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The gorgeous season of summer is about to kick off. Lovers of traveling cannot wait to hear the phrase: ‘May I see your ID and boarding pass?’ again. While numerous seaside places exist where you can have the most enjoyable summertime, Portugal, with pleasantly warm and dry weather and a wide variety of landscapes, maintains a foremost place among the top most inviting and dynamic destinations for this hot period.

The perks of visiting Portugal is that no matter where you go, you are never too far from a beach. Offering Europe’s most attractive beaches, Portugal also provides seaside getaways of every sort. Discovering the secret beaches listed below will indeed make your trip more exhilarating and unforgettable. 

Praia da Amoreira

In general, this beach is the right choice if you enjoy tides and breezes. Normal-sized waves at high tide make the place a must-visit spot for all-level surfers and body-boarders. If you would like to give surfing a try, there is a surf school right on the beach where you can rent surf equipment and choose an instructor. Amoreira opens out into stunning sandy beach rims with a lovely area of rock pools, excellent for exploring with kids. Be cautious that the sea here has dangerous currents, and it is not recommended to leave children without attention.

After enjoying a sunny day by the beach, you can go to the nearby town of Aljezur. It has both an old and a new town, on two different sides of the river. This area of the You can discover the peacefulness of the Algarve and indulge yourself in stunning views of the Western Atlantic. A unique way to explore this area is on a SUP Tour in the river of Amoreira.

Stand-up paddle is a unique way to discover these secret beaches

Praia do Barril

Since the Praia do Barril faces a southwestern direction, the beach is free from prevailing sea breezes and is suitable for surfing. Despite enjoying pristine sands and crystal-clear sea waters, you can have an insight into the fishing heritage of this region. Once, Barril was the core site of a small tuna fishing community. The remnants of this ancient industry were turned into tourist installations that you can explore and take pictures for memories. 

The most impressive part of the Praia do Barril is the Cemitério das âncoras, a rusting memorial cemetery to the abandoned fishing community, making the beach a fascinating area to pay a visit to. The bitch is safe for youngsters with soft sands and calm seawater as well. When finished, on the beach, you can go by a cute and traditional Algarve Village and taste a famous and delicious octopus.

Praia da Ursa

Located close to Cabo da Roca cape, Ursa Beach is a beautiful and remote beach famous among surfers. This unspoiled and wild beach is a little off the beaten track, and access to it is a bit complex. However, it is backed by dunes and cliffs and has a river that flows into the sea, making it a unique and beautiful spot. Ursa Beach can be reached via a dirt track along a steep route. This calm and sparsely populated beach opens up to the superb landscape that awaits the massive rock shapes towering over the beach.

Praia da Figueira

This beach is suitable for diverse types of people, starting from desolate travelers to leisure getaway lovers. It is not a crowded place during the season, though. Moreover, this beach is popular with naturists. It is located on the west coast of Portugal, approachable by boat or hiking down a steep trail. The beach is encircled by cliffs and has crystal-clear waters that are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Despite an awesome shoreline, and a wonderful, inviting beach, Figueira is the right choice for those seeking a calm atmosphere with beautiful views close to a big city. Here is plenty of room to have fun with friends and family and have a terrific time at good restaurants serving excellent seafood.

Praia da Adraga

Praia da Adraga is also surrounded by cliffs and rock formations, giving it an intimate feel. The beach is known for an opportunity to swim and sunbathe in its clear waters. The entrance to the beach is via a narrow road and a short walk down to the beach. The beach is a combination of golden and black grains. The water is crystal clear and stimulating. The beach is favored by swimmers, bodyboarders, and surfers. Although, surfing can be quite rough at times because of the strong currents. This serene area is worth a visit if you are in the Sintra area. Its secluded location, transparent waters, and picturesque rock figures make it a hidden gem of the Portuguese coastline.

In Conclusion

All of this is available in a peaceful but dynamic country Portugal. With large beaches, friendly and open-minded people, and a good taste for food and entertainment, the secretive beaches are a fantastic place to visit and spend summer holidays there before returning to work and everyday routine. Since the process of acquiring a job or internship at a desired company can be stressful and exhausting, how to write an essay for an internship can help you prepare for obtaining the internship by displaying the best version of yourself on a cover letter and reserving a spot for an interview.

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