5 Must-Experience Outdoor Activities in Lisbon

Being the coastal capital and most populated city in Portugal, Lisbon makes an exciting vacation stop in Europe. This hilly city is home to many architectural gems and fascinating colonial history. Plus, the iconic Fado music rings around the city.

While Fado gives out a melancholic vibe, Lisbon’s adventurous characteristics can uplift every tourist’s spirits.

Because of its geographical features, Lisbon, or Lisboa as the natives would call it, has many outdoor activities for everyone. Depending on your preferred level of fun, Lisbon has something for every type of tourist.

Here are just some of our favorite must-experience outdoor activities in Lisbon.


Surfing in Lisbon
Surfing in Lisbon is done all year round

Being a coastal city, Lisbon has plenty of beaches where you can surf to your heart’s content. The Atlantic coastline where Portugal is geographically located gives you the best waves in entire Europe.

It is not only meant for professional surfers. You can go for leisure or recreational surfing. You can even learn to ride your first wave here in this city.

The first one on the list, and probably the most obvious choice, is Carcavelos. It is only ten minutes away from the city center. There are different levels of surfing difficulty in this area, so even the beginners can play around.


Snorkeling in Sesimbra is a great daytrip

Because beaches surround the city, you can also do some snorkeling when you visit Lisbon. You can even do it after a day of surfing. It could be a refreshing activity after going through a laborious surf in one of the beaches.

Close encounters with the marine wildlife of Portugal is a fulfilling adventure. We suggest taking the waters of Arrábida Nature Park in Sesimbra as it has the most diverse marine ecosystem in the area. It is even considered one of the best dive spots in Europe.


Coasteering an der Küste der Algarve
If you’re looking for some true adventure, try coasteering

If you are hunting for an adrenaline rush, the best activity for you is coasteering. It is a relatively new activity for adventurers. When you book one, there will be a lot of swimming, diving into the waters, kayaking, climbing, and even rappelling.

It is an all-in-one adventure where you can experience a lot of stuff. When you go to Lisbon, coasteering in Sesimbra is one of the best must-experience activities that you should try. To skip, it is a disservice to the beauty of the surroundings.


What better way to appreciate the picturesque views of Portugal than biking around the city?

Visit historical sites and hop around architectural landscapes quickly and well, breezily. Biking has always been a favorite activity around Europe. You will know you are in one European city if you can see bike rentals all around.

Besides, it is also a great way to keep a healthy routine even when you are vacationing. A top-notch cardio workout is always welcome, as long as you do not overdo it. Pace yourself, and you are good to explore. 


There are over a hundred hiking trails in Lisbon that you can try out.

There is one with views of the ocean, and the others completely covered in forest greens and diverse wildlife. That’s why the trip will be a whole lot easier if you bring trekking poles with you. You will never know how many trails you are willing to see once you are there.

Sintra is one of the go-to places for hiking. It is a unique hiking spot, totally different from what people are used to. It has a beautiful trail that offers a scenic view of the island. And the fun part? It is an actual palace loop.

Lisbon wants you to have fun. Whether it is swimming, coasteering, or hiking, you can always turn to this beautiful European city for your ultimate holiday trip.


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