Benagil cave tour from Portimão

By Cláuda and Zé, friends of SeaBookings, who were very curious about our new Benagil cave tour from Portimão:

Benagil tour from Portimão
The whole family will have fun on this Benagil tour from Portimão

The Algarve is a must-visit destination in Portugal for its beautiful beaches and sunny days.

While it is an amazing place for sunbathing, it is also full of stunning views and secret beaches along the coastline.

You’ll only discover these places on a boat trip.  

During my summer holidays, I was staying in Lagoa with my boyfriend and we wanted to enjoy the beautiful coast of this region, so we chose SeaBookings to help us find the perfect experience.

Explore the unique rock formations
Explore the unique rock formations

We went on a Benagil cave tour from Portimão, which is quite close to Lagoa and it was also a good excuse to visit that city.

We had to check-in at Clube Naval de Portimão 10 minutes before the departure time.

After parking the car for free, near the check-in point, we were welcomed by the friendly staff. They provided us with bottles of fresh water for the trip.

Benagil tour from Portimão 2
The boats take 18 people

The tour departs from Portimão in direction of Ferragudo, where we have a very cool view of Marina of Portimão and all the beaches nearby.

As we leave Portimão, we start discovering the magic coastline and its amazing sea caves.

The boat enters in some of these grottoes and we can appreciate the thrilling rock formations that look like something out of a pirate movie.

The “Algares”, the openings to the sky are unique, being the “Algar of Benagil” the most famous in this region.

Discover the "Algares" from a unique perspective!
Discover the “Algares” from a unique perspective!

The trip continues all the way to Praia da Marinha, and until there we can also appreciate some must go beaches of this region.
The boat takes you allong Praia do Carvoeiro, Praia de Vale Centeanes, 
Praia do Carvalho and Benagil.

Get your camera ready!
Get your camera ready!

Once we arrive at Praia de Marinha, the staff dared us to dive into the amazing and refreshing blue sea.

This was definitely the cherry on top of this already wonderful experience.

Being able to take a refreshing dive during this Benagil cave tour from Portimão is a big plus compared to other similar tours

As the tour finishes, we had a very exciting way back journey at a thrilling but safe higher speed.

Great boarding facilities and free parking in Portimão
Great boarding facilities and free parking in Portimão

We would definitely recommend this experience to anyone: our group had families with both children and disabled people (wheelchair) and we all had an amazing time!

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