The Ideal Time for a Lisbon Boat Tour

Lisbon’s year-round sunshine, rich culture, iconic cuisine, and breathtaking vistas beckon for adventure. And when it comes to how to smoothly explore the city, you have a couple of picture-perfect options.

One of them is to pick up a car hire in Lisbon at and cruise around the beautiful surrounding area at your own pace. Yes, you get tremendous travel benefits when you rent a car in Portugal. In addition, a vast assortment of Lisbon Airport car rental deals allows you to choose a vehicle according to your taste.

As for the second option, multiple tourists prefer water tours in Lisbon. Portugal is the country that you most associate with sailing, and you can feel its authenticity by going on a boat ride.

So, consider taking an exciting sea voyage and enjoy unique experiences along the way. You’ll face the beauty of the fun-filled Portuguese coast and breathe in the fresh oceanfront breeze. Perhaps, this is an exceptional method to explore Lisbon’s vibe in any season. If you don’t know which tour to prefer and when to go, find all the necessary information below.

Popular Lisbon Boat Tours

First, think about the city’s unique location on the Atlantic coast and the river flowing into the ocean. They provide ideal conditions for lovely group/individual boat cruises. Let’s look at a few of the most sought-after options.

Traditional sunset tour

What could be more exciting than spending the evening in pleasant company a couple of hundred meters from the shore? This location gives you unbeatable skyline views and reveals the magic-filled atmosphere of the city.

A comfortable open-air boat breaks any limits and lets you feel the water droplets fall on your skin. Oh yes, don’t forget to take your camera with you to catch breathtaking shots of the local landscapes from the water. As always, the guide will tell you many provocative stories along the way and increase your cultural insight into the surrounding highlights.

Enjoy a beautiful sunset on the Tagus River

Wine sailing tour

The perfect getaway for a group of friends is here – you’ll unwind, take photos, drink wine, and just sunbathe on the deck. Your trip begins in Belem and passes by Commerce Square, the Ajuda National Palace, and the Jeronimos Monastery.

The captain will share intriguing aspects of Portugal and also talk about the local way of life. Lisbon from the ship will appear to you from an unusual angle, and soft waves accompanied by wine and conversation will relax you and make your voyage unforgettable.

Dolphin-Watching Tour

River tours in Lisbon are not just about sightseeing from the water’s surface. Take a cruise in a rigid inflatable boat (RIB) to add aesthetics to your trip. What do we mean? The section where the Tagus River flows into the ocean is a favorite spot for beautiful dolphins, who swim and jump and thus entertain holidaymakers. They call this area home, and therefore often appear in the local waters.

A guide takes you on a dolphin-searching challenge along the stunning Portuguese Riviera. However, these are not the only living underwater surprises you may encounter. Jellyfish, sunfish, and even sharks can also spice up your lovely boat cruise.

Tagus River Luxury Yacht Tour

If there’s anything more exciting about Lisbon, it would be a luxury yacht tour. The Tagus River goes deep into the city and gives the opportunity to have a unique route for exploring local attractions. You will sail near the historic shipyards, the castle, and the well-known Torre de Belem, all located on the coastline. Also, your trip will be even more exciting with dinner on the water. Enjoy local beer or wine with specialty cheese and meat at sunset and you will know what Portugal-style bliss is.

Explore Lisbon on a boat tour

What is the ideal season for the Lisbon tour?

While concepts such as high and low seasons explain the best time for your boat trip, they don’t take into account the multiple factors involved. In general, boat tours operate in Lisbon on an ongoing basis, which means this type of holiday receives sufficient demand all year round. Still, choosing the best time for a boat tour depends on personal preferences.

If you travel between June and September, you get warmer temperatures and more daylight hours. However, boat tours and all travel services may be more expensive at that time. December to March are the coldest months and you may find it chilly on the water. Fortunately, affordable prices make up for this shortcoming.

The periods from April to May and from October to November offer comfortable weather, less travel traffic, and moderate rates. Many tourists consider this to be the most balanced combination for the ideal boat tour.

Summing it up, a boat tour is a unique yet exciting way to explore Lisbon. So, don’t miss the opportunity to sail on a yacht, catamaran, or sailboat and see the city from a different perspective. Alternatively, use a rental car in Portugal to get around. Having a set of wheels on hand also promises a fun-filled experience on the Atlantic Coast.

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