5 Top Things to Do in Paros

While the big-name Greek islands like Santorini and Mykonos are incredible vacation destinations, don’t overlook the smaller islands that dot the coast of Greece. One of these, Paros, offers beautiful beaches and a relaxing atmosphere all with less crowds than the other more popular spots.

You can make your vacation as adventurous or as relaxing as you’d like on the island. There are tons of tours and things to do in Paros plus wonderful seaside restaurants to try and historic sites to visit. You won’t want to leave once your vacation is over – that’s for sure!

5 Things to Do in Paros

Find the Best Beaches

Santa Maria Beach
Santa Maria Beach in Paros

Though this island is small, there are a variety of beaches that you can enjoy. They range from sandy shores to pebble beaches and many have restaurants nearby where you can enjoy a drink and some snacks while lounging.

Some beaches have chairs for rent but not all so make sure you bring your own towel or chair. The views out to sea are absolutely gorgeous so you’ll definitely want to stay awhile. If you like to stay active while at the beach, then head to Golden Beach which is a popular spot for watersports.

At Golden Beach, you’ll find many rental places by the shore where you can pick up kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, or wakeboards. Another great beach for watersports or lounging is Santa Maria Beach. If sunbathing is what you’re after then head to Kolombithres Beach.

Take a Boat Tour

How about a boat trip from Mykonos to Paros?

You’re on an island – how could you not take a boat tour!? Whether it’s a sunset cruise, island hopping tour, or just a day excursion on a boat, it’s a great way to spend the day. You’ll see the island in such a unique way.

Sailing around the islands can be especially fun. You can explore hidden beaches, snorkel, and jump off a sailboat into the gorgeous Meditteranean Sea. Depending on what tour you take, they may include traditional Greek food and possibly teach you a bit about sailing yourself.

Not sure which tour company to use? Check out SeaBookings for different possibilities.

Take an ATV Tour

The Greek islands are known for their mountainous terrain so taking an ATV tour is a breathtaking experience. You can rent these four-wheelers for the day or a few hours and take them over the island. It’s a quick way to see all the sights!

This is such a personal way to see the landscape of Paros. You can cover lots of ground in a day and you’ll find beautiful views from the hilltops. Be sure to visit the village of Lefkes where you’ll be able to see the neighboring island of Naxos and explore the winding cobblestone streets with white-washed buildings

There are multiple ATV rental companies in Parikia that you can visit.

Enjoy Naousa

Enjoy a drink by the waterside

Naousa is a seaside village straight from the movies and a busy fishing town. You can walk among the streets and watch men come back from a day at sea with their catch. This is the perfect place to have dinner and try that fresh fish!

This is also the best spot for nightlife on the island. If you’re looking for taverns and bars then Naousa is the place to find them. This little town is on the North end of the island and only a 20-minute drive from Parikia – the main city and port.

Eat ALL the Seafood

Greece is a food-paradise!

With all the fresh fish coming into the island, you know that they have some amazing seafood. Fish, mussels, and a Greek specialty – octopus with pasta! Some of the restaurants that you shouldn’t miss are Soso, Siparos, and Taverna Glafkos.

I was very surprised on my trip to Greece at how delicious the food was. I had no idea that Greek cuisine was so incredible! Don’t miss out on this pleasant surprise.

The Best Things to Do in Paros

Watching the sun set is always a good plan

Paros is a lesser-known island off the coast of Greece, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun. There are so many great things to do in Paros and ways to experience the Greek way of life.

Plan a visit to Paros so you can enjoy the gorgeous landscapes, adventurous watersports, and quaint fishing villages.


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