Things to do in Gran Canaria during winter

Things to do in Gran Canaria during winter

Visiting Gran Canaria during winter?

Do you have enough of the grey sky and are the rainy days bothering you? Then grab your passport and come to the Canary Islands this winter. The beautiful beaches of the islands are waiting for you!

When is the best time to visit Gran Canaria? Some may say that the best time to visit Gran Canaria is between April and October. The average annual temperature is 24°C, with highs of 26°C between the summer months of August and October.

But did you know that from December up until April, winter presents warm days with average highs of 22°C? That is already one good reason why Gran Canaria is a great holiday destination during winter!

Whether you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday or an active holiday filled with water sports, Gran Canaria has something to offer for any type of traveller. It’s a popular holiday destination among tourists all year round because of its very mild climate.

Discover the dunes of Maspalomas

Visit Playa del ingles and discover the dunes of Maspalomas

Even in January, the southern beaches of Gran Canaria are guaranteed with sunshine and warmth. At Playa del Inglés you can hire sunbeds and laze the day away in the sun. For the more adventurous ones amongst us, we recommend taking a walk across the Dunas de Maspalomas, one of the island’s natural reserves! 

From Puerto Rico, you can take a nice boat tour in Gran Canaria

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the perfect location to do dolphin watching. From there, you will sail to the area where the magnificent creatures live. What is more beautiful than observing wild dolphins in their natural habitat

It is also possible to do some great watersport activities from Puerto Rico. Discover the  beautiful flora and fauna around the island whilst snorkeling or go for the first time diving! The sea temperature has an average of 20.8°C in December. The water might be too cold for some, but others still swim comfortably. 

During winter and spring, the island will be much greener.

Carnaval in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

February is the month when one of the most famous Carnivals in Spain is held in Gran Canaria. Carnaval is taking over the streets in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with people dressed up, smiling, dancing and lots of visitors from all over the world.

It is definitely worth a visit if you are in Gran Canaria in February. There are plenty of attractions and events for kids, nightlife parties, dancers, people watching and even pets! Did you know that there is a Carnaval especially dedicated to pets? 

The “golden hour” is magical all year round

In a nutshell, Gran Canaria is one of the best holiday destinations during winter! We also wrote a blog about some practical tips for your holidays in Gran Canaria. Please let us know if you need any further help in planning your holidays.

visit Lanzarote in low season

5 reasons to visit Lanzarote in low season

Looking for some travel inspiration for this Winter? Lianne, responsible for the Spanish market and content/translations at SeaBookings, gives us 5 reasons to visit Lanzarote in low season.

Are you planning your holidays to the Canary Islands? Maybe it’s time to visit Lanzarote. Whether you plan your holidays to Lanzarote in high or low season, it all depends on what you want from your holiday.

We are sure that both in peak season and in low season you will have a good time spending your holidays in Lanzarote.

Some like to follow the trend and visit places during the summer season, for others they want to escape the madding crowd and come when it’s quieter.

Of course, this very much depends upon whether you have children and are tied to visiting during the school holidays.

The summer months, when it’s a popular time to go on holidays to Lanzarote, are July and August. But visiting Lanzarote during low season, between the months September and June, is maybe one of the best things you can do. Really! During this time of the year, there are so many beautiful things you can see and the fact that it’s less crowded means that you can enjoy the island even better. 

Here are Lianne’s 5 reasons to visit Lanzarote in low season:

Sunny Lanzarote

#1 Sunshine guaranteed

One of the major advantages of Lanzarote during low season is the weather. It’s not boiling hot, but comfortably warm. The average temperatures are between 19°C and 22°C in December and January. The sunshine and very low rainfall throughout the year makes it easy to escape from the cold winter and enjoy what Lanzarote got to offer. 

So, if you are looking for some summer sun, why not spend Christmas next to a palm tree instead of a Christmas tree? 😉

Enjoy empty beaches

#2 It’s quieter

There are not so many tourists on the island Lanzarote during the low season. That means that you can really enjoy the island without too many people spoiling it for you! The island is such a relaxing place to visit in the off-season.

Life can be pretty hectic at times and when on holiday, we understand you really want to relax and reload before you go back home. Lanzarote is just the perfect place to do that during the low season.

Dolphin watching in Lanzarote is a unique experience

#3 Dolphin watching in Lanzarote

Doing a boat tour to search wild dolphins is a fun and exciting experience for young and old. Dolphin watching in Lanzarote can be done all year round, also in low season! From Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote, it is easy to navigate to the open seas of the Atlantic Ocean where many dolphins and other cetaceans pass. If you are lucky, you might even spot some whales

Experience the thrill of searching for dolphins, whales and other marine mammals in their natural habitat during a dolphin watching trip in Lanzarote! After watching these incredible loved creatures it is even possible to watch an amazing sunset, if you decide to join a boat trip in the afternoon/evening of course 😉

Isla de Lobos Canaries
Visit the sea life sanctuary at Isla de Lobos

#4 Discover the natural reserve of Isla de Lobos

The nature reserve Isla de Lobos (Lobos island) is a sanctuary for sea lions, rare birds and lizards. Also, the waters surrounding the island are full of a huge variety of fish and other sea creatures. Beach lovers should definitely visit the island. Because there are no buildings around to offer shade on Lobos island, it is advisable to visit the island during the winter months when the weather is cooler.

During the period from November to March, the weather conditions are more easily tolerated and it will be easier to explore this island. If you decide to do a boat tour from Lanzarote to Lobos island, you will get you the opportunity to walk through the natural park and the fisherman village. 

Did you know that there is a natural spa on the island? The crystal clear turquoise waters will definitely make you want to take a dip in the ocean. Fill yourself with vitamin D on the white sandy beaches.

La Graciosa island is very mystical when it’s cloudy

#5 La Graciosa island

La Graciosa is known for its calm and crystal clear waters and incredible beaches. In La Graciosa, you can go to the beach during winter and even might swim in the Atlantic Ocean! To get to La Graciosa island you should cross the sea from Ózorla, a fishermen’s population on the north of Lanzarote.

The best way to do this is with a catamaran boat tour in Lanzarote. Enjoy the marine reserve of La Graciosa and walk through the unpaved streets of the island where it seems that time stops.

I hope I could help you prepare your visit to Lanzarote in low season! Enjoy your stay and feel free to contact us for any additional tips or questions.

Holidays in Gran Canaria

Practical tips for your holidays in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is one of our holiday destinations where you can enjoy the pleasant temperatures of the sun all year round. It’s with a good reason that this island (even as Tenerife and the other Canarian Islands) are called the islands with the endless spring. Gran Canaria is a magical volcanic island a great destination to spend your holidays! Therefore, we will give you some tips on what to do during your holidays in Gran Canaria.

Because there are so many different landscapes on the island, Gran Canaria is also called “continente en miniatura”, or continent in miniature. From the picturesque coastal towns and sandy beaches (or playas, as the Spaniards say), to alien moon landscapes and an incredible variety of views: these are just a few of the many characteristics associated with the Spanish island of Gran Canaria.

Cute towns in Gran Canaria by Krisztian Tabori

Visiting some cute towns are a must during your holidays in Gran Canaria by Krisztian Tabori

If you want to have a relaxed beach holiday or if you would like to have a more active holiday filled with water sports activities, holidays in Gran Canaria is a must!

  1.    Language and currency

On the Canaries, Spanish is the official language. Not everybody speaks English but in the more touristic places, you’ll find a lot of English speakers. The local currency is the Euro, like in Spain mainland. At most places, you can pay by card and you’ll also find a lot of ATMs (Telebancos) around the island.

  1.    Sightseeing during your holidays in Gran Canaria

  • Discover the capital city of Gran Canaria: Las Palmas

The capital city of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas was established in 1478 and you will find numerous historical and cultural attractions to admire. An absolute must do is a walking tour in the old town of Las Palmas; in particular through the oldest part of the city, Vegueta and Triana. The Vegueta district is easily accessible from the harbor (just 40 minutes by bus line 1). Here you will find impressive churches, interesting museums and small idyllic parks.

Vegueta by Dariusz Rozwadowski

Vegueta by Dariusz Rozwadowski

  • Day trip to Mogán

Did you know that the village Mogán has a microclimate recognized by UNESCO as one of the healthiest in the world? But this is not the only reason why you should visit this place. The village is particularly known for the picturesque town of Puerto de Mogán, also known as the “Venice of Gran Canaria“. Those who wander through the beautiful streets of Puerto de Mogán will see lovely restored cottages, romantic little bridges over the canals and small cafes and restaurants right at the marina.

Mógan by Mondbasis Alpha

Mogán by Mondbasis Alpha

A nice activity to do with your friends and/or family is a private boat trip departing from Puerto de Mogán. On this boat trip in Gran Canaria, a local and experienced skipper will take you out to search for whales and dolphins. He is more than happy to tell you everything about the beautiful island Gran Canaria. On board, you can enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch. Sounds good, right?

dolphin watching in Gran Canaria

Some species come real close!

  1.    Beautiful beaches in Gran Canaria

There are a lot of beaches in Gran Canaria! Did you know that in total they have a length of 60 km?

  • Playa de Puerto Rico

Playa de Puerto Rico is a beach in the South East of Gran Canaria. The golden sandy beach attracts lots of people and it is a perfect beach to go to with your family for a day. Water sports fans have a great choice here, ranging from kayak rentals and jet skiing, to go snorkeling or diving. It is also possible to search for whales and dolphins on a boat trip!

Playa de Puerto Rico by Classic Collection Holidays

Playa de Puerto Rico by Classic Collection Holidays

  • Playa del Inglés

At Playa del Inglés, nice beach weather is guaranteed! Almost all year around you can find the best temperatures at this beach because of its location (South West of the island). Besides a pretty beach, you can also find some nice pubs, bars and clubs. For the nightlife in Gran Canaria, Playa del Inglés is also a very good location! However, it is not only a party beach. Whether you are a family with children, an active water sports enthusiast or a real night owl; every tourist will find a suitable activity appropriate to her or his type of holiday.

  • Maspalomas

Maspalomas is not only famous because of the enchanting dune landscape and beautiful climate, but especially because of the 55-meter-high lighthouse, which was lit for the first time in 1890. If you walk from the lighthouse to the dunes you reach the Cape Punta de Maspalomas. This is the place where Playa del Inglés starts, even though it is actually the same beach. You can walk from one point to the other in order to have a nice walk and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Gran Canaria.

Dunas de Maspalomas by Juan Francisco

Dunas de Maspalomas by Juan Francisco

  1.     What to eat in Gran Canaria

The cuisine of this Canary Island combines traditional Spanish recipes with African and Latin American dishes. The most popular starters are – how could it be otherwise – tapas! in all kinds of variations, usually accompanied by a good glass of wine or a refreshing beer. As the main course you can of course count on the classic paella, but many other fresh fish dishes are to be expected. The cuisine in the Canary Islands is generally characterized by lots of vegetables, fruit and fish. If you like fish, you love the kitchen on Gran Canaria.

Delicious Paella by Holidayguru

Delicious Paella by Holidayguru

In a nutshell, holidays in Gran Canaria are a great option if you’re looking for a safe place near mainland Europe and a pleasant climate all year round.

(Cover photo by Melisa Popanicic on Unsplash)
visit La Palma

Why you should visit La Palma

Did you know that La Palma is also called “La Isla Bonita”, the beautiful island or “La Isla Verde”, the green island? Well, it’s easy to discover why you should visit La Palma! The island lives up to its names because it’s truly beautiful and super green! La Palma is very diverse. The combination of the Canarian sun and the fertile lava makes that this island wonderful and definitely worth a visit. A true paradise for nature lovers!

Stunning views

Stunning views are one of the main reasons why you should visit La Palma. Photo: Hans van Bockel

From the LP-114 from Santo Domingo to Tijarafe you sometimes have beautiful views over the Atlantic Ocean. The forests with the Canarian pine trees create a beautiful setting.

One of the reasons you should visit La Palma that the island is one of the Canarian Islands that distinguishes itself from the other islands like Tenerife and Gran Canaria because there is no mass tourism. So are you looking for a nice and relaxing sunny holiday with not too many people? Then La Palma is the perfect destination for you! Relax on one of the quiet beaches with black sand or walk around and enjoy the fantastic nature!

"La Palma" - the palm trees, another reason to visit La Palma

“La Palma” – the palm trees, another reason to visit La Palma and always enough space to relax and enjoy your holidays

Los Tilos Forest is an explosion of biodiversity and greenness that you will fall in love with on your first visit. With a 1-hour hike through the Laurisilva forest called Los Tilos, you can get a free shower under this waterfall. Looks lovely! Right?

Enjoying a shower in this waterfall? Another reason to visit La Palma

Enjoying a shower in this waterfall? Another reason to visit La Palma. Photo:

Roque de Los Muchachos is a viewpoint that you certainly can’t skip during your visit La Palma. Go prepared because Roque de Los Muchachos is situated on a height of 2.426 meters. Bringing a good pair of shoes is not superfluous. Driving by car you can go a long way and we recommend to stop at a nice restaurant for a drink along the way. The view at the top is really breathtaking. Do we need to say more?

Here, you'll be above the clouds!

Here, you’ll be above the clouds! Photo: Meike G

If you really want to enjoy a calm holiday it’s best to stay in the North of the island, where it is much less crowded. If you would like to enjoy the beach and the Canarian sun, we suggest staying more in the South of the island.

The island offers a lot of nature, including the Atlantic Ocean where dolphins are the regular guests, as well as whales in the winter. Tazacorte is a very nice and colorful village with some good seafood restaurants, as well as a big beach where you can relax. From the harbor of Tazacorte we offer some nice boat tours to see dolphins and in winter you can encounter whales as well! What do you think of sailing on a Bussard to get really close to the dolphins and enjoy the impressive cliffs of La Palma in a comfortable atmosphere?

Our boat is very charming and confortable

Our boat is very charming and comfortable

If you would like to discover the mysterious world of the whales in La Palma then this whale watching in La Palma is perfect for you. Submerge yourself in the marvellous world of cetaceans with our excursions departing from Port of Tazacorte in La Palma. We will make sure that on board you will learn everything about these precious creatures. On our rigid inflatable boat, you’ll be in close proximity to them in the most natural environment possible.

Our boat is perfect for these expeditions

Our boat is perfect for these expeditions

In a nutshell, La Palma is the best holiday destination for people who really want to relax, love nature and good food with a glass of wine at sunset…

The best things to do in La Palma

The best things to do in La Palma

La Palma, aka La Isla Bonita, the hidden gem of the Canary Islands! If you’re looking for a holiday in an authentic place surrounded by amazing landscapes, La Palma is the destination for you! We chose some of our favorite things to do in La Palma to inspire you!

Beside enjoying the beaches, there are many other things to do in La Palma

Besides enjoying the beaches, there are many other things to do in La Palma

Impressive volcanos, mystic forests, beautiful beaches and a unique night sky – all of this makes La Palma such a special place. No wonder the nickname of this little island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is “La Isla Bonita”, spanish for the pretty island. While most people just go to visit the bigger islands of the Canaries, La Palma still offers vast landscapes and a lot to explore. We want to show you the best things to do in La Palma, to make the most of your holidays!

1. Hiking in La Palma

Hiking in La Palma is great for active travelers

Hiking in La Palma is great for active travelers

Even though it is an island, one of the best things to do in La Palma is hiking! The deep and mysterious forests of the island have a special energy to it. You will feel like a real explorer if you start wandering along the many trails around the island. The unique flora and fauna of the island promise to impress all nature-lovers and adventurers.

Outdoor lovers will love the natural beauty and wildness of the island. The different ecosystems are simply fascinating and will astonish you! That’s why hiking is one of the best things to do in La Palma, to explore the stunning landscapes and enjoy the tranquillity of this special place.

2. Admire the night sky of La Palma

The night sky of La Palma is truly unique

The night sky of La Palma is truly unique (by Miguel Claro)

Next on our list of the best things to do in La Palma is to admire the stars at night! La Palma has a special location, which allows you to admire the night sky like nowhere else around the world. That’s also why there is a big variety of astronomical viewpoints all around the island.

BBC Earth even voted the night sky of La Palma one of the 10 best night skies all around the world! So there is no doubt that watching the stars in La Palma is one of the best things to do in La Palma! It will most certainly be one of the most amazing views of the universe you ever had! And if you’re lucky, you’ll even see a shooting star or two.

3. Go on a Boat Tour in La Palma

boat tour in La Palma

Enjoy the island from the sea

One of the best things to do in La Palma, it being an island, is definitely to go on a boat tour to explore the impressive coastline of the island. The region around Tazacorte has some really fascinating cliffs, that are best admired from the sea.

On this boat tour in La Palma, you can enjoy the view while also enjoying a glass of fresh cava and some delicious tapas on board. The skipper will show you all the secret corners around the coast of Tazacorte, that can best be admired from the sea. It makes sense, to explore an island on a boat tour, right? That’s why a boat tour is one of the best things to do in La Palma!

4. Whale watching in La Palma

Sometimes, the whales are really near shore

Sometimes, the whales are really near shore

Finally, the highlight of the best things to do in La Palma is to go whale watching! Whales are amazing creatures, so gentle and almost magical! Luckily, they also really like the island of La Palma and can be found all year round in the waters of the La Isla Bonita!

On the whale watching tour in La Palma, you will not only get to see these beautiful mammals but will also learn a lot about them from a marine biologist! If you want more, you can even go whale and dolphin watching in La Palma and see two of the most special animals on earth in one tour! Seeing those wild animals in their natural habitat is definitely one of the best things to do in La Palma!

We hope we could help you planning your holidays in La Palma or made you want to go there even more after reading about the best things to do in La Palma! This special island is sure to amaze you, we promise!

Kayaking in Tenerife

We went kayaking in Tenerife

We went with part of our team on a trip to Tenerife to get to know this island where we now also provide great sea tours. Kayaking in Tenerife was at the top of our list of things to do on the island.

Tips for your holidays in Tenerife

Kayaking can be done all year round!

The five of us are active people who love nature and working out, so kayaking in Tenerife would be an ideal activity for us. We went kayaking with Cao, who owns a watersports center at Playa de las Teresitas.

So we met Cao at his stand on the beach and after putting on some sunscreen, it was time to team up. Each kayak takes two people.

Welcome to Playa de las Teresitas

Welcome to Playa de las Teresitas

Cao explained we were gonna go kayaking along the cliffs of Playa de las Teresitas. The cliffs were, in fact, impressive, at the foot of the Anaga mountains. We were blessed with almost no wind and a pleasant temperature.

As the kayaking is quite a workout, at the point we were going to turn to go back, we were quite hot so we went for a refreshing dip into the Atlantic. Kayaking is quite a workout, but no worries, Cao will adapt the tour to your pace. Besides, kayaking is very easy to learn and it requires no previous experience.

We did the short kayak tour of about 1 hour, due to time constraints. There’s a tour of 3 hours too. The longer tour departs from Playa de las Teresitas to Playa de Balayo.

There’s also the possibility to rent a kayak on the beach. However, we highly recommend the tour as the instructors grew up in Tenerife themselves and therefore they can tell you everything you need to know about the island!

We really enjoyed the kayak tour and highly recommend it. The combination of working out and sightseeing is the best! Many thanks to Cao and his team for this memorable experience kayaking in Tenerife!

Sailing in Tenerife

We went sailing in Tenerife

We went with part of our team on holidays in Tenerife to get to know this island where we now also provide some great sea tours. Sailing in Tenerife was on the top of our list of things to do in Tenerife.

We booked an excursion sailing in Tenerife with departure from Puerto Colón, near Los Cristianos, in the South part of the island. This sailing tour promised to take us to discover some dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. We were really excited to try this experience.

The funny part was, that one of our friends, Philip, from Portimão, who’s also a partner of SeaBookings, recommend us to work with this tour operator in Puerto Colón. And even funnier was that I, Bo, had already met the skipper of this boat, in Portugal, on Philip’s wedding last year! So, it was very cool to meet Federico again, this time on his lovely boat in Tenerife. The boat is a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42i or the Beneteau Oceanis Clipper 42 with capacities up to 11 people each.

sailing tour in Tenerife

Discover the local wildlife on a sailing yacht

Our experience sailing in Tenerife

We arrived a bit late to Perto Colón as there was a traffic jam on the highway down South due to an accident. Luckily, we easily found a place to park the car in the harbor of Colón and immediately found the tour operator. After a warm welcome, we walked to the boat where Federico was already waiting for us with 6 more people on board. Federico gave us a brief safety explanation and explained what we could expect to do and see during the tour.

We did this tour in April and the weather was not ideal. While the temperature was OK (but a little too cold to swim), there was almost no wind. Luckily, as we sailed further out, using the motors, we soon found some wind and enjoyed the feeling of sailing. Damn, I love this feeling so much! No engine, no noise, just the power of nature!

We had a great time in the middle of the Atlantic (literally!)

We had a great time in the middle of the Atlantic (literally!)

While enjoying the sailing, Federico was continuously chatting with us and the other participants. He was enthusiastically sharing all his knowledge about the island and the local biodiversity. And in the meantime, he was always checking how we were feeling and if we wanted to drink something. After a water, we accepted a cold beer, for the ultimate summer feeling!

About the local wildlife, we were lucky to see some common dolphins and even a fin whale. I was really impressed about the whale as I had never seen such a big and mystical creature. Unfortunately, it was quite shy and did not come close to the boat. But by the size of its back, it was huuuge!

If you like sailing, this tour is for you

If you like sailing, this tour is for you

After the sightings, we sailed back to closer to the shore. And in front of a sheltered bay, we anchored for some local tapas and drinks. Tapas taste even better on board of such a lovely sailing yacht and surrounded by our friends. Here we had the chance to snorkel but as it was not that warm and we were already a bit tired from the kayak tour that morning, we skipped.

We really enjoyed the tour and highly recommend it. The combination of sailing and cetaceans sighting is magical! Many thanks to Federico and the whole team for this memorable experience sailing in Tenerife!

PS. Did you know you can also book this experience on a private basis?

snorkeling with turtles in Los Cristianos

We went snorkeling with turtles in Los Cristianos, Tenerife

By Lianne, responsible for the Spanish market and content/translations at SeaBookings:

A few months ago we were soaking up the sun in Tenerife when we stumbled across some nice activities available around the Los Cristianos area. Los Cristianos is a great place to visit if you want to eat, do some shopping or just relax in the sun. Walking along the boulevard really gives you that summer holiday vibe.

After we had some coffee and breakfast we decided we would try something new. A kayak tour to go snorkeling with turtles in Los Cristianos sounded like the perfect fit as we were very curious about what was waiting for us. We had a warm welcome by the owners Diana and Paul and a few people of our group were already busy squeezing into their wetsuits. We received our own wetsuits and Nikola was waiting for us outside to join her on this amazing tour.

After a quick introduction, we were ready to get into the sea

After a quick introduction, we were ready to get into the sea

We came together at the beach and after a brief explanation, we went one by one into the water. We were the first couple getting into the water and because we already did a kayak tour with dolphins earlier in the week we felt like pro’s jumping onto the kayak and paddling away. Nikola told us we were going to a bay where the possibility to find a lot of turtles swimming in the water was extremely high.

The snorkeling with turtles in Los Cristianos is done by kayak, a great workout!

The snorkeling with turtles in Los Cristianos is done by kayak, a great workout!

After a small workout paddling to the bay, Nikola asked us all to come together so she could tie a rope to the kayaks. In the meanwhile, we got our snorkeling gear ready and once she was ready we all dropped into the water. It was quite refreshing to be in the water after all the paddling and with the wetsuit, you don’t feel a thing! We were in Tenerife in the winter, so I can imagine it’s even possible to do snorkeling with turtles in Los Cristianos without a wetsuit in summer.

Once we were all in the water it didn’t take long for someone to spot a turtle or two. It’s actually quite funny because when you see them you really want to scream out to the whole group but obviously underwater it’s a bit difficult! We were given a GoPro by Paul, and lucky to capture these fantastic moments as you can see in the video I made for you! I know the perspective underwater is different but they really do come up so close you actually have to get out of the way!

Nikola told us to respect them and to never touch the animals because that could cause some unnecessary stress. For me, that’s common-sense but apparently not for everyone, as you can see damage on their shells on some of the photos. Paul told us that’s because of jet skis racing over the water. It made me sad thinking that humans were causing harm to these gracious creatures. I think it’s important to be aware of the flora and fauna and respect it when you are doing activities in the sea.

I think everyone enjoyed being so close and actually swimming with the turtles and if you are lucky enough you might catch a glance of some rays gliding elegantly at the bottom of the sea. We had more than enough time to enjoy the turtles and just floating around enjoying the water.

It's impressive how close the turtles come!

It’s impressive how close the turtles come!

Nikola then instructed us to slowly get back on to our kayaks and offered us help as it’s not as easy as it looks. We all then very happily paddled back to the beach while soaking up some more sun. On our way back you could sense a feeling of accomplishment and everyone was very impressed and talking about what they saw.

I think snorkeling with turtles in Los Cristianos is something that can’t be missed during your stay at Tenerife. I hope the photos and videos will persuade you enough to try out this tour yourself!

Thanks a lot, Nikola, Paul and Diana for this amazing experience. The next time I will be in Tenerife I will certainly pay you guys a visit ☺

activities in Tenerife

Our favorite activities in Tenerife

Tenerife is a true paradise for outdoor adventure lovers. We went with part of our team to visit Tenerife to get to know this island where we now also provide some great sea tours. As Tenerife has much more to offer than just sea tours, we’d like to share our favorite must-do activities in Tenerife.

Hiking with a local guide is a must!

Hiking with a local guide is a must!

Our colleague Nathalie already wrote a nice article about the best things to do in Tenerife. In fact, most of the things we did while visiting this wonderful island are already listed there.

You can find our must-do activities in Tenerife here:

1. Hiking

We love nature, and not only the sea, so we decided to explore the North Western part of the island a bit, by foot. Cao, a local guide from Anaga Experiences, took us for a 3-hour hike in the stunning Anaga mountains. We highly recommend hiking with a guide as you’ll get to know so much about the local culture, nature and everything you want to know. Surely must-do activities in Tenerife for mountain lovers!

Kayaking can be done all year round!

Kayaking can be done all year round!

2. Kayaking

In Tenerife, there are several kayak tours. There are two in Los Cristianos, one to go find wild dolphins, which Lianne did and tells us about here. And one to go snorkeling with sea turtles. We choose to do one to explore the impressive Anaga mountains from a different perspective, from Playa de Las Teresitas. We’ll share our experience soon, here on the blog.

We went in April and had great weather

We went in April and had great weather

3. Sailing

We went for an incredible sailing experience in Tenerife, departing from El Colón. We’ll share this unforgettable experience in detail soon! You can choose for a half day tour, a sunset tour or a private sailing tour. It’s up to you! Did you know it’s almost for sure you’ll find some wild whales and dolphins along the boat trip?

diving in Tenerife

Discover Tenerife’s underwater world!

4. Scuba diving

Fábio (SeaBookings’ CTO) and Carla went to have their first diving experience in Tenerife. They had a blast. They say there’s so much to see and even reminded them the colors and biodiversity they saw when they were snorkeling in Thailand! Fábio shared his memorable experience on the blog.

submarino em Tenerife

How about a submarine?

5. Submarine tour

Yes, you can go exploring the underwater world without getting your hair wet! Lianne did this unique experience when she was visiting Tenerife. You can read her personal experience here.

Horse riding is also a nice way to discover the island

Horse riding is also a nice way to discover the island

6. Horse riding

Femke, one of SeaBookings’ co-founders, is crazy about horses. So, she grabbed the chance to go horse riding to explore the local nature on a natural way. She highly recommends Horse Riding Adventures in Tenerife.

Natural warm swimming pools!

Natural warm swimming pools!

7. Natural swimming pools

Along the coast, you can find many natural swimming pools. They’re great for snorkeling and for kids to enjoy the sea in a safe way. We really liked the natural pools around Playa La Jaquita.

By car you're most flexible and can explore the Teide Natural Park

By car you’re most flexible and can explore the Teide Natural Park

8. Driving up to Teide

This drive is definitely worth it. The scenery is simply unique, like you’re on Mars!

We hope you have an amazing holiday in this natural paradise, also known as Tenerife! If you have any questions or recommendations about the must-do activities in Tenerife, feel free to contact us! We also recommend reading our tips for travelling to Tenerife, about flights, accommodation, food, etc.

diving in Tenerife

We went scuba diving in Tenerife

By Fábio, CTO at SeaBookings.

We went scuba diving in TenerifeSince a while ago I really wanted to try to go diving. I’ve had done snorkeling before, and, if you like snorkeling, to go diving was just a natural move. Carla, my wife, joined me for this unforgettable adventure.

Breathing underwater is a crazy experience!

Breathing underwater is a crazy experience! (credits: Amarilla Divers)

This last month we’ve spent a week in Tenerife. The island is magical, having lots of raw places, untouched by man, and filled with life (well, unless you go to the top of the Teide, there isn’t much life up there). The warm weather, the astonishing landscape, the peaceful relatively warm water, made my mind.

Fábio and Carla going through diving theory on the beach

Fábio and Carla going through diving theory on the beach

Our experience first-time scuba diving in Tenerife

The diving experience we did is specially designed for people with no diving experience. It was my first dive, thrills and chills were going through my body (it’s not every day you will be 10m under the water for the first time!). The initial training, given by 3 great PADI certified instructors, was done at the beach, later completed with some in water exercises.

Is there a better place than this to try scuba diving?

Is there a better place than this to try scuba diving?

We were READY to try scuba diving in Tenerife!

Going deeper under the water, I started to realize I was in a different world. A world with clear water, different kinds of mountains (it’s a volcanic island), lots of different fish,  the fantastic colours. I was surprised with the amount of sea life you can find here that the words lack to describe what you can only feel.

I was lucky enough to see a Trumpetfish… and even an Angel shark!

The feeling of low gravity is great!

The feeling of low gravity is great! (credits: Amarilla Divers)

These were some of the most memorable moments I can take from the memorable island of Tenerife.

If you wish to have such an amazing experience as I had you can book it here. Also, if you aleady have diving experiencxe and a licence, you should really go for a day out scuba diving in Tenerife! Have fun and share your experience with us!