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  • Our complete SUP Guide
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    Our complete SUP Guide

    SUP, short for Stand-Up Paddleboarding, is one of the most popular watersport activities that have come up in the past few years. It’s a great way to explore coastal areas while staying fit at the same time. And the best part about it – it’s super easy to learn and anybody can do it! We at SeaBookings are also absolutely in love with SUP, and decided to offer a complete SUP guide to anyone looking for some advice!  Ways to do SUP SUP Board rental Before anything else, you should decide how you want to do SUP for the first time. For this, there are different options – you can…

  • Valentine’s day in Dubai
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    Romantic ideas for Valentine’s day in Dubai

    Dubai is the perfect destination for couples who love luxury, an urban scenery and that extra taste of exclusivity! For those jet-setters among you who decide to take a trip to the impressive city that is Dubai, we have some great options to have an unforgettable time on Valentine’s day in Dubai. Here are our most romantic experiences for Valentine’s day in Dubai! Private skyscrapers boat tour in Dubai The skyline of Dubai is simply impressive and unique! If you like the extremes, you simply have to see them during a boat tour. And to make it extra romantic for Valentine’s Day, why not choose this private skyscrapers boat tour in…

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    Our top 5 travel tips for Dubai

    Dubai is one of SeaBooking’s most recent destinations, thus we’re very excited about this place and absolutely happy about being able to make your holidays in this extravagant place even more amazing with our fantastic boat tours. However, Dubai is also very different from our European destinations. This is why we thought a guide with our top 5 travel tips for Dubai would be helpful. One of the SeaBookings founders, Femke was already there and travelled there by herself as a (blonde) European woman! She also wrote a blog post about her experience, which is very interesting to read and good to know if you as a woman want to travel…

  • business trip to Dubai
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    Things to do on your business trip to Dubai

    By Femke, SeaBookings cofounder: I was super excited when I heard that SeaBookings was invited by Turismo de Portugal, the Portuguese Tourism Board, for a trip to Dubai and participate in the big Arabian Travel Market in Dubai. And guess who went? Me! You can read about my experience visiting Dubai as a woman in another article I shared. During my trip to Dubai, as I wanted to meet other travelers, I decided to book a hostel near Dubai Marina. From the hostel I was staying, I had an amazing view over the Marina. The hostel even had a swimming pool. The pool made my holiday, as temperatures rise easily over…

  • visit Dubai as a woman
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    What it’s like to visit Dubai as a woman

    What it’s like to visit Dubai as a women – By Femke, SeaBookings cofounder: To visit Dubai as a woman is becoming more and more frequent, especially considering business trips. I had the chance to visit Dubai for a business too as I went to participate in a travel fair. Dubai is considered the biggest city in the EAU. In fact, it’s the most impressive and massive city I’ve ever seen.   I live in the countryside near Lagos, a small city on the south coast of Portugal. Working from the countryside, on SeaBookings, we were invited by Turismo de Portugal, the Portuguese Tourism Board, to travel to Dubai and…

  • best things to do in Dubai
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    The 5 best things to do in Dubai

    Dubai is the city of extremes – biggest, fastest, tallest, nicest! And we are so excited to be able to be part of the booming tourism industry of this fascinating and exotic part of the world! Dubai has finally entered the SeaBookings family, offering you the best options to explore this amazing place by boat! Let’s find out what the 5 best things to do in Dubai are, shall we? Given the location by the Persian Gulf and the warm temperatures of both water and air during the whole year, it is no question that one of the best things to do is a boat tour! Or, to keep the…