Holidays in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is one of our holiday destinations where you can enjoy the pleasant temperatures of the sun all year round. It’s with a good reason that this island (even as Tenerife and the other Canarian Islands) are called the islands with the endless spring. Gran Canaria is a magical volcanic island a great destination to spend your holidays! Therefore, we will give you some tips on what to do during your holidays in Gran Canaria.

Because there are so many different landscapes on the island, Gran Canaria is also called “continente en miniatura”, or continent in miniature. From the picturesque coastal towns and sandy beaches (or playas, as the Spaniards say), to alien moon landscapes and an incredible variety of views: these are just a few of the many characteristics associated with the Spanish island of Gran Canaria.

Cute towns in Gran Canaria by Krisztian Tabori
Visiting some cute towns are a must during your holidays in Gran Canaria by Krisztian Tabori

If you want to have a relaxed beach holiday or if you would like to have a more active holiday filled with water sports activities, holidays in Gran Canaria is a must!

  1.    Language and currency

On the Canaries, Spanish is the official language. Not everybody speaks English but in the more touristic places, you’ll find a lot of English speakers. The local currency is the Euro, like in Spain mainland. At most places, you can pay by card and you’ll also find a lot of ATMs (Telebancos) around the island.

  1.    Sightseeing during your holidays in Gran Canaria

  • Discover the capital city of Gran Canaria: Las Palmas

The capital city of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas was established in 1478 and you will find numerous historical and cultural attractions to admire. An absolute must do is a walking tour in the old town of Las Palmas; in particular through the oldest part of the city, Vegueta and Triana. The Vegueta district is easily accessible from the harbor (just 40 minutes by bus line 1). Here you will find impressive churches, interesting museums and small idyllic parks.

Vegueta by Dariusz Rozwadowski
Vegueta by Dariusz Rozwadowski
  • Day trip to Mogán

Did you know that the village Mogán has a microclimate recognized by UNESCO as one of the healthiest in the world? But this is not the only reason why you should visit this place. The village is particularly known for the picturesque town of Puerto de Mogán, also known as the “Venice of Gran Canaria“. Those who wander through the beautiful streets of Puerto de Mogán will see lovely restored cottages, romantic little bridges over the canals and small cafes and restaurants right at the marina.

Mógan by Mondbasis Alpha
Mogán by Mondbasis Alpha

A nice activity to do with your friends and/or family is a private boat trip departing from Puerto de Mogán. On this boat trip in Gran Canaria, a local and experienced skipper will take you out to search for whales and dolphins. He is more than happy to tell you everything about the beautiful island Gran Canaria. On board, you can enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch. Sounds good, right?

dolphin watching in Gran Canaria
Some species come real close!
  1.    Beautiful beaches in Gran Canaria

There are a lot of beaches in Gran Canaria! Did you know that in total they have a length of 60 km?

  • Playa de Puerto Rico

Playa de Puerto Rico is a beach in the South East of Gran Canaria. The golden sandy beach attracts lots of people and it is a perfect beach to go to with your family for a day. Water sports fans have a great choice here, ranging from kayak rentals and jet skiing, to go snorkeling or diving. It is also possible to search for whales and dolphins on a boat trip!

Playa de Puerto Rico by Classic Collection Holidays
Playa de Puerto Rico by Classic Collection Holidays
  • Playa del Inglés

At Playa del Inglés, nice beach weather is guaranteed! Almost all year around you can find the best temperatures at this beach because of its location (South West of the island). Besides a pretty beach, you can also find some nice pubs, bars and clubs. For the nightlife in Gran Canaria, Playa del Inglés is also a very good location! However, it is not only a party beach. Whether you are a family with children, an active water sports enthusiast or a real night owl; every tourist will find a suitable activity appropriate to her or his type of holiday.

  • Maspalomas

Maspalomas is not only famous because of the enchanting dune landscape and beautiful climate, but especially because of the 55-meter-high lighthouse, which was lit for the first time in 1890. If you walk from the lighthouse to the dunes you reach the Cape Punta de Maspalomas. This is the place where Playa del Inglés starts, even though it is actually the same beach. You can walk from one point to the other in order to have a nice walk and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Gran Canaria.

Dunas de Maspalomas by Juan Francisco
Dunas de Maspalomas by Juan Francisco
  1.     What to eat in Gran Canaria

The cuisine of this Canary Island combines traditional Spanish recipes with African and Latin American dishes. The most popular starters are – how could it be otherwise – tapas! in all kinds of variations, usually accompanied by a good glass of wine or a refreshing beer. As the main course you can of course count on the classic paella, but many other fresh fish dishes are to be expected. The cuisine in the Canary Islands is generally characterized by lots of vegetables, fruit and fish. If you like fish, you love the kitchen on Gran Canaria.

Delicious Paella by Holidayguru
Delicious Paella by Holidayguru

In a nutshell, holidays in Gran Canaria are a great option if you’re looking for a safe place near mainland Europe and a pleasant climate all year round.

(Cover photo by Melisa Popanicic on Unsplash)

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