Covid-safe wedding in Portugal

The Covid-19 pandemic has cancelled many weddings. The restrictions have delayed approximately 71% of weddings according to If you are planning your wedding as soon as things calm down, read this article and have a look at our suggestion for a Covid-safe wedding in Portugal.

Many people are planning a wedding from September 2021 on. Surely, quite a few questions will arise, “Will restrictions allow it?”, “will weddings have to be delayed again?”, “Will we be able to organize an event in safety?”.

If you are planning your big day, despite all the restrictions, you will love our suggestion.

The Portuguese government has been very strict with restrictions and Covid-19 safety measurements. A Clean and Safe seal was created for all the companies respecting these measurements. During the Covid pandemic, in Portugal, the use of masks is mandatory in places where social distance can’t be applied.

We suggest you plan your wedding during the pandemic on a boat. And we shortly will give you 5 reasons why.

Covid-safe wedding in Portugal
Imagine this as your wedding setting

Sea breeze and open space

The sea breeze and fresh air directly from the ocean, the perfect way to avoid closed spaces. During this pandemic, we should avoid close contact with crowds, and of course not close ourselves in closed spaces.

A boat gives the perfect opportunity to get married in an open space with a lovely sea breeze, and avoid poor ventilation.

Respecting Covid-19 restrictions

The use of masks is mandatory during these times, the cleaning of all areas, the respect of social distancing will allow you to finally get married. The Portuguese maritime tour operators have been very effectively implementing all measurements required for a safe and clean experience. The health of their customers has been priority number one.

You can decorate the boat as you wish

Amazing views and scenery

The Portuguese coastline is stunning. Golden coast and turquoise waters, the perfect scenery for an amazing wedding. Of course, the sunset over the ocean is also an option.

Catering and drinks available

We can even organize catering and drinks for you and your guests to enjoy onboard. Do you have any special requests? Would you like something special? Just let us know.

The best parties are boat parties

Let us know your music preferences and we will play the best music hits. Boat parties are extremely fun and unique.

We believe a boat party to celebrate your marriage is a great idea. Dancing aboard a catamaran, respecting social distance, what could you ask else for?

Interested in organizing your Covid-safe wedding in Portugal on a boat? Let us know everything about your requirements, and we will do everything to help you make this day memorable.

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