Find out everything you need to know about the best sea experiences in Barcelona. Enjoy your holidays in Barcelona!

  • Student Must Visit In Spain
    Barcelona,  Spain

    5 Places Each Student Must Visit In Spain

    Spain is well-known for more than just its hot bullfighting, passionate dances, and luxurious beaches. This country has a long history, a rich indigenous culture, and incredible natural wonders that you will not find anywhere else. Spending a vacation in Spain is a fantastic way to unwind not only from your daily routine but also from a long semester and exhausting academic work. It is difficult for students to stay tuned in all the time. Numerous tasks, lectures, exams, and activities gradually deplete the reserve of energy. As a result, taking a well-timed break can not only recharge your batteries but also allow you to discover new places you will…

  • visit Barcelona
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    Our top 5 reasons to visit Barcelona

    By Lianne, responsible for the Spanish market and content/translations at SeaBookings, who’s happy to share some personal reasons to visit Barcelona.  Strolling along La Rambla, enjoying a fresh paella, being immersed in the modernist architecture or enjoying Barcelona from another perspective during a boat tour. This city has for everyone something nice to offer and there are many reasons why you should visit this beautiful city. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should visit this city:    The ambiance  The central point of Barcelona, and immediately the most atmospheric, is the busy street called “La Rambla”. The best-known street, starting at Plaça Catalunya and ending at the sea, is…

  • Parasailing in Barcelona watersports in Barcelona
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    The best watersports in Barcelona

    We understand that if you are on holidays in Barcelona you would like to do something cool that you normally can’t do at home. That’s why we listed the coolest and funniest watersports in Barcelona which you can do alone, or with a group of friends and/or family. Have you already tried one of these watersports? No? Well, now is your chance! Try out one (or more) of these watersports in Barcelona. We will tell you all about it and rated the activities by the level of craziness. The higher the number the crazier it gets! Top 4 crazy watersports in Barcelona Parasailing in Barcelona Parasailing in Barcelona is one of…

  • private boat tours barcelona
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    Top 6: The best private boat tours in Barcelona

    Are you planning your holidays in Barcelona? And would you like to organise the perfect boat trip to explore the Costa Brava? We understand that finding the best boat for a group of people can be difficult. That’s why we listed different types of boats below and explain to you for what kind of group or celebration these boats are suitable for.  Whether you would like to celebrate your bachelor party, looking for a boat for team building or any other celebration, everything is possible! Do you still need some advice while planning your boat tour? Don’t hesitate to contact us and feel free to ask anything you would like…

  • Sea Tours in Barcelona sunser sailing tour in Barcelona
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    The Best Sunset Sea Tours in Barcelona

    Barcelona – the city of fashion, good food and cool people. But it is also a city surrounded by beautiful harbours and right by the sea. Therefore, sea tours in Barcelona are a Must-Do during your holidays in this vibrant city! We have selected the Best Sunset Sea Tours in Barcelona for you. Because to be honest, is there any better time for a boat tour than during sunset? We don’t think so! Enjoying a magical sunset in the middle of the sea with a beautiful view over the skyline of Barcelona is simply the best way to spend your evenings! Here is our selection of the Best Sunset Sea…

  • Things to do in Barcelona
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    Top 5 things to do in Barcelona

    Yes, we love Barcelona.  We went there last weekend and had a blast. I would like to share my top things to do in Barcelona with you. I must admit I’m a bit biased towards sea activities, but of course, I also share some other tips. My top 5 things to do in Barcelona 1. Eat tapas and drink sangria Of course one of the things to do in Barcelona is to eat. We have several favorite spots in Barcelona for some tapas and sangria. My friend and colleague Lianne recommends De Tapa Madre. But as we were not nearby when we were looking for tapas, we went to a…