Watersports Activities you can Enjoy with Your Family in Santorini

Watersports Activities you can Enjoy with Your Family in Santorini

One of the most recognizable islands in the world, Santorini is a symbol of Greece. Known for its whitewashed Cycladic houses, ancient archaeological sites, and the fact that it’s built on the remnants of one huge volcano make it a pretty spectacular place for a holiday. And we haven’t even mentioned the spectacular sunsets! It’s one of the most memorable places you could visit – though it’s probably not the first place you’d think of taking your family. Nevertheless, there are lots of things to do for all ages on the island. 

Of course, one of the most popular draws is its white, red, and black beaches. Each has its own personality and character, but after a few lazy days on the beach, you might start to crave something that will get the adrenaline flowing a little more. How about trying some watersports

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best family-friendly watersports in Santorini. Hopefully, it’ll make it easy to plan and make the most of your trip! 

Stand up paddle boarding in Santorini is magical during sunset

Stand up paddle boarding in Santorini

Santorini’s waters are known for being calm. So, unfortunately for some, that means surfing is off the menu. However, if you feel at home on a board you could try stand up paddleboarding instead. The fastest-growing watersport in the world, it’s a great workout for your core – and who wouldn’t want to say they’d SUPed in the remains of a collapsed volcano?!

Try it at sunrise or sunset, and if you have plenty of SUP experience, you could even have a go at yoga on your board. The ability to do SUP at a slow and relaxed pace means that it’s an ideal way for the family to see the scenery of Santorini together.

There are several different paddle boards depending on what you want to use yours for. So, if you’re wondering which paddle board do I choose? You can either get some expert information at the link there, or find a reliable rental service on the island who will find the best board for you!  

Swimming in Santorini

Something that can be very off-putting when deciding which watersport to do is the need for equipment. Thankfully, with swimming, all you need is a swimsuit. And perhaps a pair of goggles. With swimming spots all over the island, you’re sure not to be disappointed with Santorini. 

Kamari black sand beach is the most popular beach on the island, and there are plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas to rent for breaks between swimming. The black sand beach at Perissa has a water park where children can swim safely, while Red Beach has an awesome swimming spot amongst impressive rock formations.  

Snorkeling is a refreshing and fun experience

Snorkeling in Santorini

One way of exploring the fascinating waters and the underwater world of Santorini is through snorkeling. Snorkeling in Santorini is one of the best ways to see colorful sponges, groupers, snappers and many schools of fish. Book your tours with SeaBookings and explore the treasures under the sea in safe conditions.

Sea Kayaking in Santorini

Another great way to take in the caldera of Santorini is by kayak. Like stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking gives you a great core workout but you’ll be sat down instead. You’ll be able to enjoy some of Santorini’s most famous sights, including rock formations, the Akrotiri lighthouse, while also ducking into sea caves for a bit of shade from the relentless Mediterranean sun. 

Of course, while you kayak you’ll have the opportunity to stop off at a number of beaches that are inaccessible to the busloads of tourists you might find on other parts of the island. 


Maybe one for families with older kids here – and definitely not for anyone scared of heights. Parasailing will see you dragged along behind a speedboat attached to a parachute. You’re likely to reach heights of up to 100 metres! It’s an incredible activity to tick off your bucket list and the views of the caldera below will be etched into your mind forever! 


Shaped like Volkswagen Beetles, water-bikes are basically just fancy pedalos. You might not think of the Beetle as a family-sized car, but there’s space for four on one of these cute little vessels and the good news is it’s very difficult to fall off one!

Are you ready for your first time diving in Santorini?

Scuba Diving in Santorini

If you enjoy diving, Santorini boasts its beaches as it offers great chances for scuba diving due to its volcanic geological background. For people who have experience in scuba diving, this should be one of your highlights during your stay in Greece. Many diving centers and tours have opened over the last couple of years offering diving courses for all ages and levels. Just rent the necessary equipment for your scuba diving experience and your experienced guides will take you out for an amazing time in the underwater world of Santorini. There are also options available for first-timers.

Jet Skiing

Another activity that may be more suitable for families with older kids. Jet-ski safaris are a popular way to see Santorini’s collapsed volcanic craters. Thanks to the high speed of a jet ski, you’ll see what you would in a whole day on a kayak in just a couple of hours. And it really gets the adrenaline pumping! The only issue here is that it’s more difficult and expensive to do as a family. 


Have you ever wanted to fly above the water before diving down to the depths of the ocean? Okay, maybe not the depths. You want to give flyboarding a go. You’ll be strapped to a jetpack which will enable you to fly more than 10 metres in the air – all you need to do is keep your balance. This unusual activity is just 10 minutes long and it’s available on many of Santorini’s beaches. 

Catamaran cruises are a more relaxing option

Catamaran Cruise

Okay, a catamaran cruise isn’t exactly a watersport, but after all of the high adrenaline activities on this list, it might be time to do something a little less taxing. With a range of options, you could enjoy a sunset dinner cruise or a full day exploring the caldera and beyond. A cruise as a family may be a little pricey, so make sure to find something all inclusive.

Keys for a Successful Summer Vacation with your Kids

Keys for a Successful Summer Vacation with your Kids

As a child, some of my best memories are from the summer holidays I spent with my family. Whether we traveled or stayed at home, my parents made sure that we had fun and spent time together. Children value the time spent with their parents above all else; if they also get to travel, then even better.

If you are looking to offer a memorable summer vacation to your kids, there are a few things you might consider trying. When summer will come to an end, make sure that they are suntanned and happy, eager to tell all of their friends about the adventures they had.

#1 Travel to somewhere new 

Take your children to a new destination each summer, as each travel will open both their hearts and their minds. Expose them to new places, new people and new cultures, as these are the kind of experiences contributing to them becoming well-adjusted adults. Talk to them about the chosen destination, and always involve them in the decision process (depending on age, of course).

#2 A family photoshoot to remember your holiday

A family travel photoshoot is a great idea, as you can be sure the professional photographer will capture you and your family from the best possible angles. Moreover, it is simple to book a photographer online, who will then arrive at the established location. The photos are then processed to look even more amazing, and you will always have them to remember your vacation by. 

Very few are the kids who don’t like water

#3 Water is always fun

Children prefer destinations that involve water, as the fun is guaranteed. Even if you do not have time to get away, you might consider going to the local pool and spending some quality moments with your kids. A trip to a nearby lake is also an excellent idea, especially since there are many fun activities to do there, such as kayaking or swimming. 

#4 More time outside

During the school year, children spend a lot of time cooped up inside a classroom and then at home. While on vacation, you might want to come up with more opportunities for them to spend time in the fresh air. Seek out opportunities to explore the open outdoors – you might consider going to a family camp, visiting local state parks or finding one of those playgrounds where physical activities are encouraged. Your kids will enjoy the whole experience, especially if you also plan a picnic for them. 

#5 Introduce your kids to great books

Use the summer season, including any travels you might undertake, together as a family, as an opportunity to introduce your kids to great books. Choose titles and genres suitable for their age, and talk about the story and how the hero solved the herculean tasks the author presented him/her with. Instill the passion for reading early on, and your kid will never feel like reading is a chore.

These are only a couple of tips on how to spend an amazing summer vacation with your kids. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that children need our presence, first and foremost. Be there for them and have fun together, creating precious memories! 

Playing in the sea

Things to do with children in the Algarve

The Algarve is a perfect destination for families with children of all ages! Long sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, lots of nature and family-friendly hotels and accommodations invite families from all over the world to spend a great time here! 

Going to the beach is of course on top of the list!

We know that kids are already happy if they can play at the beach all day long and make new friends. However, to make sure your holidays in the Algarve really become unforgettable, we have found the best activities to do with children in the Algarve! From surfing to fishing to fun boat tours, the Algarve has a lot to offer for families with young children!

Sure, there are water parks like the Slide and Splash that are quite a lot of fun. But if your kids love being out at sea, there are many boat tours in the Algarve that are specially designed for your children to have a great time onboard! For those of you staying looking for a special experience, here are some great family activities s where your kids can really have a super fun time.

Boat tours are great if your kids love the sea!

There are private and shared options for boat tours with children in Lagos. If you prefer to spend some real quality time during your family holidays, we have a unique private family cruise in Lagos. Onboard of the stylish yacht, the parents can relax in the sun while the kids have a lot of fun playing on deck and diving in the crystal-clear waters. You even have the option to add some fun watersports like wakeboard, banana or SUP.

For the families who prefer a shared tour where the kids can make new friends, we have a fun family boat trip in Lagos. The big and stable catamaran is perfect for kids of all ages, as they can play on the deck and meet other kids to play with. Parents can enjoy a drink at the bar and relax in the sun. During this cruise in Lagos, you can enjoy the view over the rock formations while the children have the best time onboard! 

Surfing or inflatables, just enjoy the sea!

Now, while boat tours are always fun, we also have some more exciting great activities to do with children in the Algarve! One of them is an unforgettable kids surf lesson in the Algarve! This surf school is specialised in taking kids out to ride some fun and easy waves around the beaches of Lagos. This surf lesson is one of the best activities with children in the Algarve because they can learn a fun new sport in a safe and fun environment! 

Around the area of Albufeira, we have another fun boat trip on a real pirate ship! The Captain hook cruise in Albufeira is tailored for families with kids, and a whole lot of kids entertainment is included. As the name already gives away, the theme of this boat trip is Pirates! The children can play on the deck and feel like real explorers, while your parents can enjoy the cruise along the Algarve coastline! 

Some boat tours require life jackets, others not, but they’re always available, of course!

Another one of the best activities to do with children in the Algarve is our family fishing trip from Alvor. This fishing trip is specially made for families so that even the youngest can catch some fish! The safe and stable fishing boat is suitable for all ages, and all the equipment for the entire family is included. If someone from your family doesn’t want to fish, they can join anyway and support the rest of the family! 

And don’t forget to check if your accommodation has a swimming pool!

For those of you staying around either Armação de Pêra or Vilamoura, there is the option to ride on a banana! This fun experience is always great to do with kids! You can even make a competition to see who can stay on the banana the longest! Riding a banana is one of the best ways to spice up your beach day in the Algarve!

There are also some other fun watersports to do in the Algarve, like the Aquatwister in Vilamoura, as well as the Crazy Sofa, Crazy Cookie or even the Aqua twister in Armação de Pêra! Lots to choose from, or maybe you can even do all of these activities during your holidays? Your kids sure will love it! 

Dolphin watching tours are available from many locations

If you have kids who love animals, you should also think about joining one of the dolphin watching tours in the Algarve. There are many options, and most of them are done on board of fast and stable RIB Boats. These boats are not suitable for very young children, but if your kids are 4 years or older, this will be the highlight of their time in the Algarve! There are dolphin watching tours from all destinations in the Algarve.

For those families with younger kids, there are some great alternatives to the dolphin watching tours on RIB Boats. For example, we have a dolphin tour on board of a glass-bottom boat from Albufeira. This is a great experience for kids, as they can even admire the underwater world from board additionally to observing wild dolphins! The dolphin watching tour on the Dreamer, a bigger and more stable boat, is also a great alternative for families with younger children!

Just enjoy the sun, on a boat or on the beach 😉

There are many great things to do in the Algarve, but these were the best activities to do with children in the Algarve! You see, there are lots to choose from to make sure your holidays will be unforgettable for the entire family, no matter what age your kids are! And we’re sure they will love it so much, you will be coming back very soon to try some more fun activities in the Algarve!

5 Great places to eat with the family in Quinta do Lago

With such a vast and delicious selection of restaurants and eateries to choose from in Quinta Do Lago, we wouldn’t blame you for feeling a little overwhelmed when it comes to picking somewhere that suits the needs of the whole family, especially the little ones!

Quinta do Lago's amazing surroundings

Quinta do Lago’s amazing surroundings

Peter Jenkins, travel expert and managing director at Sun-hat Villas and Resorts, specialists in luxury Algarve villas, has compiled his top five family friendly places to wine and dine.

Koko Lane

From mouth-watering breakfasts to daily bistro specials, Koko Lane’s extensive menu offers something delicious for any time of the day. Located on the driving range, the flatbread starters and spinach tortellini provide sustenance for a busy morning practicing your drives. With a traditional wood-fired oven creating heavenly pizzas, a play area next to the restaurant and an ice-cream shop, the kids will forever be satisfied. Takeaway is also readily available so you can stroll leisurely along the stretch of sand and simultaneously enjoy your pizza.

Quinta do Lago SeaBookings

Koko Lane

The Shack Bar and Grill

If you’re after something that sways a little more towards the edgy vibe, then The Shack Bar and Grill is the place for you and your family. This cool restaurant mimics the authenticity of a fisherman’s shack and is situated next to the shoreline of the lake – overlooking the nature reserve and sea beyond. You can watch over the kids running around and playing in the sand, whilst tucking into a ‘Shack Burger’ or the fish tacos, washed down with an exotic cocktail and soaking up the relaxed atmosphere that the live music supplies.

The Cheeky Pup

This is a brand-new Irish gastropub, operated by a young and passionate team that adhere to the fun and friendly atmosphere that Quinta Do Lago prides itself on. The Cheeky Pup serves fine wines, craft beers and food all day and also features an unrivalled outdoor terrace, offering the perfect alfresco experience. With live music to whisk you away into the late hours of another glorious day, you can sit and reflect on how amazing both the seabass and tiramisu you just devoured were. The kids menu is fantastic too and packed with plenty of healthy options, but if you’re youngsters are missing home, we’d recommend the classic fish, chips and peas option; brownie points if you can get them to eat all the peas! Due to popularity, we suggest you make a reservation here and be sure to look out for discount vouchers, soon to be offered online.

The Cheeky Pub

The Cheeky Pub

Bovino Steakhouse

This is the most exclusive steakhouse experience you can have in the Algarve. The Bovino Steakhouse offers prime-cuts and the finest dry-aged beef within a setting created by one of Europe’s most acclaimed designers, you are guaranteed to feel like royalty. We love the rump, the ribeye, or the two persons ‘Bovino Signature Cuts Experience’. Kids are also well catered for here; there is a separate well thought out children’s menu and an outdoor play area, which really adds to the atmosphere and allows them to explore the surroundings in the sun, whilst you remain close by.

Bovino Steakhouse

Bovino Steakhouse

Picnic in the Park or on the beach

Saturday night in Quinta Do Lago is beach party night, granting the resort the well-deserved nickname of ‘bather’s paradise’. Lying along the stunning Ria Formosa nature reserve, Quinta Do Lago beach has pristine white sands that stretch out for three kilometres, protected by the dunes. This part of the coastline offers unspoilt views of the ocean, making it a beautiful picnic spot (home-grown produce and wine is always available from local markets and shops).

The resort’s driving range annually hosts Picnic in the Park in aid of some of the neighbourhoods’ charities between July and August, which creates a relaxed atmosphere amongst the tropic temperature. Live music and children’s entertainment are situated next to the first tee of the South Course. There are usually four fresh hampers to choose from ranging from €12 – €25. The ‘pure’ hamper is an assortment of healthy super foods, the ‘Bovino’ is a meat-lovers dream and the ‘Clubhouse’ basket is comprised of dips and cheeses. A kid’s picnic basket is also available to purchase.

Have these divine restaurants left you hungry for a good deal? Sun-hat Villas has properties widespread across Algarve – take a look here.