Activities in the Algarve - Easter holidays

Tips for your Easter holidays in the Algarve

Tips for your Algarve Easter holidays

It’s almost Easter! Are you lucky to have booked your Easter holidays in the Algarve, the South of Portugal? Cool!

We’ll share some tips on the best activities during this time of the year. Most activities and things to do in the Algarve depend on the weather and ocean conditions.

The good news is that temperatures have been ranging between 10 and 18ºC. January and February normally are quite rainy months, but between rain sunny days can defenitly be enjoyed.

Today was a sunny day, but you never know what to expect from tomorrow. Given the volatility of the rain, we recommend you to be prepared for both.

Bring some outfits for sunny spring weather but also for rainy days. Spring,  considering March & April as rainy months, and May, the first extreme sunny days can be enjoyed.

The Algarve is mostly visited to enjoy nature and specifically the ocean. In fact, the south of Portugal has stunning beaches and an impressive coastline. That’s why most of the activities are related to the ocean.

On easter sunday, some families just prefer to enjoy family holidays in a region with many things to do.  Outdoor activities, boat tours, watersports, day tours, and a lot of others.

We’ve seen a trend over the years and realized that boat tours, either to the caves or the dolphins, are the most popular activities during your Algarve Easter holidays.

Tips for your Easter holidays in the Algarve

The best things to do in Easter in Lagos are:

Dolphin watching

Dolphin watching in Lagos is, with no doubt, one of the most popular activities in the Algarve.

Out of all boat tours and water sports, the dolphin watching boat tours are the favourite under families. Kids love dolphins and adults get emotional on seeing these mammals in their natural habitat.

Most dolphin watching tours take about 90min and depart from the Marina of Lagos. There are several kind of boats that do these tours, from big stable ones to speedy and agile rigid inflatable boats. Choosing the type of boat is a matter of personal preference.

The dolphin watching tours from Lagos are suitable for all ages, from two-years-old to 80-years-old. We even went on a tour on a rigid inflatable boat with our 80 years old granddad once.

If you’ve got back or neck problems, then you might want to check the ocean conditions before and choose the boat accordingly.

observação de golfinhos de Lagos

Dolphin watching tours are a true adventure. The dolphins are wild animals and as they are not fed, you never know when and if you’ll find them.

Dolphins and other marine life are spotted on about 90% of the tours, so the chance is very high. Yet, please bear in mind that seeing marine life is not given.

Dolphin watching tours are very safe and life-vests are mandatory.

Cave boat tours

The whole coastline of the Algarve is known for its amazing rock formations and marine caves.

The regions of Lagos and Benagil are particularly known for their unique beauty. To be able to enjoy the beauty of the coastline, boat tours are very popular.

grotten boot trip lagos, Grotto boat trip from Lagos, Passeio as grutas da ponta da Piedade,

Many families and groups of friends choose the grotto tours as the outdoor activity of their Easter holidays in the Algarve.

Among all activities in the Algarve, the cave tours are mostly sought by families and elder people as the tours are very calm.

These boat trips are ideal for nature lovers and people who like to take pictures. The rock formations and grotões are very photogenic!

The cave boat tours can be one to two hours and there are also several different types of vessels you can choose from.

Some days the boats cannot go out because of the ocean conditions, but fortunately, this is rare. Cave tours in Lagos are very safe and life-vests are mandatory.

Benagil cave boat tour

Benagil is one of the most impressive marine caves of Portugal and even Europe. The best way to observe this impressive cave is by boat.

That’s why the boat tours to the cave of Benagil are a very popular activity for Easter holidays in the Algarve.

Again, there are several types of vessels and even different locations of departure. While some boat tours to Benagil start at the fishermen beach called Carvoeiro, others start in Armação de Pêra.

We are specialized in Benagil boat tours, and offer over 30 tours to this cave.

Lagos Benagil SeaBookings (3)

Cave and dolphin boat tour in Albufeira

If you’re staying near Albufeira, you’re lucky because you can go on the cave and dolphin boat tour.

This tour combines the best out of the activities in the Algarve described above. This is one of the most popular things to do during any holiday in this region.

This tour will show you the beauty of the rock formations and caves of the coastline in the region of Albufeira and also take you on a dolphin watching adventure.

This boat tour departs from the Marina of Albufeira and there are two different types of vessels.

Cave & dolphin watching albufeira - Albufeira dolphin watching - Dreamwave

If any of these boat tours sound good to you and you’d like to include them into your plans for your Easter holidays in the Algarve, we recommend you to book as soon as possible. We also recommend to book your flights and hotel or villas in the Algarve on time to benefit from the best prices!

During the holiday season, some boat tours, like these that are the most popular ones, may get fully booked. So, book now and avoid disappointment and waiting lines.

If you’re looking for more or other tips for your Algarve holiday, let us know. We’d be happy to help! Happy Easter and enjoy the region!

Trip to the Algarve by João Coelho

Travel tips for your trip to the Algarve

The Algarve has been one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe for decades now. And it is becoming more popular year by year! No surprise, because in the Algarve you find long, white sandy beaches, cute and authentic villages, great food, friendly people and breathtaking sceneries! We want to make sure you get the most out of your trip to the Algarve!

Since part of our team from SeaBookings lives or comes from the Algarve, we have a special connection to this beautiful part of Portugal. That’s why we think we can help you with interesting travel tips for your trip to the Algarve!

Bootstour nach Ponta da Piedade

Stunning Ponta da Piedade in Lagos (by João Coelho)

First of all, the best way to discover the Algarve during your short trip to the Algarve is definitely with a rental car! With a car, you can not only explore all the attractions of the Algarve but also drive through all the authentic and cute villages along the coast and in the countryside.

There are some places in the Algarve that are most definitely worth a visit because they are just so beautiful! The Caves of Benagil are one of those places. Benagil is famous worldwide because of the unique and impressive grottos that you can visit by boat, kayak or SUP. You probably have never seen such natural beauty before!

Benagil Tour von Portimão How to get from Lisbon to Benagil Bootstour nach Benagil von Lagos

Benagil is one of the most impressive caves of Europe

A village you shouldn’t miss on your trip to the Algarve is Carvoeiro. The fishermen town has become a very popular place to visit in the Algarve. From Carvoeiro, you can even go straight to the Benagil caves, as it’s very close to each other!

Benagil cave

Deaprt from the charming town of Cavoeiro to the Benagil cave

Most tourists just visit the central part of the Algarve, around Albufeira, Carvoeiro and Portimão. However, the Western part of the Algarve is just as beautiful and still less crowded. The further west you drive, you will find wilder landscapes and emptier beaches.

Ponta da Piedade in Lagos is almost too good to be true. If you visit these impressive caves and grottos by boat, SUP or Kayak, you will be amazed by the fascinating rock formations that were formed by the power of nature. Lagos is also a beautiful place to visit during your trip to the Algarve. The cute village with its cobbled streets and colorful houses really represents the typical Algarvian charm.

SUP Tour in Lagos

Join a SUP tour in Lagos and breathe nature!

For sporty people who plan a trip to the Algarve, there are several hiking options. For one, you have the famous Via Algarviana, a trail that will take you across the most beautiful corners of the entire Algarve! You can choose to do only bit and pieces of that 300km long track and discover the Algarve by foot!

In the Algarve. there are even mountains for hiking lovers

In the Algarve. there are even mountains for hiking lovers

In Monchique, you can also see a whole different side of the region during your trip to the Algarve! Here you can also go for beautiful hikes in the forest and even discover the famous Caldas de Monchique, waterfalls in the middle of nature! After a hike, you can relax in the amazing Thermal Spas of Monchique.

Typical oysters from Culatra Island

Typical oysters from Culatra Island

Food is of course also an important part of your trip to the Algarve. Due to the location, awesome seafood is a given! Typical Algarvian seafood dishes are for example Cataplana and Massa de Peixe. If you like seafood, you will love the Algarve!

Whatever you decide to do during your trip to the Algarve, we promise you will love this part of Portugal! Sunshine and a lot of fun are guaranteed!

The amazing cover picture is taken by João Coelho. Many thanks!