Our complete SUP Guide

Our complete SUP Guide

SUP, short for Stand-Up Paddleboarding, is one of the most popular watersport activities that have come up in the past few years. It’s a great way to explore coastal areas while staying fit at the same time. And the best part about it – it’s super easy to learn and anybody can do it! We at SeaBookings are also absolutely in love with SUP, and decided to offer a complete SUP guide to anyone looking for some advice! 

Ways to do SUP

By renting a board, you can experience the sea all by yourself

SUP Board rental

Before anything else, you should decide how you want to do SUP for the first time. For this, there are different options – you can rent a SUP board and venture out by yourself and try your luck. If you want to do this, it would come in handy if you already had some experience in other board sports like snowboarding, surfing or skating. 

Guided SUP Tour

If you prefer having a guide teaching you the basics about SUP and showing you around the most beautiful spots, the best option would be a guided SUP Tour. Usually, there are private as well as shared tours available in any region where SUP is possible. A guided SUP Tour is great to really explore the region in a safe and fun environment, while also improving your SUP technique. 

SUP holidays

And for those looking for a real extensive SUP experience, there are more and more offers of full SUP holidays! On these kind of holidays, you will have different SUP experiences and really get to improve your skills. SUP holidays are offered in many destinations already, like Croatia, Greece or Spain! This is a great opportunity for those looking for an active holiday out in nature! 

Stand-up paddle is a favorite for environmentally-conscious travelers

Basic techniques of SUP

A complete SUP guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the most important SUP techniques! There are a few things to have in mind when paddling around the water, so here come our most important basic techniques of SUP! 

How to stand on a SUP Board

While it may look easy, you will see that it actually can be quite hard to keep your balance when standing on a SUP Board. To stabilize your body, there a few simple techniques you can use. 

First of all, you should be standing right in the middle of the board. The middle is usually quite easy to determine because it is where the handle is situated. Make sure you use this helping point because if you stay too far in the front or the back, it will be very difficult to balance the board on the water.

Secondly, your feet should be standing shoulder-width apart. This is the best position to balance your body and evenly distribute the weight between your two legs. Also, make sure you don’t grip your toes into the board, but keep your feet flat and stable. In this position, you should be able to stand perfectly stable on your board! 

If you prefer, you can stay on your knees

How to paddle 

After you know how to stand properly on the board, the next thing to do is to paddle forward! When doing SUP, you have one big paddle you use. The first thing to do is to adapt the paddle to your size. There are a few tricks you can use to adjust your SUP paddle correctly:

  • Do a “shaka” or hang-loose, place the thumb on top of your head and where your pinky is, that’s where the paddle should end (while touching the ground with the other end)
  • Put the paddle upright with the handle touching the ground in front of you. The place where the blade starts and the stick of the paddle ends should be right in front of your eyes

Once you have the right paddle size for you, you just need to figure out how to do the perfect stroke. Before starting, make sure you’re holding the paddle correctly – it should be bent away from you. This way you can generate the biggest power while paddling. 

When you start paddling, you first need to dip your paddle in the water in front of your body. Make sure you have the entire blade underneath the water surface to be able to do a strong stroke. Knees should be slightly bent and your shoulders should be relaxed and not pulled up to your ears to avoid injury.

Once the blade is inside the water, you need to do the stroke that moves you forward. For this, you should activate the muscles in your core and back to move the paddle towards you. It’s important to really engage all muscles in your upper body and not only use your shoulders. This way you will have a lot more energy and power! After completing the stroke, you just dip your paddle in front of your body in the water again and go for the next stroke! 

How to turn on a SUP board

To turn your SUP board as a beginner, the easiest way to do so is simply by stroking with more power on only one side. So if you want to go right, you just keep paddling with strong strokes on the left side. To do the turn even faster, you can even do a wider stroke, like drawing a half-circle on the water. 

The other technique to turn is by doing a backstroke. You might already know this if you have done kayaking before! For this, you just remain in the same position standing on the board, but instead of paddling from the front to the back, you reverse the direction of the stroke! So you dip your paddle back of your body and do the stroke to the nose of the board. This way you will turn even faster than using the front stroke! 

These are the two basic techniques to turn a SUP board in the water. Some people prefer the one while others feel more comfortable with the other. The best way to find out which one is better for you is simply by trying them out in the water! 

SUP na Madeira SUP en Madeira SUP auf Madeira SUP in Madeira SUP op Madeira
Big SUP is also fun to try out. In Madeira, Portugal, for example.

Best places to do SUP

Alright, after establishing the most important things about Stand-Up Paddleboarding it’s time to plan your next SUP trip, right? Our complete SUP guide will show you the best spots in Europe for SUP


Portugal is our all-time favourite for any kind of boat tour or watersport activity, thus we also think that SUP in Portugal is a perfect holiday activity! The variety of different landscapes and regions in Portugal come with some incredible spots to do SUP! Number 1 being, of course, a SUP Tour to the world-famous Benagil cave in the Algarve. But did you know that the Ponta da Piedade in Lagos is just as stunning as the Benagil area? Here you can also do a sunrise SUP Tour along the impressive rock formations.

Further west there are some unforgettable SUP Tours in Arrifana or, for a change, on an amazing river along the beach of Odeceixe. If you’re looking for an option closer to Lisbon, you can do a SUP tour in Sesimbra that allows you to explore the unique bays of the region. Or you can do a SUP tour in Lisbon to explore the city coastline! For those looking for something calmer, there are options for SUP Yoga in Lagos and Cascais! Portugal is a true paradise for SUP-lovers, and has great options for everybody!

Imagine exploring these incredible landscapes of Rhodes by SUP


Another great destination in Europe that can’t be left out on our complete SUP guide is Greece! The islands of Greece are great for SUP thanks to the calm and warm waters surrounding them. Being islands, there are also, of course, plenty of coastal spots to explore by SUP! The best way to find the best spots around the coast is by joining a guided SUP tour!

Some of the best destinations in Greece to do Stand-Up Paddleboarding is Rhodes and Crete! In Rhodes, you still have a lot of unspoiled nature that can be best admired from the sea. On a SUP Tour in Rhodes you have the opportunity to move really close to the impressive coastline! In Crete, you can also enjoy the coast while paddling along it, and on a SUP Tour you even have the chance to do some cliff jumping as well!

Croatia is a true SUP paradise


Croatia is probably the hidden gem among the best destinations for SUP in Europe! It is spoiled with splendid landscapes and stunning beaches all around, and the warm water of Croatia makes it the perfect destination for your next SUP adventure! 

In Croatia, you actually have quite a lot of complete SUP holidays that are very accessible when it comes to prices! Along the Croatian Coast, there are some amazing spots that you can explore while paddling on your board, like Kornati Islands, Brioni Islands, Hvar Island or the famous Brač Island. Wherever you go, expect breathtaking landscapes and perfect conditions for SUP in Croatia.

SUP yoga is a great alternative to a regular SUP tour


Last but not least on our list of destinations in our complete SUP guide is Spain! The Mediterranean country and its surrounding islands have a lot to offer when it comes to Stand-Up Paddleboarding. Whether you want to do a relaxed SUP Tour along the coast of Alicante or explore the coast of Mallorca, there are plenty of options to choose from!

Also, the Canary Islands have a lot to offer for SUP-lovers! Stand-Up paddle in Tenerife is a great adventure for those looking for some fun, and allows you to have some of the best views over the volcanic island! And for those looking for an alternative to partying in Ibiza, there’s the option to do some SUP Yoga along the coast!

We hope we could help you out with our complete SUP guide and maybe even ignited the fire to try out stand-up paddle boarding during your next holidays! We promise that you won’t regret trying it out and most probably will find a new addictive hobby! If you have any questions about our SUP guide or any tours, just send us an email! We’re always happy to help spreading the passion about the sea!

Valentine’s day in Dubai

Romantic ideas for Valentine’s day in Dubai

Dubai is the perfect destination for couples who love luxury, an urban scenery and that extra taste of exclusivity! For those jet-setters among you who decide to take a trip to the impressive city that is Dubai, we have some great options to have an unforgettable time on Valentine’s day in Dubai. Here are our most romantic experiences for Valentine’s day in Dubai!

Private skyscrapers boat tour in Dubai

On a private boat, you can also make this excursion a romantic one ;)

On a private boat, you can also make this excursion a romantic one 😉

The skyline of Dubai is simply impressive and unique! If you like the extremes, you simply have to see them during a boat tour. And to make it extra romantic for Valentine’s Day, why not choose this private skyscrapers boat tour in Dubai?

On board of a fast RIB, you can have a bit of a different romantic experience in Dubai! Feel the wind in your hair, take your partner’s hand and simply enjoy the stunning view over the skyscrapers along the skyline of Dubai that look simply unreal! It’s hard to find another skyline as unique as the one in Dubai, which is why this private skyscraper boat tour in Dubai will be an unforgettable romantic experience in Dubai on Valentine’s Day!

Luxury yacht rental in Dubai

luxury boat in Dubai

Enjoy Dubai’s skyline from a unique perspective

Well, one thing is for sure – Dubai is the king of luxury! If you too are a real luxury-lover, surprise your beloved and rent your own luxury yacht in Dubai! This luxury yacht rental in Dubai is perfect for all couples with exquisite taste!

Our Asfar Three 56ft is super spacious and very stylish. Here you have all the space you need to enjoy one of our most romantic experiences for Valentine’s day in Dubai!! During the 4 hours, you can explore the Dubai Marina, Sheik Palace, Lagoon, Burj Al Arab, Palm Island (Atlantis) and Jumeirah at your own pace and have a really special time together! Your private skipper will take care of you so that you two can simply relax and enjoy the time!

1-hour boat charter in Dubai

yacht charter in Dubai

Cruise by the impressive skyline of Dubai

If a boat tour is only a small part of your big plans for Valentine’s day in Dubai, this 1-hour boat charter in Dubai is perfect for you to squeeze in between the rest of your plans! On board of the 52-foot yacht SUNRISE, you can enjoy the fresh breeze of the sea while cruising along the impressive skyline of Dubai!

Your private skipper will make sure the two of you have a great time on board and show you the best angles of Dubai on this boat charter! If you get too hot, take a refreshing dive and then dry up on the spacious sundeck of the yacht! The yacht has space for up to 20 people, so if you book it only for the two of you have all the space you need to have great quality time together while exploring the skyline of Dubai! Chartering a private yacht is definitely one of our most romantic experiences for Valentine’s day in Dubai!

Wherever you lovebirds spend Valentine’s Day in Dubai, we hope we could give you some inspiration with our most romantic experiences for this lovely day!

Our top 5 travel tips for Dubai

Dubai is one of SeaBooking’s most recent destinations, thus we’re very excited about this place and absolutely happy about being able to make your holidays in this extravagant place even more amazing with our fantastic boat tours. However, Dubai is also very different from our European destinations. This is why we thought a guide with our top 5 travel tips for Dubai would be helpful.

One of the SeaBookings founders, Femke was already there and travelled there by herself as a (blonde) European woman! She also wrote a blog post about her experience, which is very interesting to read and good to know if you as a woman want to travel to Dubai. And of course, she was also able to come up with some very useful travel tips for Dubai!

Enjoy some sophisticated shopping

Enjoy some sophisticated shopping

  1. Visit the shopping malls in Dubai

The first one of our top 5 travel tips for Dubai is a very simple one – go and visit the two main shopping malls in Dubai, The Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. And not only because of the incredibly large number of luxury shops as well as “normal” stores but also because of the many different attractions you can find in those extraordinary malls.

The Dubai Mall, for example, hosts a big aquarium, where you can see over 300 different species of marine life. They even have sharks there! It’s like going to a zoo, only that in this mall you have it as a bonus while doing your shopping! Cool, right? And there’s more: In front of the Aquarium, you also have a Rainforest Café, with such an impressive interior it will blow your mind away.

Yes, you can go skiing in Dubai!

Yes, you can go skiing in Dubai!

If you are looking for something really extravagant, head over to Mall of the Emirates and go skiing in Dubai. Ski Dubai is an indoor snow park, where you can escape the heat of Dubai and do some skiing! Sounds surreal, doesn’t it? Well, you surely know you’re in Dubai when you go to a shopping mall to go skiing!

There are spices everywhere

There are spices everywhere

  1. Enjoy all the Indian Food

Next on our list of the top 5 travel tips for Dubai is something for Foodies! It’s no secret that Dubai is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. But did you know that the biggest group of expats living in Dubai are Indians? That’s also the reason why you find so much Indian Food everywhere in Dubai! If you’re a sucker for some nice Indian food like we are, you will be in food heaven!

One of the things Femke liked most was the food!

One of the things Femke liked most was the food!

And you don’t even need to go out to a proper restaurant for some curry. There are so many take away and fast food choices with Indian food, that you will be able to just eat Indian food all the time and not spend too much money! That’s why number two of our top 5 travel tips for Dubai is to enjoy all the amazing options for Indian food.

visit Dubai as a woman

Enjoy the unique architecture from Dubai from a boat

  1. Go on a boat tour in Dubai

Yes, we wouldn’t be SeaBookings if our top 5 travel tips for Dubai wouldn’t incorporate something to do with the sea! That’s why our next travel tip for Dubai is to go on a boat tour in Dubai. But we don’t just say so because this is what we love – it really is the best way to see all the main attractions in one go!

Private boat tour in Dubai

Let’s take a picture in front of the Atlantis Hotel

If you go on a boat tour in Dubai, you can see the highlights of the city like Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab without waiting in line forever. You don’t even have to get on a Metro or a Taxi to go see those places. And the best thing is, that you can do sightseeing without getting too hot, as the fresh breeze will keep you nice and refreshed during the boat tour!

Dubai is a romantic city, but take it easy ;)

Dubai is a romantic city, but take it easy 😉

  1. Couples, respect the local culture!

If you’re travelling to Dubai with your special other, please be aware that in Dubai culture, it is not welcome for couples to be (too) affectionate with each other in public. Be respectful of this cultural difference and make sure to keep your affections inside the hotel room.

Even hugging or holding hands is not something that is particularly well liked to be seen in public in Dubai. So we think that this is definitely important enough to be one of our top 5  travel tips in Dubai – respect the local culture and keep your hands away from your partner, at least while you’re out in public.

Not eating in public during Ramadan is a kind gesture of respect

Not eating in public during Ramadan is a kind gesture of respect

  1. During Ramadan, avoid eating in public

Last one of our top 5 travel tips in Dubai for you only applies, if you visit Dubai during the time of Ramadan, which is one month usually around May/June. In this month, it’s a Muslim tradition to fast from dawn until sunset. During this month, the locals in Dubai that are Muslims only eat in the dark, so very early in the morning or after sunset.

As you can imagine, this takes a lot of willpower. That’s why it’s not nice to see all the tourists in front of them eating tons of yummy food. So we think it’s quite an important travel tip in Dubai to avoid eating in public during the month of Ramadan to respect the local culture. Of course, you can eat in your hotel or your home!

Enjoy the Marina, of course ;)

Enjoy the Marina, of course 😉

So far so good! We hope we could help you prepare for your holidays in Dubai with our list of top 5 travel tips for Dubai! Enjoy your stay in this colorful part of the world.

business trip to Dubai

Things to do on your business trip to Dubai

By Femke, SeaBookings cofounder:

I was super excited when I heard that SeaBookings was invited by Turismo de Portugal, the Portuguese Tourism Board, for a trip to Dubai and participate in the big Arabian Travel Market in Dubai. And guess who went? Me! You can read about my experience visiting Dubai as a woman in another article I shared.

visit Dubai as a woman

Unique architecture from Dubai

During my trip to Dubai, as I wanted to meet other travelers, I decided to book a hostel near Dubai Marina. From the hostel I was staying, I had an amazing view over the Marina. The hostel even had a swimming pool. The pool made my holiday, as temperatures rise easily over 40ºC.

Dubai Marina is amazing and impressive and you should definitely go there on your trip to Dubai. By day it can be very hot to walk around in the marina. Make sure you bring comfortable shoe wear and refreshments. You can also opt for a nice break at one of the cafes around the Marina. It’s amazing to see how many luxury yachts you find in this marina, a must for yacht fans! By night, the marina is imposing. The skyscrapers turn on the lights, a view I’ve never seen before, it’s truly breathtaking.

Yes, Dubai is as impressive as you expect!

Yes, Dubai is as impressive as you expect!

On my business trip to Dubai, I still wanted to take some time to discover the local culture. I went by metro to Deira to discover the gold and spice souks. As I arrived at the Deira Metro station, it was like entering a different city. My first impression was that this place was Dubai for the poor people. Actually, it made me remember Morocco. Deira has many narrow streets. The souks are nice, the gold souk has plenty of gold shops. The spice souk makes you want to discover new flavors. The shops at the entrance normally are more expensive.

Welcome to gold paradise!

Welcome to gold paradise!

One thing that really shocked me during my visit was the difference between poor and rich. Some people are living the life in Dubai, while others are working very hard and live with many people in small apartments and in extreme conditions.

One of the things I liked most was the food!

One of the things I liked most was the food!

Alcohol is not something you can drink and buy everywhere. In the airport, hotels and some private businesses, it’s available. I would not recommend the use of any drugs in a country like Dubai, as sentences are really harsh.

Fooooood! Well, I love the fact that in shopping malls there are so many Indian fast food restaurants. I’m a big fan of Indian food and loved the concept. Even in the nearest supermarket to my hostel, mostly all the food for takeaway was Indian food. You can also find many vegetarian curries. I really enjoyed the lentil curry.

Dreams do come true...

Dreams do come true…

As a massive horse fan, I did not resist and booked a horse ride in the desert! This was quite an adventure. Even to find and go to the meeting point wasn’t very easy. I had to catch 2 busses to finally go to Silicon Oasis. Silicon Oasis is a business center located in the middle of the desert, quite an impressive and interesting business hub. At the meeting point, there were two other girls, who were also going on a horse ride.

As I have quite some experience with horses, I was invited to go out on a ride with locals. This was so cool! It was an amazing ride in the desert and we still had time to talk about local customs and business. After the horse ride, we were invited to drink tea and eat some local dates. As transport to Dubai, was quite complicated, and one of the staff members was going in that direction anyway, I took a ride. Even the ride I took was impressive, actually a good way to see all the big and impressive cars driving around. So yes, if you’re fond of horses, a ride in the desert is definitely a must for an escape during your business trip to Dubai.

The Marina is very modern and has many types of boats

The Marina is very modern and has many types of boats

What would be a SeaBookings trip to Dubai, without a boat tour? Of course, the main goal of this trip was to taste a bit of Dubai’s boat tour market. Thus, I went on a boat tour departing from Dubai Marina. If you want to see Dubai Marina, Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab, I definitely recommend discovering these landmarks by boat. By boat, you get a unique perspective and it’s also way too hot to walk around Palm Jumeirah.

And you should not leave without doing a boat trip to take a picture like this!

And you should not leave without doing a boat trip to take a picture like this!

I chose the speedboat tour on a RIB. It’s always exciting to go on a speedboat, and even more with amazing views over the skyscrapers. Service is something the tour operators in Dubai know how to provide. Almost at the end of the boat tour, they offered a bottle of fresh water and asked for our WhatsApp number to send us the cool pictures made during the tour.

On my next trip to Dubai, I would like to rent a Jetski. You see many jetski tours around the Palm Jumeirah area. It looks like a so cool way to enjoy some refreshment.

Now back to business: the Arabian Travel Market is an amazing opportunity to better understand the travel market of this region. I have made many interesting contacts, and got really excited to start to expand SeaBookings to this market. I learned a lot about the demands of this market. And now, SeaBookings in Dubai is now longer a dream! Check it out!

visit Dubai as a woman

What it’s like to visit Dubai as a woman

What it’s like to visit Dubai as a women – By Femke, SeaBookings cofounder:

To visit Dubai as a woman is becoming more and more frequent, especially considering business trips. I had the chance to visit Dubai for a business too as I went to participate in a travel fair. Dubai is considered the biggest city in the EAU. In fact, it’s the most impressive and massive city I’ve ever seen.  

Yes, Dubai is as impressive as you expect!

Yes, Dubai is as impressive as you expect!

I live in the countryside near Lagos, a small city on the south coast of Portugal. Working from the countryside, on SeaBookings, we were invited by Turismo de Portugal, the Portuguese Tourism Board, to travel to Dubai and participate in the big Arabian Travel Market in Dubai.

This was the most exciting news as the Arabian market was already catching our eye. And I’d have the opportunity to discover a new culture, city and business environment.

One of the things I liked most was the food!

One of the things I liked most was the food!

I was quite nervous about this trip, as I was concerned about being young women travelling alone. People had scared me about the big differences between women and men in Dubai and that I should be careful to visit Dubai as a woman.

Regarding how I felt during my visit to Dubai as a woman… Well, one thing’s sure, I never felt threatened or unsafe in Dubai.

In fact, due to the harsh sentences, everyone is behaving and very polite. There is also good police control and many cameras all around the city.

Things to do in Dubai - Dubai Marina

I stayed in a hostel near the Marina

By reading some blog posts, I decided to respect the local culture. The best is to wear clothes that cover up more than usual.  

I saw many women, who do not respect this, but as a female solo traveller, I prefer to respect local customs.

To visit Dubai as a woman, you don’t need to cover up your hair, but I wouldn’t recommend going around in short skirts or dresses.

I even took a picture with some business men at the fair!

I even took a picture with some businessmen at the fair!

Having to cover up makes you sweat in the hot climate of Dubai. Fortunately, all shops, hotels, public transport have air conditioning, which makes it easier to deal with the extreme heat.

Although, be prepared to sweat. In my opinion, the best way to travel in Dubai is by Metro. The metro is not expensive and very safe, fast and comfortable.

Both in the bus and metro, there are women-only areas. Normally the front of a bus and one or more carriages for the metro. There is also a “Gold” carriage if you want to travel with space and more comfort.

To get from and to the airport, I used Uber. It’s impressive how affordable, reliable and safe this service is. Also when you visit Dubai as a woman.

Things to do in Dubai - Boat tours in Dubai

And you should not leave without doing a boat trip to take a picture like this!

In sum, I have had a great experience during my visit to Dubai. It’s all a matter of respect and being responsible. If you have any other experiences to share about visiting Dubai as a woman, let us know. Feel free to contact me for any other comments or questions: [email protected]. Enjoy Dubai!

best things to do in Dubai

The 5 best things to do in Dubai

Dubai is the city of extremes – biggest, fastest, tallest, nicest! And we are so excited to be able to be part of the booming tourism industry of this fascinating and exotic part of the world! Dubai has finally entered the SeaBookings family, offering you the best options to explore this amazing place by boat! Let’s find out what the 5 best things to do in Dubai are, shall we?

Given the location by the Persian Gulf and the warm temperatures of both water and air during the whole year, it is no question that one of the best things to do is a boat tour! Or, to keep the exclusive character of this region, for a nice luxurious tour on a yacht in Dubai!

By night, the city's lights are unique!

By night, the city’s lights are unique!

Did you know that the best time to visit Dubai is during Winter? That’s when you have temperatures not too hot so that you can still be outside and enjoy the city under the sun! And the water temperatures are very nice all year round, with temperatures always around 20-25°. Sounds good? We certainly think so and reckon the best way to spend your days here is with a boat tour in Dubai!

To give you some ideas of what to do, we have created our list of the 5 best things to do in Dubai!

As you may have guessed, most of them have to do with the sea. After all, we just love getting you out there on the big blue!

5 best things to do in Dubai

  1. 1. Burj Khalifa

Yes, we do love the sea. But we can’t just ignore the fact that Dubai also has some other great things to offer. So let’s start our list of the 5 experiences with the tallest skyscraper in the world – the Burj Khalifa!

During your stay in Dubai, you most definitely have to at least pass in front of the Burj Khalifa and breathe in the air of pure luxury!

The water show is a must while visiting Burj Khalifa and the huge shopping mall.

Inside the Burj Khalifa you’ll also find the only 7-Star Hotel in the world and undeniably a place of pure style and exclusivity. To see this building in real life is definitely one of the best things to do.

  1. Dubai Marina

Enjoy one of the most modern marinas of the world

Enjoy one of the most modern marinas of the world

Okay, okay we know that this was to be expected that we like the Dubai Marina. But in this case, it’s not just us! In fact, a visit to the Dubai Marina is one of the 5 best things to do for everybody!

It’s one of the main tourist attractions of the city. Docked on this impressive and super modern Marina you’ll find so many beautiful yachts like almost nowhere else in the world.

But the Dubai Marina has many more things to offer than only some of the nicest boat tours you’ll ever do! At the Marina, you’ll find numerous high-class restaurants, shops and many other entertainment possibilities.

Start the day with a nice brunch, go for a boat cruise, then for a nice walk and end it with a fancy drink at Pure Sky Lounge for example. There goes your perfect day in Dubai!

  1.  Dubai Creek

Along the Dubai Creek is where all the fishing was done from

Along the Dubai Creek is where all the fishing was done from

Next up on our list of the 5 best things to do is the famous Dubai Creek. It is a water canal that separates the city from Deira in the North and Bur Dubai in the South.

The Dubai Creek is one of the 5 best things to do because it has been the lifeline of the city since before it became the global metropolitan city it is now.

Along the Old Creek is where all the fishing was done from, in the past even more so than today.

In recent years, it was extended to make it even more accessible and connect the main points of the city with one another through water – the perfect place for some fun boat tours! No wonder we think Dubai Creek is one of the 5 best things to do.

  1. Jumeirah Beach

Who doesn't love these colors?

Who doesn’t love these colors?

With average temperatures in Winter ranging between 25-35°C and in summer up to 45°C, some of you might want to spend some time at the beach, right?

The best beach in our opinion is definitely Jumeirah Beach, and also one of the 5 best things to do in Dubai!

Jumeirah Beach is just in between the Dubai Marina and the famous Palm Jumeirah. It is a white sand beach, just off the probably most popular district among travellers, which is Jumeirah.

The beach by the Persian Gulf invites for some sunbathing and a nice dip in the ocean. Certainly, the best way to cool off in this heat! 

  1. Palm Jumeirah

On a jet ski you can explore the Burj Al Arab hotel better!

On a jet ski you can explore the Burj Al Arab hotel better!

Last but most certainly not least is one of the main attractions- Palm Jumeirah! This is our personal favourite of the 5 best things to do in Dubai! It is the first one of the artificial palm islands just off the coast in Dubai. Palm Jumeirah is an architectural highlight that you simply must visit during your stay in Dubai.

The huge building is very close to the Marina, so on a boat tour you get to see both these highlights!

Palm Jumeirah is impressive in so many ways. First of all, of course, the construction itself is simply amazing. And when you see all the huge buildings on the island it makes you wonder how this could’ve been done by humans! To explore Palm Jumeirah during a boat tour in Dubai is our highlight of the 5 best things to do!

We hope you have a great time in this unique place called Dubai! For any further questions, just leave us a comment! We’re looking forward to have you on one of the boat tours in Dubai!