Best Summer Break Destinations for Students on a Budget

Every student looks forward to an amazing summer break. And because students hardly have extra money after spending so much on textbooks, tuition, and other academic materials, traveling to fun-filled locations during summer breaks could be a big deal. Despite that, you can still enjoy your summer break to the maximum without breaking your pocket. How?

There are some great and affordable destinations around the world for you to explore and enjoy as a student. Only a few people know about these locations. Therefore, in this article, we will share some of these destinations that could make your summer break worthwhile without exceeding your budget.

Top 4 Summer Destinations for Students on a Budget

We have made the search task less tedious for you. Below are the top 4 amazing destinations you can explore as a student on a budget.

Surfing is one of the cool watersports you can practice in Cape Verde

Boa Vista, Cape Verde

If you are interested in watersports, you should go to Boa Vista. This is the third-largest island in the West African country, Cape Verde (also known as the Republic of Cabo Verde). Boa Vista is a Portuguese word which means “Good View” and it houses many large beaches such as Praia de Cabral, Atlanta, Varandinha, Chaves, Ervatão and Gatas. And it is popular for its watersports, Date fruit farming, traditional music bands, and loggerhead sea turtles. 

The great things about Boa Vista are the affordable hotels and cabins, the availability of an international airport, nice restaurants, a good road network, and ferry services to convey you to your various destinations within the island. Also, Cape Verde has a flexible visa policy; citizens of most African, European, and American countries can visit Cape Verde without Visa, while citizens of other countries can obtain a visa on arrival. A summer vacation on this island promises to be a lifelong experience for any tourist, especially students.

Safe Holidays in Portugal
Traveling on a budget is fine in Portugal

Albufeira, Portugal

Looking for a lively, energetic, and yet cheap travel destination for students on a low budget? The coastal town of Albufeira, Portugal is your best bet. The European city is located in the southern part of the Algarve and has a lot of beautiful scenes for your holiday pleasure. 

Most tourists enjoy dolphin-watching, boat cruises, and it’s a diving hub. You would be fascinated by the candy-colored apartments in the coastal town. There are pocket-friendly restaurants, theme bars, and clubs. It is one of the best party holiday destinations in Europe; you and your friends won’t have any dull moments throughout your summer break.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Italy is one of the most affordable locations in Europe, and the Amalfi Coast is a great place for maximum summer fun. Amalfi Coast is located on cliffs and has a lot of interesting places you can visit. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is known for its iconic lemons used for limoncello liqueur production.

Some tourists probably love Amalfi because of its colorful and well-detailed architectural houses. The town is suitable for all types of tourists; luxury or moderate. No matter your social class, you will enjoy a comfortable and affordable time in the coastal town.

Athens is surely one of the most beautiful places in Europe
Athens is surely one of the most beautiful places in Europe

Athens, Greece

Athens is a famous city in Europe and the cultural and historical endowment of this Greek city makes it a popular destination around the world. Many students travel to Greece to attend summer schools and for excursions.

The city is student-friendly! Exploring the city’s beautiful fun spots will not bore a hole in your pocket. For instance, a full-day boat cruise could cost you a little above €100. There are lots of places to visit, like the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Acropolis, historical sites and several ancient buildings. 

Memoir: Combination of the Booze, Bubbles, and Learning of a Student on a Budget During Summer Break

Unlike most holidays, summer break is usually full of parties and all sorts of fun and recreation activities. The truth is that if you are attending a summer class, you will hardly have enough time to do your assignments. So, when you are finally able to visit your dream summer destination, you should be prudent with your spendings and time.

For instance, I can remember my trip to Cape Town, South Africa. I had so much fun that I had little time to complete some assignments. But I do not have to bother; I had to pay someone to do my homework for a token. Having a professional assistant with assignments aided my learning. I learned a whole new approach to the course from the professional services, and I was able to merge and incorporate the approaches into my studies. This gave me an edge over my colleagues. It was indeed a rollercoaster of fun and learning. And I didn’t have to pay beyond my budget.


So here is our list of various locations you can travel to as a student on a budget. Before making our choices, we considered the following factors: availability of affordable accommodations, favorable exchange rates, and cheap tasty food, local transport system, safety, and travel policies. To ease your search you can get more detailed information on our travel blog. Have a great journey!

Author’s bio: Erica Sunarjo is a travel writer with a degree in Applied Sciences. She is your go-to person if you think “who should I contact to do my statistics homework for me? Erica has spent most of her career life on different continents and assisted tourists to get around with ease.

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