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Lisbon is a gorgeous location on the Atlantic coast with amazing year-round weather. As the largest city in Portugal, it has developed as a centre of culture and activity, making it a great destination for families, backpackers and any other type of traveller.

Below is a list of 10 possible activities to do along the city and Lisbon coast, many of which may convince you to consider the city for your next great city break or long vacation.

Visit the Beautiful and Sunny Lisbon Beaches

One of the biggest draws of Portugal’s capital city is its stunning beaches. There are also beaches situated in the small nearby town of Cascais, like Guincho Beach which make for a relaxing day in the sun.

In addition, beaches such as Praia da Ursa and Pinhal de Leiria are great for all kinds of water activities such as swimming, surfing, sailing and more.

Lisbon Coast in Portugal
Lisbon Coast in Portugal

Step Back in Time at Bairro Alto

The Bairro Alto is a neighbourhood that dates back to the 16th century and features an old town feel including some amazing architecture.

While the area is relatively quiet during the day, it offers an amazing nightlife scene.

Over 250 bars, restaurants and clubs populate the area, making the neighbourhood a fluster of activity during the night as people hustle into popular spots such as Lust, Ministerium, and Lux.

Taste Pasteis de Belem

The Pastel de Belem is a traditional egg tart pastry that is one of Portugal’s most popular creations. In fact, The Guardian newspaper publication even named the tart the 15th most tasty delicacy in the world.

While an imitation known as the Pastel de Nata exists, nothing beats the Pasteis de Belem original that is found at the Antiga Confeitaria de Belem, the large bakery cafe that continues to keep the tart’s secret recipe under lock and key to this day.

Take a Swing on Lisbon’s Many Golf Courses

This location is also great for golfers and features many great courses along the coast of this city.

Great courses can be found in the Cascais and Estoril areas as well as the Sintra hills. Lisbon Golf holiday resorts such as the Palmela Village Golf complex and the Penha Longa Golf Resort offer amazing courses, beautiful sights and exquisite accommodations that will spoil even the most experienced golfers.

Penha Longa Golf Course

Visit the National Coach Museum

Lisbon is a centre of culture and the arts and plays host to many excellent museums and art galleries.

Unique among these is The National Coach Museum which features an extensive collection of historical coaches.

The museum allows visitors to take a step back in time while viewing many rare items and carriages which once belonged to members of the Portuguese royal family.

Sail Along the Paths Once Taken by Portuguese Explorers

Like many Portuguese explorers throughout history, you can also set sail on the Lisbon coast. Braving the rocking ocean in search of adventure. The winds along the Lisbon coast are perfect for a day of sailing.

Clubs such as The Clube Naval de Cascais feature training, competitions and function as hotspots for visiting sailors in the area. We also recommend sailing cruises in the Tagus river.

Sailing tour Lisbon (1)
From the Tagus River you can get a unique sight over the city of Lisbon

Relax by the Waters Along the River Tagus

In addition to the amazing Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon also has the Tagus river which runs through the city.

The Tagus river flow can be seen from old town as well as the city’s newer districts.

There are lots of vantage points dotted along the Tagus all of which help the river become of the great characteristics of this gorgeous capital city.

Experience Lisbon’s Traditional Fado Music

It’s difficult to leave out a mention of Fado not least because the music has a large influence on the culture of the city.

Tourists can be seen crowded into the various Fado Houses of the city enjoying the sounds of this unique musical style.

For those who would like to take a more in-depth look at this important music style of Portugal, the city also features the popular Museum of Fado.

Discover Wildlife at Tapada Nacional de Mafra

For those looking to get back to nature, you can visit the Tapada Nacional de Mafra, a park of natural heritage that was founded in 1747.

The park features many types of wildlife that you can view including deer, fallow deer, wild boars, birds of prey and foxes.

The species coexist in a beautiful forest that spans a huge area just a small distance outside of Lisbon.

surf lisboa
Surfing along the Lisbon coast is a fun thing to do with a group of friends

Surf Lisbon’s Amazing Waves

Well known by water sports enthusiasts the Lisbon coast offers no shortage of great surfing spots.

Lisbon is a great place to take surfing lessons and learn how to ride the coast’s rolling waves.

In addition to the facilities and natural surf on offer, many come to take advantage of the cool breezes and great beaches whilst getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets.

Final Thoughts about the Lisbon Coast

The above list highlights some of the best things to do when visiting the Lisbon coast.

This all year-round destination offers a huge range of activities and cultural discoveries including gorgeous beaches, watersports, amazing culture, music, food, wine and stunning views.

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