Things Students Must Do When Visiting Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the world’s most wonderful and famous city. It has a rich history, fantastic culture, and tasty food. However, if you are visiting a place for the first time and don’t know what to do and where to spend time. This blog will tell you what things students must do while visiting Rio de Janeiro.

5 best Things Students Must Do When Visiting Rio de Janeiro

Here are the five best things students can do while visiting the incredible Rio de Janeiro.

Visit the Statue of Christ the Redeemer

When we think about Brazil, the first thing in our mind is a statue of Christ’s Redeemer. This is a giant art deco statue in the world, and its symbol is Rio de Janeiro. One of the places you must visit once in your life, no matter how many times someone tells you about their personal experience with this place. The view is breathtaking; as far as the eye can see, other mountains and valleys stretch out behind like a panorama painting come alive.

View of Statue Christ Redeemer at Rio de Janeiro

Sleep and Get Relax at Copacabana Beach

The most incredible and fun place in Rio de Janeiro is to visit Copacabana beach. This beach covers many areas, so there is enough space available to get a sun bath. You will notice people like and enjoy a party there. You can enjoy some cocktails or beers from local sellers and spend a whole day there with the locals. 

As you are fed up with your strict daily routine being a student, you can go to such places to feel better and fresh. One of the positive impacts of traveling on students is to experience the real world as it improves confidence and teaches about a new culture, food, and history. 

See the Spectacular Views from Sugarloaf Mountain 

One of the best activities while visiting Rio is to arrive at the top of Sugarloaf Mountain by cable car. One of Rio de Janeiro’s main attractions is taking the gondola up Sugarloaf Mountain, the high peak seen in nearly every picture of the city. Once you arrive there, you can enjoy the spectacular view. If you want to eat something better, take it with you. Because being a student, you cannot afford the food in the restaurant at the top. It is a suggestion that go there and sees the sunset view. 

Spectacular View of Cable Car at Sugarloaf Mountain

Explore the Street Art in Lapa

One of the exciting things to do in Rio de Janeiro is to explore the street art in Lapa. All across the city, you can see many paintings and individual pieces. The elegant style of Selarón Steps and colorful old buildings decorated with images looks terrific. However, wall paintings are very complex. Except for Lapa, you can see these paintings in Santa Teresa and around the streets of botanical gardens. 

Lapa is a great place to go for nightlife. It’s lively, with many bars, restaurants, and clubs hosting live music. There are many different styles of music here, from samba to electronic. If you are looking for dancing or want to hang out with friends after dinner at one of the many restaurants in Lapa, then there you will be. 

Have Fun While Walking in Centro District

The Centro district of Rio is considered an exciting place to visit because of its history. You can see the various cultural places such as many churches and Real Gabinete Português de Leitura, the Royal Portuguese Reading Room. But the Centro district is considered an unsafe place for tourists. So, keep yourself safe and ensure that your surroundings are fine while taking photographs and eating. Take safety measures and care for yourself and your belongings to avoid unpleasant situations. 


Rio de Janeiro is the best place to go. With its rich history and culture, this city is sure to give you enjoyment and fun. You will be able to enjoy some of the best food while also learning about Brazil’s past through its historical buildings and culture.

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