Luxury Catamaran Charter for Groups in Palma

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Are you ready for a Luxury Catamaran Charter for Groups in Palma?

This luxury catamaran is the perfect way to enjoy Palma de Mallorca with your group. With its spacious and modern design, it was built with groups in mind. Every detail has been taken care of, from the private spaces with tables and seats to the beautiful teak deck. The double BBQ makes it easy to prepare meat and fish simultaneously, and the bathing stairs at the bow and stern provide easy access to the water. The tour starts from Muelle de Golondrinas.

The catamaran's custom-made black sails give it a finishing touch of elegance. The teak deck is of a single level, giving it more amplitude, and the shaded area under the design awning is the perfect spot to relax with a drink. The solarium area at the bow is a great place to soak up the sun.

On board this Luxury Catamaran, you will find a plancha where the crew can prepare barbecues directly in front of you. Paddle surf and snorkel masks are included free of charge, giving you the opportunity to explore the crystal-clear waters of Palma.

This luxury catamaran can accommodate up to 84 people, with a crew of three persons. There are one male and one female bathroom on board, and the catamaran has two bathing ladders at stern and one at the bow. The fresh water shower at the bow and stern will ensure you stay clean and refreshed throughout the trip.

Catering and beverages will need to be paid at the latest 15 days before the embarkation date, and it is not allowed to bring food or drinks on board the catamaran. In case of adverse weather conditions, the operator will refund the total amount paid with no cancellation fees.

To ensure high-quality service for this Luxury Catamaran Charter in Palma, groups of 38 people or more will require a fourth crew member, and groups of 50 people or more will need to hire a fifth crew member. If you contract additional water activities, it will also be mandatory to hire an additional crew member. The cost will be €100 for a half-day boat tour and €150 for a full-day cruise. Also, please make sure to wear shoes with no black sole or high heels.

Our rates for 2024:

Half day charter (5 hours)

10:00h – 15:00h | 15:30h – 20:30h  | 16:00h – 21:00h 
  • 22nd March to 25th April and 14th Oct to 01st Nov - 1890€
  • 26th April to 31st May and 01st Oct to 13th Oct - 2390€
  • 01st June to 30th June and 16th Sept to 30th Sept - 2790€
  • 01st July to 15th Sept - 3390€

Full day charter (7 hours)

10:00h – 17:00h 
  • 22nd March to 25th April and 14th Oct to 01st Nov - 2590€ 
  • 26th April to 31st May and 01st Oct to 13th Oct - 3490€
  • 01st June to 30th June and 16th Sept to 30th Sept - 4390€
  • 01st July to 15th Sept - 5390€

For bookings during weekend days (Saturdays and Sundays), there is an extra cost:
22nd March to 25th April and 14th Oct to 01st Nov and 26th April to 31st May and 01st Oct to 13th Oct - 100€ extra
01st June to 30th June and 16th Sept to 30th Sept and 01st July to 15th Sept - 200€ extra 

There are many catering options for this catamaran in Mallorca, please find here only some. If you are interested in other food or drinks, send us an email and we will send you all available options:
  • Tapas Appetizer (trays with a content of 10 units):  
    • Mini pastrami bikini tray (brioche bread, emental cheese, pastrami and pickle sauce). Price: 29,90€ 
    • Farinatas (chickpea flour pizza-style dough, gluten-free): Serrano ham: with straccino, cherries and dressing. Price: 29,90€ |  Vegetable: with stracciatella, dried tomato, rocket, and dressing. Price: 25,90€  |  Vegan: with vegan cream cheese, avocado, kimchi sauce and carrot. Price: 19,90€  
    • Tray of mini croissants: Turkey and cheese: mini croissants with cheesen and turkey. Price: 25,90€ |  Vegan: mini croissants with vegan cheese, roasted pepper jam, corn and arugula. Price: 27,90€ 
    • Zambusec (filo dough, ricotta, cheese, sofrito and egg). Price: 22,90€ 
    • Brie and blueberry jam caramelitos (brie cheese, blueberry jam, sliced almonds, filo dough). Price: 22,90€ 
    • Puritos (filo dough, cremette, blue cheese, basil, mango, sesame and honey). Price: 25,90€ 
    • Mini ensaimadas (mini enseimada, pepper jam, sobrasada). Price: 24,90€ 
    • Mini gofree with crispy chicken (mini gofree, crispy chicken, coleslaw, sauce). Price: 39,90€
    • Iberian Pork rib tacos with Korean BBQ (pork rib, BBQ sauce, vegetables, corn tortilla). Price: 54,90€
    • Mini rock and roll with lobster (rock and roll roll, lobster, herb butter). Price: 54,90€ 
    • Tray of hummus, served with crudités and crackers. Price: 46,90€ 
    • Tray of seasonal cut fruit (2 kg approx.). Price: 49,90€ 
    • Mediterranean Breakfast (minimum 10 pax) (Infusions / coffee, Milk - Juice, Varied breads, Cold cuts and cheeses, Mini pastry,  Butter, jam and honey, Tomatoes, Yogurth, Muesli, Olive oil and salt, Fruit) - price per person 22,90€
    • Oasis Tapas Appetizer (minimum 10 pax) (Mini cocarroi, Mini empanada, Iberian serrano flower, Mini fuet, Mahon cheese, Ali oli, Tortilla, Mini enseimada with sobrasada and pepper jam, Llonguet,  Tomato, Oil and salt) -price per person 28,90€ 
    • Cheese platter (minimum 10 pax) (Mahon cheese, Mini Bavaria blue, Patros cheese, Pesto Gouda, Honey, Grapes, Nuts, Bread, Oil and salt) price per person 15,90€
    • Cold meats and cheese appetizer served in a glass (minimum 10 pax) (Mahon cheese, Manchego cheese, Chorizo, Salchichón, York ham, Serrano ham, Flautín rustic, Tomato, Oil and salt) price per person 15,90€

    • BBQ I - MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE :  Mediterranean focaccia with mortadella from Bologna, tomato monterrosso and stracciatella, White fish in banana leaf, cooked on the grill on board, Freshly grilled chicken or sirloin steak, Horiatiki salad (tomato, pepper, black olives, onion, cucumber and feta cheese), Patato salad (Mallorcan potato, creme fraîche and aromatic herbs), Bread, Yoghurt dessert with fruit and almonds, Fruit. With chicken - price per person 36,90€ | With sirloin steak price per person 48,90€
    • BBQ II -   WINDOW TO AMERICA :  Chips, Mini hot dog, with rock and roll bun and onion topping (2 per person), Chicken breast made cooked on the grill on board, with Mallorcan island sauce (ketchup, mayonnaise, worcerstershin sauce, tabasco, spring onion, EVOO, fennel, vinegar, mustard, lemon juice, salt and pepper), Or grilled sirloin steak with herb butter, Grilled corn with chimichurri sauce, Coleslaw salad (red cabbage, carrots, sultanas and pink salads), Arugula salad (arugula, seasonal fruit, panela cheese, Brazil nuts and dressing), Mojito sponge cake, Bread and fruit. With chicken - price per person 30,90€ | With sirloin steak price per person  44,90€ 
    • BBQ III -  SILK ROUTE :  Tuna Tartar (with mango, avocado, chives, green masago, kale and Sardinian bread), Oasis Octopus (with sweet potato, potato, pepper sauce, mayonnaise, avocado, coriander, paprika, aove and salt flakes), Salmon in 2 textures made on the grill on board (served with parmesan, chilly, lime, mini cobs and echalottes), Bean salad (with beans, onion, cherry tomato, coriander, feta cheese and ponzu sauce), Oriental salad (Chinese cabbage, corn, carrot and smoked aubergine in vinaigrette), Cheescake (with yuzu, white chocolate, coconut and lime), Bread and fruit. Price per person 59,90€ 
    • BBQ IV -  VERDEMAR :  Vegan Farinata, Grilled vegan chicken with ponzu sauce, Grilled vegan skewer, Grilled corn, 2 Salads according to group, Vegan sponge cake, Fruit. Price per person 30,90€ 
    • BBQ V -  MINI OASIS :  Mini hot dog (2 pieces), Chicken and potato skewer, Bread, Dessert according to group. Price per person 14,90€

    • You can also add drinks packages for an Open Bar:
    • DRINKS PACKAGE 1: Includes soft drinks and water (sparkling and still). Price per person half day:  20,90€, Price per person full day:  25,90€
      DRINKS PACKAGE 2: Includes soft drinks, water (sparkling and still), wine and beer, and  also a welcome glass of cava. Price per person half day:  30,90€, Price per person full day:  40,90€ (*only available in combination with a food option)

What are you waiting for? Join us now for this luxurious catamaran charter in Palma and create unforgettable memories with your group in Mallorca.



  • Desfrutem da vista sobre a costa de uma perspetiva única;

  • A nossa equipa é dinâmica, jovem e qualificada, garantindo uma experiência inesquecível;

  • Esta experiência dá acesso a áreas exclusivas longe das zonas mais turísticas;

  • Barco grande e espaçoso, conhecido pela sua segurança e conforto;

Não esquecer

  • Todas as experiências marítimas estão sujeitas às condições meteorológicas e marítimas. Em caso de más condições, entraremos em contato para reagendar ou fazemos um reembolso;

  • Informações do operador como o número de telefone e morada completa constam no e-mail de confirmação;

  • Recomendamos trazer protetor solar, fato de banho, uma toalha e chapéu;

  • Recomendamos trazer máquina fotográfica para tirar fotos deslumbrantes;

O que está incluído

  • Let your private skipper take you to the most amazing secret spots in the area;

  • Perfect activity for your group of friends or family to celebrate special occasions;

  • Se estiver calor, podem dar um mergulho no mar refrescante;

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