Give experiences this Christmas

They say it’s science: giving experiences instead of toys boosts your kid’s intelligence and happiness. So, let’s give experiences this Christmas. This holiday season, let’s boost happiness. 

In fact, this happiness isn’t measured by the number of presents under the tree. Studies have found that giving your kid too many toys can result in the opposite of the desired effect as too many toys can be distracting and overwhelming to children, leading them to lose the concentration needed to learn from those toys. 

Enjoying the sea together, a great idea if you’d like to give experiences this Christmas

So, dear parents, aunties, grandparents, relax. There’s no need to stress about getting the little ones everything on their wishlist. Spending time with them is far more valuable. Gratitude increases when experiences are given instead of objects. Many studies over many decades show that happiness is derived from experiences, not things. To find out more about this interesting topic, feel free to read the full article about the benefits of giving experiences here

We’d like to help you giving experiences that involve spending time together instead of gifting toys. Let’s focus on making memories. What do you think about SeaBookings Christmas gift certificates? These certificates can be used to book any of the hundreds of things to do on Seabookings in Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy and Dubai. Just send us an email with your SeaBookings Christmas gift certificate request!

Boat tours are great if your kids love the sea!

And as we also like to give happiness for Christmas, SeaBookings will top your Christmas gift certificate with an additional 5%.

We will top your Christmas gift certificate with an additional 5%! Imagine you buy a €100 SeaBookings Christmas gift certificate to your sister and she’d like to use it for a boat tour with your kids that’s worth €120. Then, she would only have to pay an additional €14 (120-5%-100=14).

What experiences can you get with a SeaBookings Christmas gift certificate?

SeaBookings Christmas gift certificates are 100% flexible. You can use the certificates to buy any of the more than 700 sea experiences on Here are some of our favorite examples of the experiences for families where you can use your SeaBookings Christmas gift certificates:

Sailing in Sardina

Full-day sailing in Sardinia – Italy

The sailing yacht has space for up to 12 people, so feel free to bring your best friends and/or the whole family to enjoy some unforgettable moments together. The size of the boat also means that it will be a small group and a more intimate experience.

Watersports for all ages

The best watersports in Ibiza – Spain

Are you planning holidays in Ibiza and looking for something cool and fun to do? This experience is perfect for adrenaline junkies! You will get the opportunity to try 10 different watersport activities! Who’s the bravest member of the family?

Sailing trip in Barcelona

Sailing trip in Barcelona – Spain

On this sailing trip you will set sail to a place where you can swim in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea! The kids will be having fun with our inflatable water toys. Sounds like some proper quality time?

Cruise on “Leãozinho”, the pirate ship

BBQ Cruise from Albufeira to Benagil – Portugal

This BBQ boat tour, on the pirate boat Leãozinho (little lion), will most likely be the highlight of your holidays in the Algarve.  The boat tour is a lot of fun for families and groups of friends. Enjoy the most beautiful and hidden spots on the coast of the Algarve and observe the magnificent rock formations from a different point of view. You’ll all be amazed by the impressive marine cave of Benagil, it’s magnificent! On an isolated beach, the friendly crew will serve you a typical Portuguese BBQ lunch.

Kids (and not only) love watching these magical creatures in wild

Dolphin watching in Lisbon – Portugal

If your kids like adventure and you’re visiting Lisbon soon, join this expedition to go out to the ocean in search of wild dolphins in Lisbon. The skipper is also a Marine Biologist, so you can truly learn about these magical cetacean species and seabirds in the middle of the Atlantic.

Kids can dive on these special kids diving experiences

Kids diving in Crete – Greece

Are your children water-lovers and fascinated by the underwater world? Then we might have just the right experience: this safe and fun kids diving in Crete, specially designed for children between 8-10 years who would love to try out scuba diving in a safe and fun environment.

Do the SeaBookings Gift Certificates sound like the ideal present for under the Christmas tree this year? Email us at [email protected] and find out more here.

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