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Crete, Greek’s most iconic isle, boasts a long list of enlightening sites for the summer and winter holidays. Equipped with the right guide to travel, you can tag along with your family to experience nature’s beauty at its best. From the nature hikes to the amusing winter temperatures, there’s no limit to the fun and recreation you can enjoy while on a tour guide visit of this island. Whether you want a perfect spot to hike or relax, you’ll get it all in a Crete guide tour experience. Find out more about what awaits you on your Crete tour in this ultimate Crete travel guide.

Best Crete Guide for Your Itinerary

As a wanderer, you can divide your time between exploring Crete beaches, Crete mountains, and the iconic Crete ruins on your guide tour of this island. While Crete is famously known for its beaches, there’s no doubt you’ll need additional time also to enjoy the other Crete highlights, including its historical monuments. Your perfect Crete guide should also include a tour to the agricultural Vamos, where you’ll get a rare chance to taste the Greek wine!

A Crete mainland guide tour is also a worthy addition to your itinerary while on this island. You can add a visit to top destinations such as Santorini and Mykonos on your extensive guide tour. Visiting Acropolis and the Parthenon will also let you learn more about the Crete population, the great Greek mythology, and the antique rites of the Eleusinian Mysteries. You can also find time for a tour guide visit to the Athens Riviera and relax by the sea.

Staying in Crete

There are many places offering luxury living on the island. The ancient town of Chania is one of the first places you should consider for your stay while in Crete for the first time.  Heraklion also offers another option for places to stay, thanks to its location that makes it ideal for sightseeing. You can as well opt for a brief sojourn in the old guesthouses of Vamos about 30 minutes from Chania.

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The ancient town of Chania is a nice place to stay

Getting to Crete

Getting to Crete should be one of your least worries when planning a tour guide to travel to this iconic isle. The island has two international airports with direct flights from the United Kingdom. The two airports of Chania and Heraklion allow you to travel to Crete with stopovers in the Greek capital of Athens. If you are traveling from the USA or any North American country, you should also expect a stopover in the UK. 

Where and When to Go for a Crete Guide Tour

The best thing about Crete is that its temperatures remain pleasant all year round. This means it’s the place you want to visit during the winters while in Europe. The island’s weather is perfect for hiking as sea temperatures typically begin to rise in late April and May. During July and August, Crete is usually crowded, making it a less perfect time for an enjoyable guide tour.

When on a Crete guide tour, you’ll also never run short of places to visit. This Greek island is characterized by various top places and striking landscapes that will leave you amused. Some of the most iconic top Crete Destinations you can go for a tour guide visit on the island include:

The Crete Beaches

The summer beaches are among the iconic landmarks on this island. Your Crete guide on touring these beaches should begin with a visit to the Balos beach. The beach lies in the northern tip of Crete, 35 miles northwest of Chania. The Balos beach connects the two islands of Tigani and Gramvousa. While at this beach, you’ll get to enjoy the Crete climate that makes it quite an ideal place for a summer guide vacation.

Don’t skip a visit to the southwest of Chania on your Crete guide tour. Here, you’ll find the Elafonissi beach, famed for its pink sands running out to the waters. At this beach, windsurfers are actively zipping across the water. On its south side, the waters are well sheltered and ideal for scuba diving. There are also umbrellas, volleyball nets, and a lighthouse on the crest of the tiny island connecting this beach to the mainland. 

beach and sea
Enjoy some of the most stunning beaches

The Heraklion Museum

Heraklion Museum is one of the most iconic museums in Greek history. This makes perfect sense why it shouldn’t miss on your Crete guide tour. This ultramodern Archaeological Museum offers you more insights into the island’s ancient history. You’ll also find full-sized sculptures and tombs in this museum.


Omitting Knossos from your Crete guide tour won’t be a good idea, especially if you are new in Greece. Knossos is deemed as the Greek center of Minoan civilization. The city is home to the mythical King Minos and is also considered the first-ever city in Europe. If you want to explore Knossos better, you’ll need an expert guide that can show you all the hidden gems.

Final Thought

Crete offers you the best guide tour experience in Greece. With all-year-round weather and a wealth of natural beauty, you’ll find a Crete guide tour experience more exciting than you expected.

What are your best ideas for the things to do while on a tour guide vacation in Crete? Please leave us your comments below.

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