SUP em Sesimbra SUP tour in Sesimbra

This is an experience from João, friend of the SeaBookings Team, who went out to try our new SUP Tour in Sesimbra:

O nosso grupinho for mais pequeno mas existe a possibilidade de marcar para grupos maiores
The group was small but there is the possibility to do this tour with big groups

Saturday, eight in the morning. The alarm goes off, and what is the first reaction!? Snooze, snooze, snooze! Until we suddenly jump out of bed, into the shower, to the kitchen for a quick breakfast and then off we go to Sesimbra, where we are scheduled for our very first SUP Tour in Sesimbra!

At the scheduled time we arrived at the door of Clube Naval in Sesimbra. Here we met the rest of the group, some of who were also doing Kayaking on this Kayak and SUP Tour in Sesimbra. The plan seemed perfect: take a boat to the beach Ribeira do Cavalo, one of the most beautiful beaches of Portugal. There we would jump on our board to explore the beautiful caves and rock formations of the Arrábida region. However, as with many perfect plans, it didn’t work out just quite as perfect – the sea wasn’t following the plan! The sea was a little rough, which made it unsafe to paddle too close to the rocks.

Supostamente o passeio começa na Praia do Ribeiro do Cavalo
The tour should start at Praia do Ribeiro do Cavalo

After the boat tour, we arrived at the amazing beach of Ribeira do Cavalo. The view from the boat was just stunningly beautiful. The professional crew then informed us, that we would start the tour directly from the boat since the current around the shore was too strong.

But first, a short briefing – How to paddle for Dummies! After the short but professional briefing, we went off to the water for a first try. I somehow thought it would be super easy to stand on one of those big boards and paddle. After all, the board is the size of an aircraft carrier, so what’s the big deal? But not so fast! So I first just kneed down on the board to start paddling, and thought to myself: “You were so wrong, let’s see if you even gonna be able to stand up”!

De SUP pode-se explorar os recantos da costa da Arrábida
By SUP you can explore the coastline real closely Arrábida

The SUP Tour in Sesimbra turned out just beautiful. The coast around this part of the Serra Arrábida is absolutely fascinating with all the little caves and grottos. We saw so many stunning hidden beaches around the coast! Unfortunately, on that day we weren’t able to paddle close to the impressive scenery, how they usually do it on the SUP Tour in Sesimbra (if there are no waves)!

When the moment arrived that I tried the SU part of SUP, it just turned into a lot of fun (for everybody I think)! Splash after splash, but after every failed try we worked out a little more how this whole SUP thing works! After a while, we managed to stand up and paddle the rest of the tour. After, I felt like I did a leg and abs training on a balance trainer for a few hours! It really is a great workout for the whole body, and you train coordination as well as balance! It’s better than any physiotherapy session if you ask me!

Venham desfrutar da natureza
Join us to enjoy nature closely

Just to calm you down, the friendly staff assured us that usually, the sea is a lot calmer and more gentle, which makes it a lot easier to actually stand up and paddle around! So for us, the next SUP Tour will be super easy, as we learned it the rough way!

We recommend this SUP Tour in Sesimbra for everybody! It’s such a great sensation to stand on the big paddle boards, paddling along the fascinating coast of Sesimbra. Thank you SeaBookings for making this possible! We guarantee that everybody will love this experience, even if you never tried SUP before (like us) ;). Try it out and let us know how you liked it!

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