Mallorca Boat Tour

By Bia, from the SeaBookings Customer Care team, who decided to take advantage of a visit to Mallorca for a dreamy getaway! During her stay, she tried a Palma Bay Boat Cruise and a Boat Party in Mallorca!

1. Family boat trip around Palma bay

If you are looking for a chill and family-friendly trip, the Palma Bay tour is the ideal choice. Is a 5-hour trip on a catamaran that takes you on a leisurely exploration of the cristalines waters of Palma Bay. The tour starts after the captain provides a few safety instructions. After that we’ll head on the sea.

Join a boat tour in Mallorca

Is about 40m until we anchor on the first destination: Cala Vella. A cove with crystal-clear waters where you can relax on the hammock, discover the underwater with the masks provided on board or even take a sunbath with the floating available on the boat. 

Enjoy the crystal clear sea in Cala Vella

While you’ll have the best time relaxing in this precious place or even taking beautiful pictures, the captain and the crew will prepare a delicious BBQ on board, with salad, meat, bread, dessert and drinks. The best part is that it is all included on the trip!

Enjoy a yummy BBQ on board

Once everybody is ready we’ll head to Illetes one of the most famous places in Mallorca, is indeed incredible and the water is truly blue. You’ll have the chance to swim and enjoy the peace that this place offers.   

Explore the region around Palma

Whether you are a family looking for quality time, a couple wanting romantic moments or a group of friends looking for tranquility and adventure, the Palma Bay tour promises a charming escape from the ordinary.

2. Palma Boat Party

Palma de Mallorca is not just for those looking for peaceful relaxation; it is also for party enthusiasts who are ready to dance, drink and do shots! The Palma Boat Party is a vibrant 3-hour tour recommended for young people, so if you are in your 20’s with a group of friends and are looking for a party of up to 150 people in the middle of the mediterranean, this tour is for you! 

Enjoy a fun boat party in Mallorca!

The DJ will make sure that everybody is dancing and is partying hard. Along the way you can purchase booze on the bar and also have free shots directly on your mouth, get ready. On the way back you will dance while the sun is setting, so it is a nice opportunity to catch the sunset from the water. 

Definitely, a boat tour in Mallorca is indispensable, and a memory for a lifetime, so choose which tour fits you better and have a blast! You can find a broad selection of the best boat tours in Mallorca on SeaBookings!

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