Safe Holidays in Portugal

Portugal commits to ‘Safe Travels’ protocols by WTTC

‘Safe Travels’ is a special safety and hygiene mark to provide consistency and reassurance for consumers to speed the Travel & Tourism recovery. Portugal is among the first destinations to adopt private sector protocols and stamp.

 The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has launched the world’s first ever global safety and hygiene stamp. The specially designed stamp will allow travellers to recognise governments and businesses around the world which have adopted health and hygiene global standardised protocols – so consumers can experience ‘Safe Travels’.

The stamp will allow travellers to experience ‘Safe Travels’

The landmark move by WTTC, which represents the global Travel & Tourism private sector, has also received the backing of the influential United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Eligible businesses such as hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, restaurants, outdoor shopping, transportation and airports, will be able to use the stamp once the health and hygiene protocols, outlined by WTTC, have been implemented.

Portugal is a pioneer in this type of stamps

Rita Marques, Portugal’s Secretary of State, said: “Portugal has been committed in reassuring our tourists they will always have the best experience in our country. This stamp, together with our “Clean & Safe” program, is one step further in reassuring everyone that we care, our destination is focused on recovery, and trust is at the core of our business.”

WTTC and all its Members from around the world have the safety and hygiene of travellers as their top priority.

Last week WTTC’s launched the first of range of new worldwide measures that were part of its Safe Travels protocols to rebuild consumer confidence and encourage the restoration of the global Travel & Tourism sector. They provide consistency to destinations and countries, as well as guidance to travel providers and travellers about the new approach to health, hygiene, deep cleansing and physical distancing, in the post COVID-19 world. 

The protocols are also being defined following the experience of WTTC members in dealing with COVID19 and based on the best available medical evidence. It also follows guidelines from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

What do you think about this initiative? Does it influence your decision about where to travel to?

Clean Safe SeaBookings Veilig op vakantie in Portugal

Veilig op vakantie in Portugal met het “Clean & Safe” keurmerk

Ja, we kunnen weer veilig op vakantie in Portugal. Er zijn weer genoeg vluchten beschikbaar en de toeristische sector in Portugal is zich aan het voorbereiden op het hervatten van activiteiten. Ondernemingen in de toeristische sector, in toeristisch entertainment en reisbureaus kunnen vanaf heden het keurmerk “Clean & Safe” aanvragen (het gaat daarbij om bedrijven die ingeschreven staan bij de Autoridade Turística Nacional).

Het keurmerk onderscheidt ondernemingen die voldoen aan de vereisten van hygiëne tegen de verspreiding van COVID-19 en andere infecties. Het versterkt het vertrouwen van de toerist in de reisbestemming.

Op SeaBookings is het keurmerk zichtbaar

Het keurmerk is gratis, vrijblijvend en één jaar geldig. Het vereist bij bedrijven het invoeren en naleven van een protocol conform de eisen van het Portugees Instituut voor Volksgezondheid. Hierin zijn veiligheidsregels vastgesteld voor toeristische activiteiten om besmettingsrisico’s te vermijden.

Het “Clean & Safe”-keurmerk kan vanaf 24 april online worden aangevraagd op de sites van Turismo de Portugal: RNET (Nationaal Register van Toeristische Ondernemingen), RNAAT (Nationaal Register van Bedrijven in het Toeristisch Entertainment) en RNAVT (Nationaal Register van Reisbureaus). Dit keurmerk is direct gekoppeld aan het inschrijvingsnummer van de onderneming.

Nadat de ondernemingen een Verklaring van Commitment hebben afgegeven, mogen zij het keurmerk “Clean & Safe” voeren. Dat mag fysiek op locatie zijn, maar ook op de diverse digitale platformen.

Kayak tour in Albufeira
Ook voor kajak, SUP en surf is het keurmerk “Clean & Safe” beschikbaar

Turismo de Portugal gaat in samenwerking met de bevoegde autoriteiten willekeurige steekproeven uitvoeren bij de deelnemende ondernemingen.

Met deze maatregel wil de Autoridade Turística Nacional niet alleen informatie verstrekken over de minimale vereisten qua hygiëne en schoonmaak van de bedrijven, maar ook de wereld laten weten dat je veilig op vakantie in Portugal kan gaan qua preventie van verspreiding van het virus, middels een gecoördineerde aanpak door de sector als geheel.

Het certificaat is binnenkort ook beschikbaar voor andere sectoren, als antwoord op de grote belangstelling.

Benagil cave Algarve

Top 10 blog posts about Portugal

2019 was a busy year on our blog and the top 10 of our most-read blog posts were all about Portugal! Traveling to Portugal soon? Don’t miss out on our top 10 blog posts about Portugal. Within Portugal, some of the most-read blog posts were about the Algarve while others about Madeira. And, no surprise! Blog posts about Benagil are very popular.

Read our Top 10 blog posts about Portugal:

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Discover the prettiest beaches in the Algarve

Our top 6 beaches in Lagos, Portugal

One of SeaBookings’s founders, Femke, has been living in Lagos for more than 20 years now. Living in Lagos is lovely and the beaches in Lagos continue to surprise every single day. Lagos is worldwide known for its stunning beaches. Femke shares her top 6 of beaches around Lagos. The beaches in Lagos are all stunning and all different.

Her favorite 6 are Porto de Mós, Praia da Batata, Meia Praia, Praia do Pinhão, Praia Dona Ana and Praia do Camilo. But it is hard to choose and herself usually goes to quieter beaches that are a bit further away from town.

SUP tour in Madeira
Doing a SUP tour in Madeira can be done all year round

9 reasons to visit Madeira during the Fall / Winter

Thinking about Madeira as a trip during this Winter? Good idea! We went to visit Madeira in low season and had a great time. That’s why we’ve shared 9 reasons to visit Madeira during the Fall/Winter.

SUP or kayak to Benagil
The epic Benagil cave is just one of the many caves of the region

Algarve Caves: Top 5 – Caves of Portugal

If you’re planning your holidays to the Algarve, you’ve most likely already heard of the Algarve caves. In this article, we’ve shared the top 5 caves in the Algarve you can’t miss.

To write this article, we’ve spoken to some of our partners who know the Portuguese coastline like no other. Check them out and book a boat trip to visit them!

SUP or Kayak to Benagil
SUP or Kayak to Benagil

Benagil – the best way to discover the cave

The Benagil caves are the most impressive sea caves in Portugal. As a result, the cave has been the most popular cave to visit in the Algarve. There are several ways to visit this cave. In this blog post, we tell you some of the possibilities and the pros and cons of each. 

Lisbon’s enchanting during sunset!

How to get from Lisbon to Benagil

Traveling to Lisbon and dreaming about visiting the famous Benagil sea caves in the South of Portugal? How to get from Lisbon to Benagil is one of the most frequent questions our customer support gets. This is why we decided to make a blog post about how to get from Lisbon to Benagil!

It is possible to visit Benagil from Lisbon on a day tour. However, if you can spare one night, it is much more relaxed if you take your time and make it at least a two-day trip. But that’s just a suggestion.

Sesimbra is a great spot for nature lovers

How to get from Lisbon to Sesimbra

And another “how to get from A to B” blog post in our top. If you’re visiting Lisbon, you have many possibilities for fun day trips to discover more of Portugal! One of the day trips we recommend is Sesimbra!

We love going to Sesimbra so now and then and think you should too, so we decided to make a post about how to get from Lisbon to Sesimbra! The easiest way to get from Lisbon to Sesimbra are our transfers, which start at 25€ per person and pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation in Lisbon. But of course, there are more options.

On a boat ride along the coast, you get to see many caves

Algarve Caves: Top 5 – Caves of Portugal

This blog post was already mentioned above. Interestingly, its German version is also in our list of most-read blog posts about Portugal 😉

From a boat, you’ll enjoy the coast from a different perspective

How to get from Faro to Benagil cave

If you are on holidays in the Algarve, you might be looking for some tips about how to get to the famous Benagil cave. That’s why we want to help you find out how to get from Faro to Benagil cave. Remember that there are boat tours to Benagil with many different departure points in the Algarve (from Lagos to Vilamoura), which might be easier to reach than the Benagil Beach itself, by land.

grotto trips in Lagos
Welcome to paradise (aka Ponta da Piedade)!

5 Ways to discover Ponta da Piedade Lagos

Ponta de Piedade is another popular landmark of the Algarve. It’s a must place for nature lovers and photographers thanks to the beautiful colours of the setting which make an incredible postcard portrait. 

For the most sporty ones and if you dare climbing up 182 steps to the top of the lighthouse, you’ll have a view of the Ponta da Piedade promontory, which marks the limit between land and sea. This lighthouse can also be reached by car or foot from Lagos. Of course, we are a fan of the kayak, SUP and boat tours to Ponta da Piedade. To discover the best way to discover this area for you, read further.

Albufeira Holiday Tips
Enjoy the many things to do in Albufeira

20 Things to do in Albufeira – Algarve, Portugal

We’ve been writing quite some blog posts about things to do in Albufeira because it’s one of the Algarve’s most popular holiday destinations. Albufeira has long been one of Portugal’s most popular resorts because it combines an interesting cultural heritage, stunning beaches and there are many things to do in Albufeira for all age groups.

We hope you liked our list of most-read blog posts. Let’s see if next year, we get some articles about our other destinations in this top 10! Happy 2020!

Portugal sail week 2018

10 questions about the Portugal Sail Week 2018

Interview with Portugal Sail Week 2018 – 10 questions to Duarte Ribeiro Soares about Portugal Sail Week 2018

Spending a week on a luxury yacht, surrounded by cool people from all over the world! Sunbathing all day, partying all night! And all of that in one of the most beautiful corners in Europe, the Algarve in Portugal! No doubt, Portugal Sail Week 2018 (PSW) is definitely going to be the best week of your life!

We had a chat with Duarte Ribeiro Soares, one of three partners organising the Portugal Sail Week 2018 about the event! Thanks to his experience in event planning, he will make sure that Portugal Sail Week 2018 will be a huge success. Wanna know what he has to say about the event? Here are his answers to 10 questions about Portugal Sail Week 2018!

Portugal Sail Week - Algarve 2018

The most unforgettable week of your life

  1. How did you come up with the idea to do a Sail Week in Portugal?

The PSW is a pioneer idea in Portugal. Similar events already exist a lot in Croatia, Montenegro, Italy and Greece. But we thought – why not do a Sail Week here in Portugal? We have the best beaches, the best weather and the best clubs. So really, Portugal is just one of the best countries for a Sail Week! Cheap, fun, and everyone likes Portuguese people! I like to say that Portugal “is an easy country”.

2. Why did you choose the Algarve?

Why Algarve? The question is really: Why would we do it anywhere else? In the Algarve, we have the best weather, a lot of seas to sail, and like I said earlier, the best beaches of Portugal! We think that the Algarve is one of the best destinations in Portugal. You don’t only have stunning beaches, but also a lot of different things to experience. You can find the two best clubs in Portugal (Bliss Vilamoura and LICK), magical sunsets, amazing cliffs and grottos, and much more that you can discover if you come to the Portugal Sail Week 2018!

Be impressed by the coastline of the Algarve

Be impressed by the coastline of the Algarve

3. What’s the spirit of PSW?

We tried to create a Yacht Festival that is different from all the other festivals in Portugal, like NOS Alive or Meo Sudoeste for example. We wanted to create something fun, unique and exciting! Our first day shows immediately what PSW is all about. Our goal is not to have a group of 6/8/10 friends on each yacht, but a group of 100 friends on all yachts together instead! Our motto of PSW is that “at the end of the week there are no friends, there is bonding, friendship, and soul mates that will cross borders from all over the world“. I think it’s something very special and inspiring!

4. What can people expect when they embark on PSW 2018?

An all-inclusive 7-day yacht festival to experience the best beaches, clubs and parties Algarve has to offer. Live like a true rock star aboard your personal yacht with six to ten of your friends.  This is the key of our 7-day program!

Crazy days, crazier nights!

Crazy days, crazier nights!

5. Is it true that they’re going to be influencers and bloggers on board?

Haha, the first surprise is revealed! Yes, there are going to be influencers and bloggers on board of the yachts. We have guests like Lotti Moss, Lillie Lexis, Charlie Barker, Jessica Anne Woodley and Sharam Dinis. We are trying to raise the level of Portugal Sail Week 2018, and really put it on the top of the list of all events in Portugal!

6. How wild do the parties really get? 😉

You need to come and live them, not imagine them 😉 But just to give you an impression: We don’t pay any entrance in any club in Algarve and with us, you are all VIPs during Portugal Sail Week 2018!

VIP access to the best clubs in the Algarve? Check!

VIP access to the best clubs in the Algarve? Check!

7. What’s your favourite stop in the Algarve?

I personally think Vilamoura is one of the best stops. That’s also why we stop there twice! Vilamoura is right in the centre of our route and of course the two best clubs of the Algarve are there. But I also really love the island Ilha Deserta, it’s like paradise!

8. Where are the people from who join the PSW?

We were contacted by people from all over the world: Miami, New Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Tel Aviv, London, Aberdeen and much more. So I think that it will be a really nice mix of international people who will all fall in love with Portugal!

The Deluxe Catamaran has enough space for 10 people

The Deluxe Catamaran has enough space for 10 people

9. What is an essential thing to bring to PSW?

I was tempted to say boardshorts, but we offer one for each guy in our welcome kit (DCK boardshorts), and with that a beach towel (FUTAH). And the ladies don’t need to worry about bringing their stylish towels, because we offer them a FUTAH beach towel too! And on top of that, they get a CAIA beach pillow. So, I think we just need your good mood and willingness to enjoy Portugal Sail Week 2018!

10. Is there something else you wanna say about PSW?

Take advantage while we still have a few yachts available, because soon they will be booked out and you might miss out on the best week of your life! 😉

If you have any more question or want to book the best week of your life, send an email to [email protected]! Come aboard of one of the most exclusive events in Portugal!


Everyting about fishing in the Algarve

The Algarve is the ideal holiday destinations for water sport lovers like fishing, surfing, diving and many others. Fishing in the Algarve is one of the most popular water sports among families and groups of friends. Fishing trips can be done from several locations in the Algarve like Olhão, Tavira, Alvor and Lagos. About the type of fishing, we’ve got fishing for all tastes, from family fishing to jigging to deep sea fishing in the Algarve.

Alvor Fishing Bottom Fishing Shark Big Game Fishing (119)

“Donzela” is our fishing boat in Alvor

Why go fishing in the Algarve

The advantage of recreational fishing is that it can be done with whoever you’d like to take. Usually, for the activities that involve fishing in the Algarve, no previous experience is required. In fact, many bookings we receive for recreational fishing in the Algarve are for fathers and their sons. Such a nice father-sun experience during your holidays in Portugal!

In addition, mums and daughters can also join the fishing tour as the ones who do not aspire to fish can come along as a spectator. This is also why the fishing tours in the Algarve are popular among groups of friends. While the guys have fun fishing, the girls can simply enjoy the sun on the deck and take some nice pictures.

Family fishing tour in Lagos

Dad and sons coming back after a family fishing tour in Lagos

In most cases, the fishing tour does not end when you get back to the marina. That’s when the real party starts as usually you may bring your fish home for a BBQ dinner. Go out fishing with friends and family on the atlantic and then going home to prepare your own fish is the ultimate holiday experience! Of course this does not apply on the shar fishing and and big game fishing tours as on those trips we practice “Catch, Photograph and Release”. This means that  all sharks and fish that we catch will be returned to their natural habitat after been caught (and taken some impressive pictures).

alvor Fishing Portugal

Another successful boat trip with fishing in the Algarve

Happy customers make us happy and we decided to share some feedback from our customers about their boat trips with fishing in the Algarve: Read along if you’re still doubting what to do during your stay in the Algarve!

About fishing in Olhão:

Although we permanently live in the Algarve, we decided to have a tourist day and booked the fishing day experience in Olhão. We have a great time on the water and you really do not need to be an experienced fisher to take part. Ricardo and his colleague help you when needed and take all the time to explain everything. We even got some fish to take home! Next time we are going to take their watertaxi to one of the deserted islands and spend the day.

About fishing in Tavira:

Me and my sun went for a big game fishing in Tavira. Marta is super welcoming and the staff on the boat was extremely friendly and professional. There were two more guys joining on the trip. As the conditions were perfect, we had a great day with some impressive catches. We were happy to sea the sharks were released back into the sea after taking some pictures.

About fishing in Alvor:

If it’s bottom fishing for fun or big game fishing in the Algarve, we couldn’t recommend Miguel (the captain) and his shipmates enough! Friendly, funny and very professional! Would highly recommend for a 4 hour family fishing trip, shark fishing or even sunset drinks and swimming. A ‘must do’ adventure during your stay in Alvor.

About fishing in Lagos:

Thanks a lot for everything! It was a fantastic trip, with a fantastic staff and I have no words to describe the moments of fishing, photos and caves with my family. Really really beautiful! There was no sun, but the weather was good enough to do all the activities we wanted. I really appreciate!

family fishing from Lagos

You’ll aways have the support of friendly and professional staff

And this is just a small sample of all the great feedback we’ve been receiving. At SeaBookings we always want to make sure we work with the best tour operators to guarantee you’ll get the best experience.

Do you have some experience to share or would you like to know more about fishing in the Algarve, let us know!

Top 5 kajak tours in Portugal

Tijdens je vakantie in Portugal wil je soms, naast luieren op het strand, ook wel eens iets actiefs doen. Een van onze kajak tours in Portugal is een van de leukste manieren om meer uit je vakantie te halen. En het is niet alleen leuk, je bent meteen sportief bezig! Hieronder hebben wij een top 5 gemaakt van de meest gave kajak tours in Portugal die je niet mag missen!

De kajak tours in Portugal die wij voor je hebben opgesomd lopen uiteen van 2 uur tot 6 uur en van 25€ tot 75€. Of je nu alleen wilt kajakken of dit wilt combineren met een boottocht, alles is mogelijk! Alle kajak tours die wij aanbieden hebben ieder iets speciaals. De eerste vier kajak tours die hieronder staan beschreven zijn voor alle leeftijden en niveaus van ervaring. De intensiteit van de kajak tours in Portugal zal worden aangepast aan het niveau van de groep. Ben je al een beetje ervaren? Dan hebben wij uiteraard ook een nieuwe uitdaging voor jou, namelijk punt 5, de kajak tour in Sagres.

Durf jij de Portugese kust op een ecologische en gezonde manier te verkennen?

Dit is onze top 5 kajak tours in Portugal

Zelfs honden willen mee

Zelfs honden willen mee

1. Kajak tocht in Lagos

  • Duur: 2:30 uur
  • Locatie: Lagos, Portugal
  • Prijs: 30€

Lagos is een van de meest populaire vakantiebestemmingen in het zuiden van Portugal, de Algarve! Een kajaktocht op deze plek is dan ook zeker de moeite waard! Ken je de mooie kliffen van Lagos al? Nee? Dan is dit een hele gave tocht voor jou! Geluidloos varend over het water zal je kunnen genieten van de prachtige kliffen, grotten en verborgen stranden. Er is genoeg tijd om af en toe te stoppen bij afgelegen strandjes. Hier kun je even lekker uitrusten of je kunt ervoor kiezen om te snorkelen, het gebied is prachtig! Wij zijn zelf echt fan van deze kajak tours in Portugal vanaf ons eigen stadje 🙂

Er gaan meestal 2 personen in een kajak

Er gaan meestal 2 personen in een kajak

2. Boottocht en een kajak tour in Ponta da Piedade

  • Duur: 2 uur
  • Locatie: Lagos, Portugal
  • Prijs: 30€

Ja je leest het goed, deze excursie is een twee in één! Eerst vaar je met een boot richting het prachtige gebied rond de grotten van Ponta da Piedade. Eenmaal in de buurt zal je overstappen op een kajak om de grotten van Ponta da Piedade van dichtbij de ontdekken. Deze tour is erg geschikt om met de hele familie of een groep vrienden doen. Het fijne is namelijk dat je niet per se hoeft te kajakken als je dat niet wilt. Dus mocht je moe zijn, of wil je je oma meenemen? Het kan allemaal! Op de boot kun je namelijk heerlijk genieten van de zon, een koel drankje en eventueel een verfrissende duik in de kristalblauwe oceaan!

Benagil cave

Ja, hier kan je naartoe kajakken!

3. Boottocht + kajak tour naar Benagil

  • Duur: 3 uur
  • Locatie: Ferragudo, Portugal
  • Prijs: 65€

Ik kan wel zeggen dat deze tour een van de populairste tours is die wij aanbieden. De tour duurt maar liefst 3 uur en is het geld meer dan waard! De combinatie van een boottocht met kajak tour maakt deze tour zeer unieke manier om te kajakken in Portugal. En dan gaat deze tour ook nog eens naar momenteel de populairste grot van Portugal, de grot van Benagil.

De tocht gaat al vroeg in de ochtend van start, maar dit is om twee redenen: ten eerste voorkom je dat je op het heetst van de dag gaan kajakken en ten tweede is het in de vroege ochtend nog heerlijk rustig, je bent dus een van de weinigen die al lekker op het water dobbert, heerlijk! Ook op deze boottocht hoef je niet per se te kajakken maar kun je heerlijk genieten van de omgeving vanaf de boot. Wil je echt met je voeten in het zand van de grot van Benagil staan? Dan moet je wel mee met de kajak!

Coastal canoeing Sesimbra

De omgeving van Sesimbra is geweldig

4. Kajak tour in Sesimbra

  • Duur: 4 uur
  • Locatie: Sesimbra, Portugal
  • Prijs: vanaf 25€

Tijdens een kajaktour in Sesimbra kom je beslist langs de mooiste stranden in de buurt van Lissabon. Sesimbra ligt niet heel ver van Lissabon vandaan (ongeveer 30 minuten met de auto). Als je even wilt ontsnappen van de drukte van de stad en behoefte hebt aan een beetje natuur, dan is deze kajak tours in Portugal beslist iets voor jou! Je zult verstelt staan van de ongerepte stranden het het kristalheldere water. De natuur is in de omgeving van Sesimbra zo adembenemend, en dat zo dicht bij Lissabon! Op deze tour kan je het hele jaar door kajakken in Portugal.

Discover the caves around Armação de Pêra

Discover the caves around Armação de Pêra

5. Kajak tour in Armação de Pêra

  • Duur: 2 uur
  • Locatie: Armação de Pêra, Portugal
  • Prijs: 25€

Kun je je voorstellen dat je foto’s maakt terwijl je langs de indrukwekkende kliffen en stranden rond Armação de Pêra peddelt? Ontdek de kustlijn van Armação de Pêra tot Praia da Albandeira op een sportieve manier over zee, op deze fantastische tocht per kajak in Armação de Pêra.

We hebben nog meer tours om te kajakken in Portugal beschikbaar. Helaas doen we geen kajak verhuur om te kajakken in Portugal want vinden de tours een veiligere optie. Mocht je verder nog vragen of tips hebben, neem dan gerust contact met ons op!