Boat tour + kayak tour to Benagil

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Are you ready for some fun on a boat tour and a kayak tour to Benagil?

Yes, this tour is a two in one! We’ll start with a boat tour and then a kayak tour to Benagil. This excursion departs from Ferragudo, near Portimão, in the early morning. We know it’s early, but it’s better to avoid the heat. Besides, it’s great to start the day on the sea with some physical exercise!
The boat tour goes to the amazing region around the cave of Benagil. Here, we step over on the kayaks for a fantastic kayak tour to Benagil. The kayak tour to Benagil will allow you to enter the smallest caves all the way up to the famous arches of Marinha. The time split on the boat and the kayak is about 50/50. The kayak tour to Benagil is accessible to everyone and make it cross the least to the most experienced. It’s the perfect activity for the whole family or group of friends!
From your kayak, you can admire the beauty of our coast closely and unravel the mysteries of caves and beaches inaccessible by land. Kayaking is a rather sporty and physical activity, so if you get tired, you always can come back to the boat. From the boat you can enjoy a sunbath, refreshed by a dip in the crystal blue ocean and enjoy a cool drink. Even if there are people in the group who are not fond to kayak, they can join on the boat! Everybody is welcome and everybody will enjoy! After the kayak tour to Benagil, we’ll go back to Ferragudo by boat.

  • This kayak tour to Benagil is ideal to keep fit during your holidays and enjoy local flora and fauna quietly
  • Kayaks, with no motor, are the most natural and environmentally friendly way to explore the local stunning nature;
  • During the tour, a video of the trip with underwater footage will be made;
  • This kayak tour to Benagil is the ideal choice for sporty families and groups of friends who love water and nature as it’s suitable for all levels of experience and ages;
  • Don’t’ you want the kayak but your whole family or group of friends does? No worries, come along on the support boat and enjoy the sun, view and take some pictures.  

Don’t forget:
  • Bring practical footwear that can get wet, bathing suit, towel, hat, sunscreen, backpack with a small snack and a change of clothes to wear after the activity;
  • Safety briefing, big support boat, kayak, paddle, life vest (mandatory use) are included;
  • The activity is subject to weather and hydrographic conditions;
  • Water on board is included, feel free to bring our own snacks and extra drinks;
  • Check-in should be done 15 minutes before departure;
  • Detailed tour operator information, including direct phone number and address, are included on your confirmation email.  

Boat tour + kayak tour to Benagil

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