Coasteering in Sesimbra

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Are you ready to go coasteering in Sesimbra?

Coasteering is for adventurers. Coasteering is for people who love adrenaline and the ocean. Do you know what coasteering is? Coasteering is a relatively new sport. Coasteering in Sesimbra involves progressing along the coast between the tides of a rocky shore. To progress along the shore, you’ll be swimming, climbing, doing rappel, jumping into the water and walking a bit too. The team that will take you were the pioneer of Coasteering in Portugal.

Sounds good? Cool! Coasteering in Sesimbra is the closest way to nature you’ll find to explore the Portuguese coastline. Coasteering in Sesimbra will allow you to discover scenarios and corners that would otherwise be impossible to dazzle. Even by boat or kayak some of the secrets we find during the coasteering experience are inaccessible.

This sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Do you need to be an athlete to do this? No. As long as you can swim and feel comfortable in the ocean, coasteering in Sesimbra can be done (minimum age 12 years). The coasteering in Sesimbra takes four to five hours and the level of difficulty will be adapted to the participants.

Do you dare to explore the Portuguese shore in such an exciting and original way? Let’s go! We already had a great adventure! Read here about our experience!



  • The thrill of coasteering, of jumping into caves and climbing cliffs is incredible;

  • This experience can be done all year round, depending on the weather and ocean conditions;

  • This experience will give you access exclusive areas far from the busy touristic areas;

  • We’re sure this experience is one of the most exciting and adventurous experiences during your holidays;

  • The experienced instructors will teach you all you need to know and show you around the most beautiful spots;

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Clean & Safe
Coasteering in Sesimbra