The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Fishing Trip: Fall Edition

Want to have a successful fishing trip this fall? Then learn some fishing tips and plan to set out for the best fishing trip of your life! 

Although fishing is a stress buster for many, planning to go fishing can be quite stressful in itself. This can be a problem as it can demotivate your future fishing plans. While a successful fishing trip can be a memorable story to tell, an unsuccessful one can be just as memorable but horrifically. Therefore, to make your next fishing trip a success, we are going to outline some of the important tips you need to consider while planning for a fishing trip this season. When the plan is top-notch, a successful trip with a great catch and lots of memories is what you’ll get. 

Plan ahead for a more relaxed experience

Things to Consider While Planning for a Fishing Trip:

  1. Knowing the Location 

Being knowledgeable about the location where you are going to go fishing is the first important step. The first thing you need to consider is whether the location is suitable for fall fishing or not.

If you are going to stay in the location for a few days, then make sure there are camping spots. If the location is far from your home, you need local guides to help you with the amenities, food, and weather. So get to know about the locals and their support. More importantly, know about the water level at the location, whether it will be suitable for fishing or not.  

Best Locations for Fall Fishing in the USA

Here is a list of the top three best fall fishing locations in the USA that you should not miss.

  • Chesapeake Bay, MD

If you want to reap great fishing rewards, choose the Chesapeake Bay for your fishing trip this season. No matter what season of the year it is, Chesapeake Bay is always the first choice of anglers. Especially in the fall, you will come across huge numbers of striped bass who are gorging for food to get them through the long winter ahead. 

  • Gatlinburg, TN

With its 900 miles of streams and rivers, Gatlinburg is one of the best locations for trout fishing. You will find a horde of fish craving autumn snacks such as walleye, crappie, bass, and many more. 

  • Montauk, NY

This spot on the New England coastline is not only a beautiful place for fishing in the fall but a great opportunity for anglers. Every fall, the New English stripers travel here to the southern coastline and the eastern end of Long Island. So you can catch stripers and enjoy the cool wind of fall.

fishing tour in Dubai
The fishing gear really depend on the species you intend to catch

2. Know Your Species

While you choose your desired fishing location, you need to know what types of fish are available there. You don’t want to end up taking catfish bait for a stream filled with bass that won’t be interested. Ask for fishing reports from the locals of that destination and learn about the tips required to catch your target fish.  

3. Check the Weather 

One of the essential things to consider while planning a fishing trip is to check the weather conditions. Although you might be familiar with the air temperature, there are other factors like rain, surf height, and the water temperature for that specific location that are responsible for the type of fish you will get. Therefore, do your research from online resources, some knowledgeable friends, or local tackle shops. 

Also, you need to wear clothing according to the specific weather because you don’t want to get uncomfortable while fishing in the cool, chilly weather of fall. You may also need to carry rain gear depending on the weather forecast. 

4. Pack the Fishing Essentials

You need to pack basic fishing gear like a rod, reels, and bait. But if you are a novice angler, you need to know what should be carried apart from these things. These are as follows:

  • A backup rod in case yours snaps accidentally
  • Something to rest the rod on
  • Sunscreen
  • First aid kit in case you cut yourself while handling the hooks or other things
  • A seat 
  • Suitable containers for bait and fish
  • Polarized glasses
  • A hat to shade your eyes from the sunlight 
  • A windproof layer because the weather can be unpredictable in the fall

You should pack all these things ahead of time if you don’t want to stress yourself at the last moment. Novice anglers who aren’t sure what fishing gear they will need can check The Nature Insider for easy guides before the trip.

5. Pack Food Supplies

The reason why we have kept food separate from all the essential things above is that we wanted to emphasize it. While traveling, it is always advisable to carry dry snacks to relieve your hunger on the road or the boat while you are fishing. You may or may not like the local restaurant food you are traveling to, or it may be a long trip back into town to get supplies or find a restaurant. So it is good to carry enough food supplies for at least a day or two. 

6. Hire a Guide

Hiring a guide may seem like an expensive deal, but if you have the budget, trust us, it is going to be worth it. Not only will the local fishing guide help you to catch tons of fish from your chosen area, but you will learn lots of insights about the area from him. Generally, he will have more experience fishing in that local area, so you will learn to fish from the best. You may also learn some fishing etiquette from him that you can apply in your future fishing trips. 

7. Acknowledge the Fishing Rules of the Area You Choose

When you are going to a new area, you should get familiar with the rules and regulations of that place. In other words, you have to be responsible for every action you take. The first thing you must make sure of is taking your fishing license with you; depending on the location, you may need additional stamps. In addition, you need to take into account whether there are any fishing laws or not. Some places have artificial lure-only laws, catch and release-only laws, catch limits, size limits, and many more.   

8. You Won’t Regret Bringing a Camera!

Last but not least, you should bring a camera with you. It is not mandatory but recommended. It does not have to be a DSLR, though. The purpose of a camera is to document unplanned moments in your fishing trip. If you catch a unique fish that you have to release, then having the camera will let you click pictures of it, which you will cherish for a lifetime.    

Alvor Fishing Portugal jigging
Bringing your camera is a must!

Fall Season Fishing Advantages

There is a different ambiance while fishing among the falling leaves of autumn. Fall has its unique things to offer when it comes to fishing. You might be an experienced fisherman, but now it is time to explore some fishing in the fall and get the most out of it.

  • Fish Are Hungrier in Fall

Spring is mostly spawning time for fish, but in late autumn, they concentrate more on food than spawning. Of course, they are hungry throughout the year, but their main concentration remains on food in the fall. That is why the cool fall breeze is one of the perfect times of the year to go fishing, and you can expect to catch a large haul.  

  • Fall Fish Require Larger Bait

Choosing the right kind of bait for catching certain types of fish at certain seasons is important. The smaller bait that you use for your spring or summer fishing may not work well for your fall fishing trip. In this late autumn season, the metabolism of fish slows down due to cold water. Therefore, they usually prefer slow-moving and larger bait that resemble the movements of their autumn snacks.

  • You’ll Get Loads of Bass

Fall is the season of bass because, in October, they are quite active. They are hunting for food throughout fall to fill themselves up to get through the long, cold winter. Nonetheless, you have to make sure the bait is slow-moving as they are not going to chase the fast-moving ones. 

  • Ideal Weather Condition

Late autumn is an ideal time for fishing for beginners. Especially during the daytime, when the temperature is cooler, fish are more active on the surface of the water. So there is a high chance of more fish being drawn to your bait. 

Final Thought

Now that you know what it takes to plan a fall fishing trip, you can pack your stuff and set off. Fishing is fun, addictive, and adventurous, so don’t let it stress you out even before it starts. Whether you are an experienced angler or a novice, try to follow as many tips as you can to ensure a successful fishing trip. Nevertheless, as you develop your routine, you will have a better understanding of your requirements to plan an amazing fishing trip.

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