sunset. Together with your babe, you can make this moment unforgettable and still remember it when you’re back home! This sunset boat tour in Barcelona is perfect for lovebirds looking for the most romantic experience in Barcelona on a budget!

Helicopter & Boat Trip in Barcelona

boat trip in Barcelona

Our sailing yachts can take up to 11 pax

For a really special experience on Valentine’s Day in Spain, check this out: A Helicopter & Boat trip in Barcelona! First you go up high and fly above the skyline of Barcelona, and afterwards, you can relax and enjoy the view from a sailing boat!

This is a really special experience and perfect to celebrate your love! Flying and then sailing around Barcelona is something you won’t do many times in your life, and to share this moment will make it one of the most romantic experiences in Barcelona! Just make sure your partner isn’t afraid of heights and likes the thrill!


Private Sunset Boat tour in Ibiza

Enjoy a romantic sunset for the two of you

Enjoy a romantic sunset for the two of you

If you’re on Ibiza on Valentine’s day, you’re in the perfect place! The island is simply the perfect place to celebrate some romantic moments together. To make your stay in Ibiza even more romantic, you should definitely opt for this private sunset boat tour in Ibiza!

On board of the traditional boat, you will feel as romantic as it gets! Only your private skipper will be on board with you and serve you and your loved one some delicious cava. Enjoy the scenery and the view over the beautiful coastline while admiring the enchanting colors of the sunset. This beautiful private sunset boat tour in Ibiza is simply one of the most romantic experiences in Ibiza, and also the perfect setting for a proposal! 😉

Sunset Tour in Tenerife

The best things to do in Tenerife

Sailing is a must on this island

Also Tenerife has some great sunsets to offer, so if you’re on Tenerife to celebrate Valentine’s day, make sure you don’t miss out on watching the sunset during a boat tour! This sunset tour in Tenerife on a sailing boat is one of the best options and one of the most romantic experiences in Tenerife!

On board of a beautiful sailing boat you can relax and enjoy the view. Usually we also find some whales and dolphins during this sunset tour in Tenerife! This makes it even more special, seeing those magical animals in the wild during a sunset! Let’s be honest, it’s hard to imagine something even more romantic, right!?

Wherever you and your spouse spend Valentine’s Day in Spain, we hope we could give you some inspiration with our most romantic experiences for this special day!

Ibiza during Winter

5 reasons to visit Ibiza during Winter

Visiting Ibiza during Winter is maybe one of the best things you can do. Really! During this time of the year, there are so many beautiful things you can see and the fact that it’s less crowded means that you can enjoy the island even better

Lianne, responsible for the Spanish market and content/translations at SeaBookings, went to Ibiza just before the high season and shares her experience:

I am happy we did! In summer it turns into a party island, which is also nice, but in fall, winter and even in spring Ibiza is completely different and according to the locals, it’s actually the best time to visit Ibiza.

Ibiza during winter

Enjoy the Winter sunset

  1.    Lower temperatures

Winter is the time of the year that you will get a different perspective on the island’s beauty. Lower temperatures on Ibiza during Winter mean that you can explore the island more easily and with fewer tourists around you will see things you otherwise wouldn’t even notice.

Did you know for example that winter sunsets are very different from the ones in summer? They are something magical with lots of colors mixed together.

Enjoy the stunning winter flora

Enjoy the stunning winter flora (by Miss W)

  1.    Almond blossom

I think that everyone agrees that almond trees in bloom are very beautiful. Between January and March, you can actually see the white and light pink colored trees already on the island.

You can do a full moon walk in Santa Inés and admire the silvery blanket of almond trees under the light of the moon. I am sure that is something you’ve never done before, right?


Discover secluded beaches (Shutterstock image)

  1.    Rent a car and visit secluded areas

Driving is the easiest way to get around Ibiza. Renting a car is, of course, cheaper during low season and definitely a great way to discover the hidden winter treasures.

I really enjoyed taking my mom to new places and discover some hidden beaches. Most of the beaches are secluded, but the bars and restaurants around it are still open.

Check out the lovely road to the Cala d’Hort beach on the picture above. Cala d’Hort is a small, beloved beach with a fantastic view of the mysterious island of Es Vedra.

Enjoy taking some stunning pictures

Enjoy taking some stunning pictures – Cala Conta by our Lianne

  1.    Photography

If you like to take photos, then this is your chance! During fall, winter and especially spring Ibiza shows the best it has to offer: vivid colors, picture-perfect clouds and that light which seems to characterize the whole island.

SUP can be done on Ibiza during Winter too!

SUP can be done on Ibiza during Winter too!

  1.    Outdoor activities

Because the temperatures on the island are always nice you can do a lot of outdoor activities in Ibiza during Winter.

If you would like to discover the island from another perspective, then I really can recommend doing a stand-up paddle tour in Cala Vadella.

Every Wednesday and Saturday there are organised tours and with a minimum of 2 people, it is also possible to do stand-up paddle at any other day.

During winter months, Ibiza town is less crowded, but normally there are always some private boat tours that are open all year.

We went on a private boat tour during wwinter season, it was great fun.

Do you prefer to relax? No problem, there are many restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the view over the ocean.

I hope I could help you prepare your visit to Ibiza during Winter! Enjoy your stay and feel free to contact me for any additional tips or questions or take a look at the other blog posts I wrote about Ibiza.

visit Alicante in December

6 reasons why you should visit Alicante in December

Why you should visit Alicante in December? Because you can eat, drink, explore, and enjoy the city without having to worry about the cold. It’s a great destination for people of all ages and with a perfect temperature all year round.

  1.     The weather

Of course, in winter the weather is always a bit riskier, but in Alicante, it can surely be described as T-shirt weather. The average winter temperature is 16 degrees and you can expect 6 hours of sunshine every day. It’s comfortable to sit outside without a jacket or coat. However, it can be more chilly when the sun goes down. If you want to escape from the cold and grey skies, then you should surely visit Alicante in December!

The best SUP Tours in Alicante Stand-up paddle in Alicante

Even in December, you can enjoy a SUP tour without a wetsuit

  1.     Less crowded beaches

Even in the Winter, you can have a little work on your tan while relaxing at the local beaches. If you prefer a peaceful day at the beach or stroll along the shore, then head for beaches like Playa de San Juan, Playa del Postiguet or Playa de la Albufereta.

Playa del Postiguet (Turismo Alicante)

Playa del Postiguet (Turismo Alicante)

  1.     Stroll around the city center

Nearly all of the bars and restaurants around the town hall area and the Ramblas will be open, but the town can feel quiet in the evenings during the week, though it is still very busy at the weekends. Even if you don’t like shopping, it is worth it to visit the old town. From the Old Town, you can pop into the beautiful blue-domed San Nicolás cathedral and the covered market Mercado Central.

Santa Bárbara Castle from the streets (The Sun)

Santa Bárbara Castle from the streets (The Sun)

  1.    Explore the areas around Alicante

Autumn and winter are an ideal time for exploring the area such as going down to La Manga or the Roman ruins in Cartegena, or else up to Calpe and beyond. You can also enjoy a morning stroll on the beach of Villajovosa followed by lunch outdoors at a beachfront cafe in Benidorm, before driving up to Guadalest in the mountains in the afternoon.

Guadalest (WebTV)

Guadalest (WebTV)

  1.     Tabarca Island

It is possible to take a 15-minute ferry trip from the harbor of Santa Pola to the mile-long island of Tabarca. Even in winter, the waters around Alicante are (just) warm enough for a swim. We really recommend doing some snorkeling in the pristine waters of the marine reserve. At Tabarca Island a mysterious world awaits with water temperatures varying from around 14 degrees in the winter to about 24 degrees in the summer.

SUP and snorkeling in Isla de Tabarca

Visit Tabarca Island

  1.     Outdoor activities.

Also benefiting from the warm weather, adventurers can go surfing in Alicante! Or are you more a fan of a beautiful and relaxing kayak tour or SUP tour in Alicante? Doing one of these tours is the best way to discover Alicante and its Costa Blanca from another perspective.

Tip: Rent a wetsuit if the waters around Alicante are a bit too cold for you. That way you can enjoy the sea to the fullest, even in winter.

You'll never forget your first time standing on a board

You’ll never forget your first time standing on a board

We hope we could help you prepare your visit Alicante in December with our list of top 6 things to do! Enjoy your stay and feel free to contact us for any additional tips or questions!