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Greece is a marvelous country where all myths and ancient places become a reality. This country is wealthy for its attractions, and warm greetings to tourists, and has much to offer them. Travelers come to Greece to admire stunning sunsets, sunbathe and swim in the warm sea, visit the holy Mount Athos, and see unique places of interest.

Let’s try to choose the most beautiful places which were described hundreds of times by the top writers from the writing service reviews All Top Reviews that really prove the charm of these attractions. These views will remain with you not only in photos and videos but also in unforgettable memories.

Greek Flag
Greece is a very good spot for epic photo content

Monasteries of Meteora

If you trust the local legend, the impregnable mountains of Thessaly were favored by monks long before the fifth century. Here they spent their time praying and leading a hermit’s life. In the high places, the faithful people spent long hours in prayer, trying to renounce the dark past and learn the true value of life.

The amazing image of cliffs soaring in the sky is complemented by huge monasteries made of stone reaching the clouds. It seems that the buildings are simply carved out of the rock itself. Can you imagine this view? And now add to the breathtaking picture fabulous sunrises and sunsets, you can watch there.

Cave Lake Melissani on Kefalonia

The enormous size of the cave makes you involuntarily think that you are on the doorstep of the underground kingdom of Hades, and the underground lake is nothing other than the Leta River, famous to many travelers from the myths.

This unique natural place is located on Kefalonia island, which is part of the Ionian Islands. If you loved to visit this place, it is not difficult to find the cave with the underground lake. Thousands of tourists come here to get more acquainted with the rich Greek country and culture.

Crystal water really impresses all the tourists, where you can see even the smallest details of the lake bottom. When you go sailing on the lake in a boat, you are literally floating in the air. The turquoise smooth surface gives away its presence only occasionally when the oars touch its surface.

Santorini Island

Santorini view
A visit to Santorini will give you a lot of post card content!

This island is fairly considered the most beautiful in the world. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine anything more beautiful than its snow-white houses descending to the sea of an incredibly clear azure color.

Even modern buildings are built in the traditional style, not to break the architectural ensemble of the area. Interestingly, all this beauty is built on the slopes of the volcano, which is supposed to be the island. In addition, this volcano is recognized to be active.

The most attractive place on Santorini is the small town Iya (Oya) in the northwestern part of the island. Its blue roofs and church dome decorate many pictures from Greece. Another place worth visiting on the island is Caldera, a volcanic crater under the seawater.

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos
When you think of Greek beaches, this beach pop’s up, right?

Navagio Beach is often portrayed in the brochures of tour operators and in articles of top writers from the writing services Trust My Paper, as an incredibly beautiful and attractive place. It is typically called the “beach of shipwrecks” because it is still a part of the Panagiotis, a shipwrecked smuggling vessel. 

It is interesting that you cannot reach Navagio beach by land. The beach is surrounded by sheer white sandstone cliffs. It’s a long and steep staircase that leads to the top, but it’s worth the climb—the view is amazing.

Mistras, Peloponnese

The “dead” city of Mistras, has been named after the Byzantine Pompeii. This peculiar and surprising city is located on the slope of Mount Taygetos with a magnificent view of the famous Laconic Valley. It is a fortress city of unique and ancient beauty. Elegant churches of the 14th–15th centuries with numerous frescoes are combined with the severity of medieval fortresses.

The half-destroyed palaces and narrow streets of the long-abandoned residential quarters create a special, and charming atmosphere. You will see a palace complex, a castle, and a number of splendid Byzantine churches with wall paintings of the 13th-14th centuries, the Pantanassa convent, where only a few nuns live, the burial vault, and the Cathedral of St. Demetrius of 1311, where the Mistrassa museum is located.

Samaria Gorge, Crete

The Samaria Gorge is located in the center of Crete’s national park. It is also one of the most important landmarks of Greece and Crete. Approximately 16 km long, the gorge was created by the flowing waters of a small river.

When visiting this wonderful place, you can observe many kinds of birds and flowers in addition to picturesque views. The most popular attraction is considered to be a very narrow part of the gorge, known as the Gate. The walls here rise up to 300 meters and have only 4 m of space between one another.

To sum up

Greece is the “cradle” of an ancient civilization where you can replenish your knowledge of the antique history of our world. This is a country with marvelous nature, numerous antiquities, and wealthy culture. Undoubtedly, the beauty of Greece will help you gain and keep the most colorful memories and photographs in your life.

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