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    Top 10 blog posts about Portugal

    2019 was a busy year on our blog and the top 10 of our most-read blog posts were all about Portugal! Traveling to Portugal soon? Don’t miss out on our top 10 blog posts about Portugal. Within Portugal, some of the most-read blog posts were about the Algarve while others about Madeira. And, no surprise! Blog posts about Benagil are very popular. Read our Top 10 blog posts about Portugal: Our top 6 beaches in Lagos, Portugal One of SeaBookings’s founders, Femke, has been living in Lagos for more than 20 years now. Living in Lagos is lovely and the beaches in Lagos continue to surprise every single day. Lagos…

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    Portugal Tours: Top 5

    Portugal is known for its stunning beaches and related ocean activities. Portugal tours can be done either in the water, like boat tours, or in the city, like the tuk-tuk or running tours, or even in the nature, like hiking tours. Today we’ll share the best Portugal Tours related to the ocean. Ocean activities are our specialty at SeaBookings.com and they are one of the most popular things to do in Portugal. In fact, Portugal has an immense coast line. Continental Portugal has a coastline of 943 km, the Azores Archipelago of 667 km and Madeira 250 km. In addition to the amazing length, the coastline of Portugal is very friendly for ocean tours because of its beauty and diversity.…