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We all get to a point where we need to make changes in our lives, even if it is temporary. For many, traveling is the solution. Other times, we travel just for the fun of it and to experience different weather, people, place, culture, food, etc. There are one thousand and one reasons to travel, but having good reasons to travel doesn’t mean you will have a life-changing travel experience. 

On the other hand, it is possible that you don’t like to travel or see any reasons for it. You might view it as a waste of time and resources, especially if it isn’t adding anything to you immediately. Whichever class you belong to, this article will do you much good as it discusses some travel tips that would change the way you travel forever.

Travel tips that will change the way you travel forever

travel solo in the Algarve
The Algarve is a great destination to travel solo

Travel Alone

Many people tend to travel with people that they know. Although this is not wrong, it doesn’t allow you to mingle well enough with the locals and restrict your experiences in your travel. When you travel to a new place with older people, you will be simply recreating the same atmosphere you share with them in a new place. It doesn’t allow you to immerse yourself in the surroundings fully. It’s like a new couple going on their honeymoon with six of their closest friends. That’s no honeymoon; bringing people that they are well familiar with defeats the purpose of traveling to an unknown place for a honeymoon. You can as well stay at home and eat dinner every night with your friends.

Traveling alone allows you to be in charge of your journey. You’re able to immerse yourself more in your new environment and create a unique travel experience for yourself. It allows you to meet new people, make new friends, and enjoy yourself better without the restrictions that come with having travel partners. You’re able to make your decisions and enjoy them. 

The moment you travel alone and realize how different it is from traveling with people, I can assure you that you won’t stop traveling solo. 

visit Dubai as a woman
One of our travel tips is to travel to exotic destinations

Travel very far to experience something entirely different

There isn’t much to see and learn if you are traveling from England to Scotland or from the USA to Canada. The people, places, experiences are very similar. It’s a different ball game if you’re traveling from the US to the Middle East, Asia or Africa. That’s how you get a real travel experience that changes you. 

It would be best to go to a place that you are not familiar with in any way. Go somewhere very far from home. This will allow you to experience a different world from the one you are used to. This includes new geography, culture, language, ethnicity, religion, economics, politics, etc. This opens you up to a whole lot. The fact that it’s not like anything that you’ve experienced before means that all your senses will be very active. This will allow you to take in much more information and learn faster, especially if you travel alone. Being a traveler will enable you to be sound, informed, and knowledgeable about many things. One of the best ways to keep up with this generalization is to go to places that are new to you in every way. This means very far from home.

10 reasons to visit Azores in the Winter
Europe has many hidden gems to visit like the Azores Islands, for example

Go for long-term travel

For most travels, people go for the short term. This is understandable considering that people have worked and a life where they are based. They are only taking advantage of the holiday to explore new places. Traveling for two weeks is nice, but what it does is introduce you to the place and give you an idea of what life is like there. It doesn’t tell the full story and doesn’t allow you to immerse yourself in it fully

If you are looking for a real travel experience, one that will change your life and mindset about traveling, then you have to do more than just two weeks. You need to go for long-term travel – at least for two months. If you can, then you can go as long as one year. 

Committing yourself to long-term travel means that you are able to immerse yourself fully in the environment that you’re in. It allows you to take your time and settle down before you start to take in your new environment. You have all the time to explore different places, but apart from sightseeing, you get to enjoy and learn about other people’s culture, tradition, religion, and way of life. You get used to eating food from other cultures and learning their language if you stay long enough and learn fast. You get to meet new people and make new friends with a different background and upbringing from yours. You would agree with me that thinking about it alone is an exciting prospect. 

Taking a surf class is a great way to get to know new people

Travel with people you don’t know

Traveling with people you are familiar with might make your trip exciting, but it won’t let you fully immerse yourself in the travel and the new location that you’re at. Many people have failed to realize that people being best friends does not mean that they will also be best travel buddies. 

If you are looking for a life-changing travel experience, then you shouldn’t travel with your friends. At the same time, you must be traveling with people that share the same interests, style, and passion as you. You will be able better off traveling with a stranger or group of strangers with these characteristics instead. This will make it easier for you to create a bond with them. Then you will be able to push each other to see new places and try new things during your travels. This will make your trip more fulfilling than going with friends. 


When it comes to having a travel experience that changes the way you travel, there are quite a several things that you can try out. They might appear off, but that’s because you haven’t tried it, and it’s not common. This article discusses a few of these travel tips that are sure to give you a lifetime travel experience.

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