When will beaches in Spain reopen?

When will beaches in Spain reopen?

Will we be able to enjoy the lovely Spanish beaches this summer? Now that we know that the two-week coronavirus quarantine for overseas arrivals in Spain will be lifted from July 1st, we want to know when will beaches in Spain reopen. According to El País, Spain is to recommend reopening beaches at reduced capacity, just like its neighboring country, Portugal, where beaches are already open.

Spanish beaches should be reopened in summer with measures in place to reduce the risk of coronavirus contagion. These measures include:

  • Limits on capacity
  • Distance between sun loungers
  • Delineating the space allowed for each beachgoer.
Holidays in Spain after lockdown
Soon, beaches in Spain will reopen

Beaches are allowed to reopen under Phase 2 of Spain’s deescalation plan. So far, beaches have been only open for walks and sports activities. The Institute of Quality Spanish Tourism (ICTE) established general protocols for reopening beaches. In addition, a draft agreement was reached with regional and local authorities. The final decision on beach regulations will fall to city councils, which are largely responsible for beach management. In fact, local councils will have to determine whether it is necessary to set up a system that warns people they are unable to go to a beach when it is at capacity. 

“It’s a draft that still needs to be approved by the Health Ministry, meaning that the final version could be different,” explained a spokesperson from ICTE. “The rules are not binding, but they have been created with the input of the regions and local authorities, so we believe that most of them will be followed.”

Just can’t wait to enjoy the beach in Ibiza again!

Local governments should estimate the capacity of each beach, taking into account its characteristics and how space is used (availability of beach umbrellas and sun loungers) to determine whether it is necessary to control access or set up a system that warns people they are unable to go to a beach when it is at capacity. 

According to the guidelines, areas for sun loungers and umbrellas must be clearly demarcated, with controls set up to ensure that “the equipment has been properly cleaned and disinfected.” 

Some regions in Spain have already outlined their own regulations. In Andalusia, for example, Southern Spain, regional authorities have recommended limiting time at the beach to four hours, setting out safe distances on the sand, setting opening and closing hours, disinfecting beaches every day, and banning the use of shower facilities and changing rooms. And in Tenerife, the white-sanded Las Teresitas beach is now open under Phase 2 of the government’s coronavirus deescalation plan. Some watersports are even available already, like SUP tours and kayak tours for small groups.

So the answer to our question is soon! Gradually, beaches in Spain will reopen. There’s no fixed date like in Portugal, because the decision about the reopening date and the protocol for each beach depend on municipal authorities.

Holidays in Spain after lockdown

Holidays in Spain after lockdown? ¡Sí!

We’ve long been waiting for this news! Spain will lift its two-week coronavirus quarantine for overseas arrivals from July 1. Regarding tourism and opening its borders, Spain has been one of the most cautious countries in Europe. Yes, we can continue planning our holidays in Spain after lockdown.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel as Foreign Minister Arancha González says via Twitter that “the hardest part is behind us,” and that “health conditions will be guaranteed” for visitors. It seems like we can enjoy summer in Spain this year as the Spanish government is planning on lifting the two-week coronavirus quarantine requirement for overseas arrivals on July 1. 

Since May 15, the Spanish Health Ministry has required travelers arriving from outside the country to remain isolated for 14 days. The rules currently in place apply to all international travelers, with a few exceptions for specific types of workers.

Soon we can enjoy the Spanish sun again

Both travellers and the local travel sector were concerned about the quarantine period for the effect that it would have on the arrival of overseas tourists this summer. Luckily, given the positive progress of the epidemic in Spain, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced that the sector should start to get ready for the summer season and that overseas tourists would be welcomed into the country under safe conditions from July. He also encouraged Spaniards to start planning domestic vacations from as early as June.

It’s still uncertain if the quarantine-free arrival applies to all foreign travellers or if Spain will bet on the free movement of travelers from countries that send the highest number of tourists to the country, such as Portugal, France, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Let’s stay tuned for more news while planning our holidays in Spain after lockdown this summer. Guess we all deserve some Spanish sun after lockdown, right?

Things to do in Almería SeaBookings

The best things to do in Almería

Did you know that Almería is a region with the most sun hours in Europe during the year? The perfect destination to go on holiday if you ask us. Almería is very easily accessible from Málaga or Granada. Check out the best things to do in Almería!

From bigger cities like Málaga or Granada, within less than 2 hours you can already be at this amazing place and enjoy the beach and cool activities . Almería is the ideal destination to enjoy the beach and relax. It is still a bit of an unknown city in the South of Spain, but slowly it is getting more and more popular. Are you wondering about the best things to do in Almería? We will share some of our favorite activities in Almería!

Gotta love this beach town

Gotta love this beach town

Visiting Almería from Málaga or Granada

If you are staying in Málaga and would like to make a day trip to a new place, why not try to visit Almería? Or if you want to escape the hot city of Granada to enjoy the sea, from Granada it’s only 1hours and 45minutes drive to Almería. The perfect location to escape the bustle of the city and enjoy the sea!

Enjoy the stunning scenery of the coast of Almería

Enjoy the stunning scenery of the coast is one of the best things to do in Almería

Things to do in Almería

We like outdoor activities so visiting the Conjunto Monumental de La Alcazaba is one of our favorite things to do in Almería. You can visit this fortress for free. We recommend doing a tour with one of the guides who’ll bring the essence of this Moorish fortress to life. Be prepared for quite a steep climb to get to the fortress. And we promise the climb will be worth it as the views are amazing.

Climb a bit and visit the La Alcazaba

Climb a bit and visit the La Alcazaba

One of the best ways to explore the area around Almería is by kayak. Kayaking in Almería is extra special because you will be kayaking in a transparent kayak! Navigate over the crystal-clear waters and enjoy the flora and fauna beneath your kayak as well!

Kayaking in a transparent kayak is one of the best ways to discover the seabed with bundles of Posidonia Oceanica under your kayak. This transparent kayak tour will depart from Playa San José towards the volcanic environment of the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Nijar.

You'll find some impressive cliffs

You’ll find some impressive cliffs

There are two slightly different tours you can choose from. The first tour will go to the cave of Tabaco and Cala Higuera, and the second one to Piedra Galvez and the beach of Genoveses. You can choose the tour that suits you best! The fact of not having the noise of a motor gives you an even nicer way to admire the beautiful area around Almería. And if this isn’t enough, we also offer you to go snorkeling during the tour!

Each kayak can take 2 people and the fact of being transparent is really unique!

Each kayak can take 2 people and the fact of being transparent is really unique!

If you are seeking for more adventure, we can recommend to rent a jet ski or try fly board!

From your jet ski, you’ll enjoy views of the beaches of Cabo de Gata, Carboneras, Mojacar, Garrucha, Vera, Villaricos and San Juan de los Terreros and observe different kinds of fish, castles, towers and defensive batteries of past times.Renting a jet ski gives you the unique feeling of being the boss of the waves of the sea! It’s a fresh and fun thing to do in Almería!

Enjoy the stunning coastline

Enjoy the stunning coastline

Sometimes on television or at shows, you see people fly over water with a board under their feet and with two powerful jets down that allow them to do this. Did you know that you also can do that? Almería is actually the best destination to try flyboard for the first time because our friendly instructors have been practising flyboard since the very beginning, so they can call themselves real experts in this area. We can assure you it’s an incredible feeling to flyboard in Almería, but you have to try to understand it. Flyboard is easier to learn than it looks like. If you always dreamed of flying, then why not try flyboard in Almería?

Flyboard in Almería

Flyboard is extremely fun!

In our opinion, these are some of the best things to do in Almería. Of course there are many more. Please let us know if you’ve got any suggestions or questions. To book, don’t forget to be on time. Sea tours tend to get fully booked for days during the high season 😉