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Tips for your holidays in Brazil

Brazil is such a versatile country, thanks to its large space and different climates. If you visit the North of Brazil you will get a completely different perspective of the country than in the far south of Brazil. In the Northern states, you have a lot more tropical climate, the rainforest and a more caribbean feeling. In the southern states of Brazil, there is good surf, the winters are actually quite cold and even the Brazilians look a lot more European. So if you’re planning a trip to Brazil, if you have the chance you should definitely visit a few different areas around the country!

Rio de Janeiro is probably the most famous destination for a holiday in Brazil, and it definitely is a Must-Visit during your stay! But make sure to also visit some other spots, like Jericoacoara which is one of THE kitesurf mekkas for people all over the world. Or take a flight to the south and visit Florianópolis and the beautiful Praia do Rosa, where you can also do some amazing surfing! 

Popular destinations for the best watersports and boat tours in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a perfect place to spend some time, whether you’re travelling solo or with family and friends. There are some great activities in Rio de Janeiro like helicopter rides around the Christ statue, going up the sugarloaf and of course some beautiful boat tours.

Did you know that there are many amazing places to visit around Rio de Janeiro, that you can visit by boat? Why not do a tour to Lagoa de Marapendi and see some crocodiles, or visit Búzios by boat? Exploring the area by boat is a great way to get to know the region and have a relaxing time on board at the same time!

Language and Currency in Brazil

In Brazil, the official language spoken is the (brazilian) Portuguese. For those who speak a little bit of Spanish, it might be easy to read Portuguese, but spoken Portuguese can be hard to understand. But with some creativity and good will, spanish-speaking tourists should also be able to get some basic information. In the most important tourist destinations people also speak some English, but if you go to places less touristy, it’s not so common. 

The national currency in Brazil is the Brazilian Real. The exchange rate with € is usually around 1-4 or 1-6 (for 1€ you get between 4-6 Real, depending on the current exchange rate). For exchange, you can use the most common exchange places in Airports, Train Stations or similar, or simply withdraw money at the ATMs.

Getting around in Brazil

Brazil is such a huge country, that the safest and fastest way to really get around between the different states is by flights. There are airports in every big city of the different states, and a lot of flights. Flights can also be bought rather cheap if you book in advance, and are usually also very reliable. 

If you want some adventure, there are also cross-state busses. However, this can be rather tricky and you usually drive a lot of hours due to the big distances. You can book the busses at the local bus terminals, and they are quite inexpensive. 

In the big cities, taxi apps like Uber are very common and widespread. They work very well, so you can use it during any time of day and any day in the week. Metros are also quite well organized in the big cities and very easy to use. 

Whatever you decide to do during your trip to Brazil, we promise you will love this unforgettable country that has so much to offer. Pristine beaches, exciting wildlife and boat trips are guaranteed! For any further tips or questions, feel free to contact us anytime.