Sailing Barcelona

By Bia, from the SeaBookings Customer Care team, who decided to take advantage of a visit to Barcelona for a concert to try something new! A sailing adventure from Barcelona to the vineyards!

Barcelona by bike, boat with wine with Bia! 

Barcelona is a vibrant and sizzling city where every corner is a new adventure waiting to unfold. Imagine spending a day on a tour where you combine the city, the sea and the mountain with a taste of wine, so  if you want to discover Barcelona from 3 different perspectives in a small group this tour is for you!

Will start your day at the harbor where you’ll be greeted from a kind guide tour. He will explain how your day is going to be and prepare you for the first part of the tour: a bike tour through the coast. Don’t worry if you are not very athletic like me, it’s an e-bike also known as electric bicycle, which means basically no effort, they will provide water, explain to you how the bike works, the route and a helmet.

Once everybody is ready for the tour, you go pedaling the coast, enjoying the best view of the crystal clear water. During the way you’ll have a few stops where the guide will tell you about the city and a longer stop to get some water.

After pedaling for about 1h30, you’ll arrive at your first destination: a vineyard at Alella! A family local wine producer, where you’ll have a tour on the property, they will explain a bit about the wine production, you’ll visit the plantations where the vines are planted and of course have a delicious wine tasting!

During the wine tasting you’ll try about 4 types of wine with some local snacks, like bread with tomato, cheese, and salami. It’s a lovely experience sharing a table with people from all over the word.

After enjoying some wine, delicious food, and having great conversations it is time to head for the next part of the tour, the harbor where we’ll get a sailing boat to get us back to the departure port. 

On board the captain will give you safety instructions, serve you more drinks and offer a board of charcuterie. After that is time for sailing, which means having one of the best experiences. Feeling the wind touching your skin is truly a magic moment. It’s about 1h30 sailing to the port, during the way the captain will make a stop for those who want to have a dive in the mediterranean water. 

Once you arrive at the port you’ll feel that you could do it all over again. This tour is not recommended for those who are looking for tourist attractions, instead it is for those who want to discover Barcelona from different perspectives. Having many experiences in one single day was amazing and I can say that was one of the best tours I’ve ever done

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