• Visit Algarve kayak tour in Lagos
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    Tu podes. Vem desfrutar do Algarve enquanto é todo nosso.

    O meu nome é Bo, sou uma das co-fundadoras da SeaBookings, e preciso de partilhar algo com os meus amigos cá em Portugal. Por favor, visitem o Algarve. Partilho as razões, boas e más, pelas quais devemos fazê-lo. Comecemos pelas más. Acabei de chegar de umas mini-férias em Lagos e garanto que foram as melhores de sempre. Fiquei na casa dos meus pais no campo pelo que, no início, praticamente nem senti nada de especial no que toca ao “novo normal”. Foi quando entramos de carro na cidade de Lagos que o meu coração apertou. A Avenida estava quase sem carros, montes e montes de lugares para estacionar. Até deitei…

  • Algarve is the best holiday destination
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    Travel experts agree: the Algarve is the best holiday destination this summer

    A panel of travel experts at Clickstay.com has voted the Algarve as the best destination for British tourists this summer. 52% of the in-house travel pros voted in favour of the Algarve, the South of Portugal, citing successful control of Coronavirus as one of the key factors. “Local government has done fantastic work in limiting the spread of the virus and put in sensible measures to ensure people can enjoy their holiday safely”, said Tom Hughes, founder and MD at Clickstay. “Their use of technology, such as the Info Praia app where tourists can real-time information about the level of occupancy of the beach, is a great example of how the government is being…

  • Benagil cave Algarve
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    Top 10 blog posts about Portugal

    2019 was a busy year on our blog and the top 10 of our most-read blog posts were all about Portugal! Traveling to Portugal soon? Don’t miss out on our top 10 blog posts about Portugal. Within Portugal, some of the most-read blog posts were about the Algarve while others about Madeira. And, no surprise! Blog posts about Benagil are very popular. Read our Top 10 blog posts about Portugal: Our top 6 beaches in Lagos, Portugal One of SeaBookings’s founders, Femke, has been living in Lagos for more than 20 years now. Living in Lagos is lovely and the beaches in Lagos continue to surprise every single day. Lagos…

  • Romantic things Algarve
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    Romantic things to do in the Algarve

    Is it the first time you are planning to go to the Algarve and would you like to know where the most romantic spots are? Carry on reading, because in this article we listed the most romantic things to do in the Algarve.  When you are in Portugal, there is so much to see and do. The South of Portugal is famous for its golden sand beaches with spectacular sandstone rock formations, cliffs and caves. By renting a car you can drive easily to some nice places and admire the beautiful beaches and impressive rock formations while standing on the top. At SeaBookings, if you’re looking for something special for…

  • Benagil Caves Tour
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    We visited the Benagil caves with the family

    By Bo, co-founder of SeaBookings, working from Lisbon: We were on holiday in Carvoeiro, a small fishing village in the Algarve, with my boyfriends’ family, this year. We had 4 kids in the group, from 1 to 6 years old. The kids just love the beach, so most of the days, we spent the mornings on the beach and the afternoon by the pool. Praia Vale Centeanes and Praia do Carvoeiro are our favorite beautiful beaches. As we were staying in Carvoeiro and given that “I work with boat trips”, of course, I had to invite the family for a boat tour to the Benagil caves. We decided to go…

  • How to get from Faro to Benagil cave
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    How to get from Faro to Benagil cave

    Let us help you to get from Faro to Benagil cave Benagil, Benagil, Benagil – everybody wants to visit Benagil! Benagil is one of the most famous sea caves in Portugal. It is a very impressive rock formation, and a visit there is a Must-Do during your holidays in the Algarve. The rock formations of Algar de Benagil can be found close to Lagoa. It is located close to the small fisherman village with the same name. So if you are on holidays anywhere else in the Algarve, you might not know how to get to Benagil cave. That’s why we want to help you find out how to get from…

  • Benagil boat tour in Algarve
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    How to choose a Benagil boat tour in Algarve

    How to choose the Benagil boat tour in Algarve that suits you most? If you’re in the Algarve, a visit to the incredible Benagil cave is a true must. I think we know this by now 🙂 However, there are so many boat tours to Benagil. On SeaBookings, we have more than 30 experiences that involve visiting the cave of Benagil.  We recommend choosing your Benagil tour based on the following criteria: First of all, we should consider the departure point of your Benagil tour in Algarve. On almost all cave tours, the departure point is the same as the endpoint. So, you can base your choice on where you’ll…

  • Eco tours in the Algarve
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    Discover the best eco tours in the Algarve

    Are you planning to go on holidays in the Algarve and searching for a way to minimize your footprint while adventuring abroad? Look no further – Lianne, customer support and content/translations at SeaBookings, listed the best eco tours in the Algarve! Our favorite eco tours in the Algarve 1. Coasteering Coasteering is a very original, exciting and sustainable way to explore the Algarve. And that’s why this experience is on our list of eco tours in the Algarve. If you are looking for some adventure, then this sustainable tour to explore the Algarve coastline is the perfect activity to do. Coasteering involves swimming, walking and jumping from cliffs, so you can imagine it is…

  • Wave is the Algarve. By João Coelho
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    What to do when there are waves in the Algarve

    The Algarve is one of our favourite destinations in Portugal, and also one where we have a lot of different awesome boat tours for you! The caves and grottos around Ponta da Piedade in Lagos are very impressive and definitely worth a visit, as well as the most famous and beautiful caves of Benagil. However, every now and then all these amazing tours become the victim of a higher force – the sea! Usually, the Algarvian coast in the South of Portugal is blessed with calm waters, allowing all our amazing boat tours to take you along for a relaxed and calm ride. But from time to time we get…