Rhodes at Easter

Greece has been one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe forever, and there’s a good reason for it. Paradisiacal beaches, turquoise waters, friendly people and great food. Rhodes is especially beautiful and worth a visit. Let us show you why you should visit Rhodes at Easter.

Be impressed by the island's lanscapes
Be impressed by the island’s landscapes

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands in Greece, that lie surrounded by the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. Due to this special location in two important sea-routes, it has always been an important place in history. Thus, the old town of Rhodes is incredibly rich in culture, museums and history!

Enjoy the cute towns
Enjoy the cute towns

But not only historians and culturally interested travellers will love Rhodes. The warm and calm waters are perfect for beach holidays and nature lovers have endless terrain of untouched land to discover!

Rhodes is a great holiday destination all year around. But in this post, we’ll show you why you should visit Rhodes at Easter!

The mild weather

Temperatures in Rhodes are nice all-year around, but in springtime, it’s especially great to visit this magical island. The average temperature in April is around 20°C, so it’s warm enough to spend time at the beach but not too warm. This way you can also enjoy bike-rides and do other active things during your Easter holidays in Rhodes, like a fun SUP Tour in Rhodes for example!

Empty beaches!
Empty beaches!

It’s only the start of the season

If you visit Rhodes at Easter, it means that all restaurants, hotels and tour operators have just re-opened after a well-deserved winter break. So at this point, everybody is relaxed and motivated for a new season, which means you get to meet the people while they are still full of energy and happy about all tourists coming in! As you can imagine, during summer it gets very stressful for the locals! So that’s another reason why Rhodes is the best destination for your Easter holidays!

Beautiful coastline
Beautiful coastline

Less crowded beaches and tourist attractions

Rhodes is one of the most visited islands of Greece, thus in the summer, it gets very busy around the coast! If you visit Rhodes during your Easter holidays, you will find even empty beaches as well as fewer queues around the most famous tourist attractions like the town Lindos or the medieval part of Rhodes town!

So Rhodes is the perfect destination for your Easter holidays because you get to enjoy the beauty and magic of the amazing places around the island without tourist masses! That way you might fall in love even more with the island of Rhodes!

Enjoy the Spring colors
Enjoy the Spring colors

Discounted prices for flights and accommodation

Another reason why it’s worth to visit Rhodes at Easter is that at that time of year, you pay much less for both flights and accommodation! If you have a look around you might even find some nice package prices that included both flights and accommodation for reasonable prices!

Also, boat tours and other watersport activities have low-season prices many times, so that you can actually save some money! With that extra money, you can enjoy some extra yummy food! In Rhodes, you will find many delicious restaurants with seafood and of course the famous Gyros!

You'll be amazed by this island
You’ll be amazed by this island

We went to Rhodes in April and we loved it there! Only sunny days, warm beach weather and really cheap prices all over the island – it was the perfect Easter holiday destination, and the best way to warm up after a cold winter! So yes, Rhodes at Easter should definitely be on your bucket list!


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