Ibiza has been the go-to party Island from as early as the 1970s. Party lovers and relaxation seekers alike have the time of their lives there, making treasured memories that last a lifetime. Despite the hype and the rose-tinted glass that people shine onto Ibiza as a holiday, there is a right and a wrong way to do Ibiza. If you are a first-timer, there are a lot of easy mistakes that can cost you your time and money. For that reason, we have compiled a list of the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind if you are planning to visit Ibiza this summer.

Do Visit Between May & October 

First things first, if you are hoping to make the most out of the beautiful climate that Ibiza has to offer, you should make sure that you are visiting between May and October. Between these dates is when the Ibiza season starts. It is especially important to visit within these dates if you hope to experience the clubbing and events that take place within the peak seasons, so make sure you book between these dates ahead of time!

Don’t Underestimate The Temperatures 

Most people underestimate the scoring heat that Ibiza has to offer. The combination of the heat and party lovers drinking excessively can quickly lead to heat stroke, so make sure you’re prepared to face the heat. This means bringing enough SPF with you, bringing a portable fan to get you through the day, and ensuring you are drinking more than 2 litres of water a day. The last thing you need is to be too worn out for the sun, preventing you from enjoying your time. Stay prepared and stay protected from the sun!

Do Check Out What Events Are On

This ‘do’ is for partygoers specifically. If you are planning to go to the party events that are taking place during your stay, make sure that you have everything planned out beforehand. Seeing what is going on before you get there gives you the best opportunity to do everything you want and avoid missing out on any tickets that are sold out, or excessively expensive. You can check out the lineup of the week you are going online for more insight. 

Don’t Just Stay In San Antonio

First-timers usually make the mistake of settling with San Antonio for their accommodation location. As much as San Antonio is a beautiful part of Ibiza with a lot to offer, there is more to Ibiza. Ibiza town has so much to offer with the old town being so close by to explore, as well as the majority of the party clubs. Choosing where you stay should be done wisely, and also keep in mind the areas that you will need to commute to. Being within walking distance will save you a lot of stress and cash!

Do Prepare For High Costs 

One thing that you should not be naive about when visiting Ibiza is the cost of everything there. Ibiza in the last 10 years has become extremely expensive, therefore you should expect to pay a pretty penny for necessities such as food and drinks. On average, you should have 100 euros per day if you are looking to have three meals a day, as well as have money for drinking and activities.

Don’t Show Up With No Money

Additionally, it is not recommended that you get your money exchanged once you are in Ibiza. It is best to plan for the worst-case scenario and plan ahead of time. People who show up without cash usually rely on the ATMs and use their cards for transactions, but there are still a lot of places that only take cash, in addition to the ATMs usually giving disadvantaged rates when exchanging currency, Get it before you arrive, and make sure you have enough money in cash as well as on your card.

Do Buy Your Club Tickets Before 

There are lots of different options when it comes to discussing when and where you buy tickets. Some Ibiza party professionals recommend buying your tickets when you are there, but in reality, the price of event tickets at the door is much higher than the price you pay online before being in Ibiza. Buy tickets to the vents you want to attend as early as possible to get the cheapest prices. You don’t want to plan the perfect festival outfit and find out that the event you are trying to get into is price hiked or not letting more people in!

Don’t Just Spend The Whole Time Partying

There is so much more to do in Ibiza than partying and eating. The island offers an abundant amount of sightseeing and activities. Ibiza hosts some authentic markets, aesthetic beaches, and also watersports activities for thrill seekers looking for adventure. There is so much to explore, so make sure you plan some time during your trip to do so.

Do Get Public Transport When Necessary 

Off the topic of everything being expensive, taxis in Ibiza are no exception. If you need to get across the island you should opt for public transport instead of breaking the bank to pay for taxis. The buses in Ibiza are very frequent, so when getting a bus from Ibiza town, you should expect to have a bus coming every 30 minutes. They are much more cost-effective, not to mention better for the environment!

Don’t Just Settle For Hotels 

If you are going to Ibiza in a big group, you should take advantage of the beautiful villas that Ibiza has to offer. As beautiful as the hotels are in Ibiza, you will likely get better value for your money getting a villa if you are in a group of 8 or more people. Not only will you have your privacy and space, but also if you want to save money on eating out you can have cooked meals at the villa before you go out on your adventures!

Overall, if you are one of the lucky people jetting off to Ibiza this year, you should keep in mind all of these tips that have come from the people who have made the mistakes themselves. Make sure you have enough money to get you through the holiday, save where possible, and overall have an amazing time!


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