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The best boat tours in Alicante

We are absolutely in love with all our new destinations in Spain. Especially Alicante is a real gem, with the Mediterranean flair and crystal-clear waters! It’s the perfect destination for people who really, REALLY love the sun and the sea! And of course delicious tapas and paella!

Since the sun is (almost) always shining in Alicante, it’s refreshing to go out on one of the boat tours in Alicante to escape the heat for a bit and explore the amazing coastline of the region.

We want to share our best boat tours in Alicante with you!

Invite your friends and enjoy some sun on our deck!
Invite your friends and enjoy some sun on our deck!
  1. Sunset Boat Tour in Alicante

First up on our list of the best boat tours in Alicante is this magical sunset boat tour in Alicante. This boat tour on board of a beautiful catamaran will take you to discover the fascinating coastline dipped in the stunning colors of a sunset. There’s really no better time of the day to do a boat tour!

During the 2 hour tour, you will even be able to go snorkeling in the crystalline water of the mediterranean sea. And to make it even better, you will be served some yummy tapas and a refreshing glass of cava.

This sunset boat tour in Alicante really offers the best of it all. No wonder it had to be part of our list of the best boat tours in Alicante!

catamaran in Alicante
Get a board of our catamaran in Alicante
  1. Half day Boat Tour in Alicante

For those of you who fancy a trip along the coast of Alicante, this half-day boat tour in Alicante is the nicest option! On this tour on a catamaran, you will get to discover the amazing coves of Cabo de las Huertas. The natural coves are unique on the coast of Alicante, and we’re sure you will be stunned by the natural beauty of this place!

On this tour, you can also go out exploring with snorkeling equipment. If you prefer to stay on board, you can relax at the cocktail bar and sip some fruity drinks while enjoying the impressive view! If you get too hungry from all the fun, grab some fruit – it’s included!

On board this modern and spacious catamaran, you’re guaranteed to have a great time exploring the famous Costa Blanca! With all the fun and delicious cocktails, this half-day boat tour in Alicante to Cabo de las Huertas is, of course, one of the best boat tours in Alicante, don’t you agree?

We'll serve a delicious paella
We’ll serve a delicious paella
  1. Full day sailing in Alicante

Oh yes, this full day sailing in Alicante is for those people who just can’t get enough of the sea and of sailing! This tour is really unique because you don’t only see the coastline, but also get to explore the island of Tabarca!

The island of Tabarca is the first marine reserve in Spain, and oh so beautiful! It’s the perfect place to spend a whole day at. The friendly crew will even serve you a delicious and typical paella in this magical place. Trust us, the food tastes even better in front of a scenery like the island of Tabarca! To freshen up, you can also go snorkeling and explore the colourful underwater world.

If you’re looking for a full day getaway to explore the impressive natural reserve of Tabarca island, then this is the best boat tour in Alicante for you! Paella, a deserted island and a whole day out in the sun – definitely one of the best boat tours in Alicante!

Boat party in Alicante
Are you ready to party?
  1. Boat Party in Alicante

So we’ve covered some pretty awesome boat tours on this list of the best boat tours in Alicante. But the party animals among you are probably not really convinced yet, right? Well, what about a boat party in Alicante? I think this will be wild enough for the ones of you looking for some serious fun!

Okay, so let’s have a look at the facts: Open Bar during the whole party, resident DJ with the best summer tunes, snorkeling equipment on board and a visit to the famous Playa de San Juan. And of course a wild bunch of party people to dance and sing with like there’s no tomorrow. You have to admit, this sounds pretty amazing, right!?

On the spacious deck, you can get down on the floor during this boat party in Alicante. Or if you prefer, jump down in the sea! Whatever you choose, you will never forget these amazing 3 hours of boat party in Alicante (or maybe only parts of it) ;). So much fun deserves to be on the list of the best boat tours in Alicante!

Enjoy some sone on our comfortable catamaran
Enjoy some sone on our comfortable catamaran

So you see, we have something for all tastes to enjoy a boat tour in Alicante! If you’re planning a trip to Alicante, make sure to include one of the best boat tours in Alicante in your stay. We promise you won’t regret it! We hope you have a beautiful stay in this sunny paradise and enjoy it as much as we do!

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