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  • Best Kayaking Destinations in Europe
    Portugal,  Spain

    Best Kayaking Destinations in Europe

    There is no better way to discover Europe than on a kayak or canoe. From peaceful waters, lovely lakes to wild whitewater, there is something great for every kayaker! But, a wrong choice of destination can spoil every bit of your trip. That is why I have taken the time to highlight the 10 best-kayaking destinations in Europe that will give you an experience of a lifetime. Top 10 Kayaking destinations in Europe Ardeche, France The Ardeche Gorge in southern France stretches for about 30 km and gives you a kayaking experience like no other in Europe. Regardless of your kayaking skills, the class I to III waters are comfortable…

  • Student Must Visit In Portugal

    5 Places Each Student Must Visit In Portugal

    Portugal is a country rich in fairs and festivals that honour its people’s centuries-old traditions and culture. It has a low crime rate, excellent service, and a mild, warm climate. With its clean beaches and sea coast, ancient cities and medieval fortresses, resorts, and incredible cuisine, Portugal attracts visitors of all ages from all over the world. What should a student look for when they visit Portugal, a warm and welcoming country? Summer is a much-anticipated time for students. Many of them travel to other countries to recharge their batteries before the start of a new semester. The Best Destinations To Visit In Portugal Because of its location on Europe’s…

  • Surf Travel Guide
    Canary Islands,  Madeira,  Portugal,  Spain

    Surf Travel Guide – Top 10 Amazing Surf Destinations

    Do you love surfing and you are looking for the best surfing locations around the globe? Well, you have come to the right place. Here we will dive into the best spots around the world where you can surf like no one is watching.  Surfing is an incredible sport and for those who are not afraid of the water, it can turn out to be a pretty nice experience. Learning to surf might be difficult at the beginning, but once you manage to ride your first wave, everything changes. So, if you are looking for an adventure while traveling the world, here are 10 amazing surf destinations you should not…

  • 5 Reasons Why BOTTOM Fishing is So Popular
    Blog,  Portugal

    5 Reasons Why Bottom Fishing is So Popular

    There are several tips and tricks for fishing. It solely depends on the anglers what types one chooses. How adventurous an angler is? So when it comes to fishing with adventure and want to have pro skill in fishing, the anglers go for the bottom fishing. Now the question arises, what is bottom fishing? That lies on the term of the word, when we mean bottom that means the lowest portion of anything, and fishing means catching fish. So bottom fishing stands for fishing in the lowest portion of the water.  The off-shore technique, bottom fishing, is popular because catching different types of fish like  Amberjack, triggerfish, grunts, sea bass…

  • The 7 Most Romantic Places In Europe Where Sea Meets Shore
    Blog,  Portugal,  Spain

    The 7 Most Romantic Places In Europe Where Sea Meets Shore

    A Thalassophile’s Guide To The 7 Most Romantic Places In Europe Where Sea Meets Shore The ocean —whether open water or its sandy beaches— is an obsession for many. All kinds of travelers find themselves irresistibly drawn to the beautiful waters of the planet and for as many different reasons as there are different people. Some people crave the thrill of confronting the depths of the unknown, while others seek the excitement of speed and surf. No less valid is that innate desire for serenity and calm that many of us can only find with the accompanying soothing sounds of crashing waves. For a lot of us, it might have…

  • Algarve Boat Festival
    Algarve,  Portugal

    Algarve Boat Festival, the unique concept to party in times of pandemic is ready for its third edition

    It’s already the second summer in times of pandemic and festivals and other events continue to be postponed or cancelled. Confronted with this scenario, the Algarve Boat Festival was born: one stage, multiple dance floors, at sea. It is SeaBookings, a Portuguese Start-Up dedicated to maritime tourism, with the support of the Municipality of Lagos, that hosts this innovative concept of partying for the third time. It’s a unique concept, like a Drive-in Cinema where the cars are boats and the screen, a stage-boat, creating a safe event according to the guidelines of the Directorate-General of Health of Portugal (DGS). The Algarve Boat Festival is an exclusive concept to party…

  • Algarve Boat Festival Cartaz
    Algarve,  Blog,  Portugal,  SeaBookings

    Algarve Boat Festival: Lagos is ready to dance at sea again

    On June 19th, it’s time to celebrate the second edition of the Algarve Boat Festival in Lagos, Portugal. SeaBookings, a Portuguese Start-Up dedicated to maritime tourism, with the support of the Municipality of Lagos, is getting ready to host this innovative concept of partying for the second time. “The Festival consists of various separate parties, united in one single event! And out at sea, of course!” Last year, the festival was sold out within only a few days. Portuguese and foreigners from all different age groups came together at sea, surrounding one main boat – the stage-boat. Each group with their own unique dancefloor: a boat! Groups can join with…

  • Beaches in Europe
    Croatia,  Greece,  Portugal,  Spain

    12 Best White Sand Beaches in Europe

    Gentle sun, warm sand, azure water, soft soothing sound of rustling waves, fresh seafood, long walks on the beach, pink sunsets – is there a more perfect combination for a serene yet invigorating vacation? If this sounds good to you, welcome to our club! To be fair, it’s quite crowded here but take a seat, grab a cocktail and enjoy. Hopefully, you haven’t booked tickets for your next vacation, as our 12 white sand beaches of Europe will likely make you reconsider all your plans. Keep reading to learn about the best locations where you can soak in all the joys of coastal living and get memories for life! A…

  • Anglers in Europe
    Azores,  Portugal

    Top 5 Destinations for Anglers in Europe

    Do you need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life? Maybe it is about time to go on a fishing trip. Whether you are going out for a quiet alone time or a fun, thrilling trip with your family, it’s imperative to know the best fishing places for your next angling adventure. If you are wondering where is the best place to spend a quiet afternoon by the lake, then you’ve come to the right place.  Cast out your line and prepare to catch the most delicious fish in Europe in the best fishing spots that provide top sea experiences on the continent. If you…

  • Travel Destinations With Marine Excursions
    Blog,  Portugal

    8 Family-Friendly Travel Destinations With Marine Excursions

    As the weather starts to warm up, it is time for families to start planning their travel itineraries. Family vacations can be fun as long as the kids remain happy. Otherwise, the trip might turn into an absolute nightmare.  Besides, pending educational duties can also prevent your children from traveling. In this situation, a college essay writing service can help them with some of their school work. Once everything is settled on the homefront, you can now choose a location for the family. To this end, we’ve gathered some family-friendly travel destinations with amazing marine experiences you’ll love. 8 Family-Friendly Travel Destinations With Marine Excursions 1 — US Virgin Islands…