Ever heard about Sagres? Sagres is known as “the end of the world”. In fact, Sagres is most Southwestern point of mainland Europe, located in the Algarve, Portugal.

Me and my sister Femke got to know this magical place when we were two young girls looking to explore the best waves while surfing. More than fifteen years after having met this cool surfer town for the first time, we share our personal tips about the best things to do in Sagres.

In this blog post we’ll share our personal tips to enjoy the area to the fullest. We’ll tell you what are the best things to do in Sagres and where and how to do them.

We will also share our favorite spots to eat and drink and also about where to stay.

What to do in Sagres?

Surfing in Sagres

Me and my sister were 10 and 12 years old when we started surfing. Actually, we started surfing in Sagres. We used to grab a surf van from Lagos and look out for the best waves of the South Eastern point of the Algarve.

Many times we ended up in the region of Sagre as it has several beaches with different orientations to have suitable waves for all levels. This unique location and perfect waves all year round make surfing in Sagres one of the most sought for activities in Sagres.

Wave sensations – Surf lessons in Sagres – The best things to do in Sagres

So, when in Sagres, a surfing lesson is a must. We recommend a full day surf lesson. This surf lesson is suitable if it’s your first time and also if you’ve surfed before and want to improve your basics.

In this stage you’ll be surfing broken waves. Broken waves are the most suitable way to learn and to reach the necessary confidence for the next level. We’re sure this is the ideal surf lesson to gain experience riding the waves as we’ve done it ourselves!

SUP in Sagres

Stand-up Paddle is becoming more and more popular. SUP can be done by all ages and does not require any previous experience and is easy to learn. Sagres is a true paradise to explore this sport, that’s why SUP is one of the most popular activities.

coastline algarve SUP
SUP in Sagres – The best things to do in Sagres

SUP is a unique way to explore the hidden coastline of southwest Algarve. To make the most out of your SUP experience, we recommend a tour with our friend Nelson. Nelson knows the coast of the Algarve like no other, allowing you to discover places you would never see on a boat tour.

Back in the days, Nelson was one of our surf instructors teaching us how to surf in Sagres, and is now SUP guide, among other amazing activities to explore the coast, like Coasteering.

Boat tours in Sagres

There are several boat tours. They’re surely all worth it, depending on your taste. This romantic sunset boat tour is one of our favorite boat tours. The sunset is a special moment of the day where the skies become even more magical.

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During the Summer, you can enjoy this sunset on a romantic boat trip. On this tour in Sagres, you’ll be offered a delicious traditional Portuguese snack, a glass of the world famous green wine and a non-alcoholic beverage to round off this inspiring experience.

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Dolphin watching in Sagres

Sagres may be worldwide known for surfing, but did you know this is also home to several species of dolphins? Dolphin watching in Sagres is the ideal experience for travelers with children. The encounters with wild dolphins in the middle of the Atlantic are very inspiring experiences.

Dolphin watching from Sagres - boat trips Algarve
Dolphin watching from Sagres – boat trips Algarve

On these dolphin watching trips, we deal with wild animals. As such, you’ll not be guaranteed you’ll actually find them.

The good news is that the experienced boat crew finds dolphins on almost every trip. Several species can be found, from common dolphins to Minke Whales and at times even Orcas, Hammerhead sharks and Blue sharks.

On this dolphin watching trip in Sagres, a marine expert will be on board to tell you all the secrets about the animals.

Even if you have the tough luck to not find any mammals, the trip is definitely worth it thanks to its adventurous spirit and incredible sights over the coastline and caves.

This dolphin watching tour from Sagres is a must-do activity in Sagres and will make your holiday in the Algarve unforgettable!

Diving in Sagres

Sagres is one of the best scuba diving sites in Europe. Even if you do not have a diving certificate, you can try it! This diving experience will allow you to explore the wonderful and mysterious underwater world without having to go through an intense and prolonged training.

With this diving school that we know personally, you can try scuba diving with all the safety and autonomy like a certified diver in just half a day.

discover diving sagres
discover diving sagres

Being a beginner, for your comfort and safety, the diving session will be done from a beach (instead of from a boat, which requires more experience) with a vast underwater flora and fauna, so you can enjoy this adventure.

If you’re a more experienced scuba diver, there are great options to. Wreck diving in Sagres, for example, is one of the most popular things to do in Sagres for divers.

Birdwatching in Sagres

During the months of September and October, Sagres usually hosts a Bird Watching Festival. This festival is a great event for bird watching lovers. Honestly, we’re not bird watching fans ourselves, but we’ve had great feedback about the bird watching possibilities in the region of Sagres.

A great variety in both resident and migratory birds make bird watching one of the best things to do in Sagres.

Yoga in Sagres

When in Sagres, you’ll immediately feel the relaxed and laid back environment. This is one of the reasons why yoga is one of the most popular things to do. To enjoy the wellness sensation in Sagres to the fullest, check out the packages provided by Trip for Wellness. Trip for Wellness is the ideal partner in uncovering the best kept secret spots to totally relax and practice yoga too.

Running in Sagres

As we already mentioned, Sagres is known for its stunning landscapes and special and bright light. In addition to being a great place for watersports and boat tours, Sagres is also perfect for running. So, while visiting the area, stay healthy and active with a close contact with the lively nature and one of the purest and cleanest air you can breathe in Europe.

To make sure you get the most out of your running, why not contact a local guide? Running, on the road or trails, is one of my personal favorite things to do.

Cycling in Sagres

Another popular activity and a great way to explore the Southwestern region of Europe is by bike. If you like two wheels but don’t want to sweat, you can also go for a scooter in Sagres.

Renting a bike or a scooter is one of the best things to do in Sagres. Bike rentals in Sagres, at Maretta shop start at €10 per day.

What to Eat & Drink in Sagres?

Sagres is the name of one of the most popular beers in Portugal and it is also a magical surfer town known for great waves and a relaxed environment. To grab a beer, our favorite spot is called Água Salgada.

“Água Salgada”, means salted water, and this is what you’ll probably still feel on your skin while sipping a nice Sagres beer after your day on the beach. Água Salgada is also the spot to be after having had dinner and to spend the last energy you’ve got after a long day surfing on the dancefloor.

Talking about dinner, one of our favorite spots is “O Dromedário”. The specialty of this restaurant are the pizzas. Pizzas are great to fuel up carbs after spending a lot of them while surfing.  If you do not want a pizza, try the vegetarian and italian dishes, salads, or great ice creams. For the ones looking for a truly local experience, grilled fish is a must. For the freshest fish for a good price, check out “A Sagres” Restaurant.

Where to stay in Sagres?

As young surfer chicks, me and my sister used to stay in the surf camp of the Algarve Surf School.

So, in case you’re booking your surfing in Sagres with us, ask about the Algarve Surf School Hostel and we can arrange that for you too. This established Sagres Surfing Hostel gives you a cosy atmosphere where you’ll feel at home.

In this Surfing Hostel, you’ll dream about surfing and all meals are thought for surfers. This hostel in Sagres is perfectly situated at walking distance from the local amenities, the town centre and the above mentioned bars. And to get the most out of your surfing in Sagres, you can even walk to three stunning beaches.

If you want another hostel option, the Funky Monkey Hostel is a must. We have never stayed there ourselves, but friends of ours have, and they loved it.

The Hostel has an open plan kitchen with amazing views of the garden.  To recover after an epic winter surf session, the Hostel has a very cozy living room and fireplace. The real secret of the Funky Monkey Hostel are the 3000m2 of gardens and a wonderful rooftop terrace.

Not everybody is fond of hostel style accommodations. Luckily, Sagres hosts options for accommodating all tastes. The Memmo Baleeira Hotel is a must for design lovers. Memmo Baleeira is the perfect spot for relaxing in a contemporary atmosphere of design. This 4 star Design hotel provides literally everything you need for a break from your daily routine.

sagres explorer - boat trips from lagos to sagres- Beach hut watersports - Luz
sagres explorer – boat trips from lagos to sagres- Beach hut watersports – Luz

Do you have any additional tips or tricks about Sagres or would you like some more suggestions about the best things to do, feel free to contact us. You can also check all the boat tours and watersports in Sagres on our Sagres category page.

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