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Hey there,

Hereby, a brief heads up about what we’re up to at SeaBookings in these challenging times. First of all, we hope you’re all safe and sound. And second, let’s talk about travel. We know travel might not be on the top of your mind at the moment, but let’s stay positive and believe that soon we can travel the world again! 

We trust that, together, we can overcome this. Firstly, in terms of health but also in terms of business. Better times will come!

At SeaBookings, we’re fortunate to be an online service and we’re working hard to prepare a delayed high season this year. We, therefore, encourage you to continue to contact as you always do, as a final customer or a potential new local tour provider

While all sea experiences are currently on hold, we’re not in “the shade of a banana tree” (Portuguese saying for not doing anything). We’re getting ready for a boom, once the pandemic has calmed down. As such, we’d be happy to receive some feedback on how you feel about the future of travel. You can do so by simply filling in this anonymous 3-minute inquiry. That would be much appreciated!

We hope it won’t be long till we’re all back to experiencing the sea to the fullest. Until then, stay safe. 

Oh, and if you’ve got any ideas or questions, feel free to give us a call or drop us a line at any time. We’re here to help.

SEA ya soon!
Your SeaBookings Team


Bo Irik - Boosting Maritime Tourism in Portugal

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  1. Hi there!
    I just ordered a kitesurf course for two people in Almeria in June!
    Can you tell me, when it will be possible to do this course? We would so much like to learn kitesurfing and really hoping to do that this year in Spain or in Portugal, if we are allowed to travel to Portugal. It would be so kind, if you could contact us, as soon as it is possible to join a course. Stay safe. Best wishes Anke

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