Best beaches in Greece

Check out These 5 Best Beaches in Greece!

Surrounded by glittering turquoise waters, Greece is a treasure island for sun lovers. But with thousands of islands scattered across the Ionian and Aegean seas, it’s easy to get confused when deciding where to go first. 

Popular Beaches in Greece 

1. Lalaria Beach, Skíathos Island

Considered one of the best beaches in Greece, Lalaria is located in the north of Skíathos Island. Its white pebbled shore is one of its kind. If you’re looking for quiet, remote little beaches in Greece, Lalaria should head your list. You can only reach it by boat; there are no walkways on the hill and no way to reach the shore by car. 

There is a price to pay for relaxing in nature. Lalaria doesn’t offer any services, so you will need to pack your own water, food, and other essentials. To get there, you will need to catch a boat from the old Skíathos port.

Boats only leave two times per day: mid-morning and late afternoon. The journey is about 40 minutes one way, so keep this in mind when deciding which one to take. Get plenty of water, food, and supplies that you will need for the day.

Lalaria is routinely named one of the most beautiful beaches, and its beauty has made it a tourist hotspot. Although not as remote as it used to, but it is still worth visiting this incredible seaside during your stay.

2. Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos

One of the best-known beaches of Mykonos, Super Paradise is a stunning bay with golden shores and crystal-clear waters. It is also known for its lively nightlife.

The Super Paradise Beach Club is always packed with partygoers, celebrities, jet setters, and VIPs. It’s one of the more popular beaches in Greece, with a lifeguard on duty, restaurant, and boutique.

Public transportation is available from Fabrika Square and Old Port every 30 minutes from 9:30 am to 8:30 pm. Departures back to Fabrika Square and Old Port also run every 30 minutes from 10 am to 9 pm.

3. Elafonisi, Crete 

One of the gorgeous beaches in Crete and all of Greece, Elafonisi has pink sands, clear waters, and a laid-back vibe.

Elafonisi is located 75 kilometers from the town of Chania, in southwestern Crete. It is an islet, but you can walk there on foot, without even getting your toes wet. 

It’s one of the more exotic beaches in Greece and is worth the effort to see. Elafonisi is part of a protected area. Once you get there, you walk into paradise. The islet is only a mile long, but there is plenty to explore along the way, including a number of small coves, rock formations, and sandy beaches.

Elafonisi is worth the trip because of its natural beauty, but there aren’t many amenities nearby, aside from a few small hotels. This beautiful place is the ideal choice for a day trip.

4. Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia

Located between Argostoli and Assos, Myrtos is surrounded by the Kalon Oros and Agia Dynati mountains. The blinding white sands are contrasted with the azure blue waters and green forested mountains. 

Known as one of the most dramatic beaches in Greece, Myrtos offers a mile and a half of sands. It was the backdrop for Captain Corelli’s Mandolinand voted the best Greek seaside 12 times.

You can reach it from the village of Divarata. The steep, winding road has dangerous hairpin turns, so be cautious if you’re driving. If you want to avoid the stress and hassle of driving, the city of Pylaros runs a bus service to and from the beach from Agia Efimia. 

There are several tavernas in Divarata, as well as a beach bar. Beach umbrellas and sunbeds are also available for hire.

5. Porto Katsiki Beach, Lefkada

Porto Katsiki sits at the base of the towering white cliffs of Lefkada. It has been rated as one of the best beaches in all across the Mediterranean Sea. It differs from the beaches on Mainland Greece because of the steep climb down to the shore.

To get to Porto Katsiki, you will have to traverse 80 steep steps along the cliff. But the journey is worth the effort. The stunning turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and dramatic cliffs make this an unforgettable place. At the top of the stairs, you will find snack bars and a car park. 

The beaches in Greece are the most beautiful in the world. With clear azure waters, soft sandy shores, and incredible landscapes, Greece should be the number one of any traveler’s list. Which beaches in Greece have you visited or are going to visit?

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Thomas Quarry is a data scientist, treasure hunter, animal lover, aspiring wildlife photographer, and outdoor fanatic. In between writing and photography, Thomas likes hiking, climbing, camping, or daydreaming. He has been contributing to nature publications for several years and enjoys new writing challenges.

Algarve Boat Festival 2020

Algarve Boat Festival 2020: um palco, 30 de dança

Um palco, várias pistas de dança e o barlavento algarvio a compor o cenário. Foi assim que, pelas mãos da startup portuguesa SeaBookings, Lagos mergulhou na primeira edição do Algarve Boat Festival

Algarve Boat Festival 2020
A energia no barco-palco foi incrível

A data escolhida para o festival foi o dia 29 de Agosto, cumprindo a tradição da Festa do Banho, que todos os anos preenche este dia com um programa de animação cultural que culmina no banho de mar à meia-noite com direito a fogo-de-artifício. O Algarve Boat Festival permitiu celebrar a data num novo formato, ancorado no distanciamento físico e na segurança do ar livre. 

Um palco, várias pistas de dança

Os festivaleiros juntaram-se à volta do barco-palco na sua embarcação, seja própria ou alugada, seja um barco a motor ou à vela. Foram ainda disponibilizados lugares limitados em embarcações próprias, para aqueles que não dispunham de barco próprio ou não de condições para o alugar. Para quem não pudesse juntar-se fisicamente, o evento foi divulgado nas redes sociais com Live Streaming, que resultou no presente vídeo.

A comandar a pista de dança, no barco-palco, estiveram o algarvio Pete Tha Zouk, DJ Astrella e o lacobrigense Carlos Sax. Na sua primeira edição, o Festival esgotou, contando com quase 30 embarcações que fundearam à volta do barco-palco em frente à emblemática Praia Dona Ana.

O Algarve Boat Festival contou com o apoio da Câmara Municipal de Lagos e a Marina de Lagos. E a Capitania do Porto de Lagos, bem como a polícia marítima, estiveram presentes para fazer cumprir o Plano de Contingência e garantir a segurança do evento. O Clube de Vela de Lagos também esteve presente no apoio logístico da festa.

Nauti Algarve Boat Festival
Que tal encomendar uma mini ao barco-bar?

O espetáculo teve início pelas 15h30 no melhor cenário possível, em frente à emblemática Praia Dona Ana, e tinha a duração de 3 horas. No entanto o Pete Tha Zouk, na sua felicidade de poder voltar a tocar para um público ao vivo em tempos de pandemia, ainda “ofereceu” mais uma hora de dança a quem quisesse ficar.

A primeira edição do Algarve Boat Festival esgotou e tendo em conta o feedback dos festivaleiros, parece que isto foi só o início!

Sea Adventure

Turning Your Next Trip Into a Sea Adventure

Are you overdue for an adventure? Whether you’ve gone a bit stir crazy due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, or you’re just ready to try something new when it comes to travel, nothing can beat turning your next trip into a sea expedition. After all, it’s easy to feel like an old-fashioned explorer when you take advantage of all the water has to offer. 

Planning an adventure on a boat or alone a coastline is a great way to try something different. Plus, there are so many things to do whether you’re a solo traveler or you’re bringing your family along. 

If you want to travel by boat, the benefits include everything from going at a slower pace and being able to breathe in the fresh air, to being able to move around freely in a way you can’t in a car, train, or airplane. But, you don’t necessarily have to get out of the water once you reach your destination. 

Croatia is the best spot to travel by boat

Let’s look at a few great ways you can “dive in” to some sea adventures during your next trip, and how those adventures can benefit you. 

Adventure Is Out There And it Can Benefit Your Health!

If you’ve ever seen the Pixar movie Up!, you’re probably well-versed in the meaning of this subtitle. While the characters in that film may have taken to the skies for their adventure, the premise remains the same for any unique form of transportation. 

While a trip to a theme park or luxury hotel can be relaxing, doing something more adventurous and unique may actually be more beneficial for your mental health and wellbeing. Adventure traveling gets you out of your everyday routine and your comfort zone. As a result, you have more time to think about yourself and your life, and what you truly want out of it. It’s a great way to boost your sense of self-reflection. If you have children, going on an adventure can help them to get their eyes off of their video games and phones, and experience everything the water has to offer. 

Travel, in general, has also been linked to boosting mental health. One survey performed on 485 adults in the U.S. found that traveling was linked to an increase in: 

  • Empathy
  • Focus
  • Energy
  • Attention

Simply being out in nature is a great way to improve your mood and give you more energy, so if you’re planning on taking a trip any time soon, why not choose something out of the norm, that will transform you into a real-life adventurer? 

Live the Pirate Life

Okay, you don’t have to pillage and plunder, but there are plenty of deep-sea adventures that can make you feel like a real-life pirate without all of the danger involved. One of the best ways to do that is to go on a treasure hunt. 

Treasure hunting is a great way to involve your whole family in your sea adventure. That’s especially true when you decide to shallow water hunting. That involves going out about knee-deep into the water. When you use a metal detector to do your hunting, you and your kids can find everything from coins to jewelry, and it’s often easy to dig up. 

If you’re looking for more serious treasure, you’ll want to get out to at least six feet of water, where you can find things like: 

  • Gold and diamond rings
  • Military uniform buttons
  • Trading tokens
  • Religious medallions

Depending on where you go, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to what you can find!

If you want to spend more of your time actually exploring the seas themselves, consider getting on board with the underwater tourism market, and taking a submarine tour. They can be quite costly, starting at around $800 for some of the less expensive tours. But, if you have a vested interest in the world’s oceans and you want an immersive experience, it’s truly an adventure unlike any other. 

Where to Make the Most of Your Travels

The oceans make up about 70% of the earth’s surface, and for as much as we know about them, there is still so much that is left to be explored. So, how can you be sure you’re visiting the best possible places for unforgettable adventures? The possibilities are truly endless, but having a little guidance doesn’t hurt. 

The best places to have adventures on the sea really depend on what you’re interested in. For example, if you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie, you might want to try coasteering (and cliff jumps!) or canyoning in Maderia. If you’re bringing the family along and want to experience something everyone can enjoy, take a boat tour in Lagos to see dolphins swimming around in their natural habitat. It’s a sight that truly never gets old. 

If you want to take a break from ‘adventuring’ and relax with friends or family, the water is the best place to do it. Consider a boat tour in Ibiza for a relaxing afternoon in the sun that everyone can enjoy. 

As you can see, adventure really is out there. It’s waiting for you on the sea and near the shore, so consider making your next trip an unforgettable one by making memories on the water. 

Best watersports in Barcelona

Best Watersports in Barcelona

If you’re a fan of the water and have always been someone that enjoys riding the waves rather than soaking up rays, you’ll be pleased to know that there are tons of aquatic sports that you can enjoy in gorgeous Barcelona. With a coastline that stretches for 4.5km, there’s a wide variety of excellent beaches to try out these activities.

Whether you’re looking to try a water sport out for the first time, or you’re already a seasoned pro, there are plenty of great clubs and schools peppered along Barcelona. Below we’ve got a list of some of the best watersports in Barcelona to get you started. 

Enjoy the colorful Parc de la Ciutadella and the SEA!

Windsurfing in Barcelona

Windsurfing is essentially a form of sailing that involves a board being powered across the water by the wind. It’s not for the faint-hearted as it requires an immense amount of strength, stamina and of course, courage. 

If you’re looking for an adrenaline kick, however, it’s one of the best water sports to try out. You’ll start out on a bigger board with a small sail when you’re learning the basics before moving to a smaller board as your skill increases. The best thing about windsurfing is that it can be enjoyed at any age. In Barcelona, you can check out classes or rent equipment along the Mar Bella beach. 

Paddleboarding in Barcelona

Known as SUP (stand-up paddleboarding), this water sport is a great way to have fun playing in the water while also providing a full-body workout. Since you’re standing upright on the board, you’ll also get to admire the views.

While paddleboarding isn’t as fast-paced as some of the other water sports out there, it’s great for your core, and there’s also a growing trend of individuals doing yoga on their paddle board – talk about intense! In Barcelona, there’s no shortage of schools available and there’s plenty of places for you to rent boards or even practice SUP yoga.  

Surfing in Barcelona

While the Barcelona area may not have the biggest waves in the world, it’s still a great place to get your surf on. If you’re a beginner, Barcelona’s also a fantastic starting point and there are plenty of great spots along the Catalonian Coast. 

Garraf is one of the most picturesque surf spots in Barcelona with old fishermen’s hut on the beach along with houses peppered all over the cliff for a unique appearance. Another popular spot just north of Barcelona is Masnou. There, you’ll have access to the longest waves of the area. There are plenty of surf schools in Barcelona such as Pukas Surf School that’s great for beginners that are just starting to ride the waves. 

Are you ready for some serious fun on our inflatables?

Renting a boat in Barcelona

While it may not be a sport per se, it deserves a brief mention. When you’re in Barcelona, you’ve got to rent a boat as it’s a great way to enjoy the open seas. Head on board as a family or gather a group of friends and you’re sure to have a wonderful afternoon or evening.

From medium-sized yachts to luxury superyachts, there is plenty of options to cater to everyone. On a budget? No worries, in Barcelona you can rent license-free boats and have fun exploring the waters on your own. 

Renting Jet Skis

Feel like you’re flying on water thanks to the high speeds you’ll experience on a jet ski. As you zoom across waterways, you’ll also get to take in the stunning coastal views. 

In Barcelona, you can choose to rent a jet ski for 30-minutes to a couple of hours for some fun. Alternatively, book an excursion that’ll take you a little further to areas such as Costa Brava or Garraf

For those who love some serious speed, how about a jet ski in Barcelona?

Hoverboarding & Flyboarding

If you want to take it to the next level, give hoverboarding and flyboarding a shot. This relatively new water sport is a great way to get the adrenaline pumping. You’ll be propelled into the air thanks to the two powerful water jets that are attached to a pair of special boots. 

You’ll feel as free as a bird and it’s an incredible feeling. Hoverboarding is not difficult to learn, but it’s important to have the right balance. You’ll soar up to 10 meters into the air, and you can even enjoy this activity with your friends or family and have an amazing time together. 

Similar to hoverboarding is flyboarding. Instead of the water jets being attached to a pair of special boots, however, the water jets will instead be strapped to your feet. Feel free to do somersaults, jump and create whatever shapes your heart desires over the water. With flyboarding you’ll reach a height of up to 30 feet in the air – an exhilarating adrenaline experience that’s an absolute must. 

Banana boat in Barcelona is always fun!

Crazy Sofa & Banana

You’ve probably tried the banana boat, but have you tried the crazy sofa? For something fun and exciting to do together with your friends and family, you’ll want to try this out. In this exhilarating activity, you’ll be sitting on an inflatable sofa and get dragged around by a tire that’s attached to a speedboat. 

As you whizz around the ocean, you’ll get to see who ends up being the last one sitting. It’s an exciting activity that’s sure to get everyone laughing. Best of all, there’s no previous experience required and anyone above the age of 10 is welcome to join embark on a crazy sofa adventure. 

Flying Fish 

This new unique water sport is something you absolutely need to check out when visiting Barcelona. Here, you’ll be sitting on an inflatable rubber boat that takes the shape of a flat fish while being pulled by a speed boat. As the boat accelerates, you’ll get lifted above the ocean for a heart pumping experience. 

As you take in the views of the coast, you’ll be blown away by the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea as you look out over Costa Brava. The Flying Fish can take up to six people with the minimum age being 18 years old. This is an activity that you wouldn’t want to miss in Barcelona. 

crazy water sport in Barcelona
Do you date to try flying fish?

There you have it, some of the best water sports in Barcelona! Either than water sports, there’s also plenty to do from visiting the La Sagrada Familia to admiring other modernist landmarks around the city. Finding comfortable accommodation in Barcelona is also key to a fantastic vacation. Why not check out some of these vacation rentals in Barcelona, Spain for a memorable trip unlike any other.  

Watersports Activities you can Enjoy with Your Family in Santorini

Watersports Activities you can Enjoy with Your Family in Santorini

One of the most recognizable islands in the world, Santorini is a symbol of Greece. Known for its whitewashed Cycladic houses, ancient archaeological sites, and the fact that it’s built on the remnants of one huge volcano make it a pretty spectacular place for a holiday. And we haven’t even mentioned the spectacular sunsets! It’s one of the most memorable places you could visit – though it’s probably not the first place you’d think of taking your family. Nevertheless, there are lots of things to do for all ages on the island. 

Of course, one of the most popular draws is its white, red, and black beaches. Each has its own personality and character, but after a few lazy days on the beach, you might start to crave something that will get the adrenaline flowing a little more. How about trying some watersports

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best family-friendly watersports in Santorini. Hopefully, it’ll make it easy to plan and make the most of your trip! 

Stand up paddle boarding in Santorini is magical during sunset

Stand up paddle boarding in Santorini

Santorini’s waters are known for being calm. So, unfortunately for some, that means surfing is off the menu. However, if you feel at home on a board you could try stand up paddleboarding instead. The fastest-growing watersport in the world, it’s a great workout for your core – and who wouldn’t want to say they’d SUPed in the remains of a collapsed volcano?!

Try it at sunrise or sunset, and if you have plenty of SUP experience, you could even have a go at yoga on your board. The ability to do SUP at a slow and relaxed pace means that it’s an ideal way for the family to see the scenery of Santorini together.

There are several different paddle boards depending on what you want to use yours for. So, if you’re wondering which paddle board do I choose? You can either get some expert information at the link there, or find a reliable rental service on the island who will find the best board for you!  

Swimming in Santorini

Something that can be very off-putting when deciding which watersport to do is the need for equipment. Thankfully, with swimming, all you need is a swimsuit. And perhaps a pair of goggles. With swimming spots all over the island, you’re sure not to be disappointed with Santorini. 

Kamari black sand beach is the most popular beach on the island, and there are plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas to rent for breaks between swimming. The black sand beach at Perissa has a water park where children can swim safely, while Red Beach has an awesome swimming spot amongst impressive rock formations.  

Snorkeling is a refreshing and fun experience

Snorkeling in Santorini

One way of exploring the fascinating waters and the underwater world of Santorini is through snorkeling. Snorkeling in Santorini is one of the best ways to see colorful sponges, groupers, snappers and many schools of fish. Book your tours with SeaBookings and explore the treasures under the sea in safe conditions.

Sea Kayaking in Santorini

Another great way to take in the caldera of Santorini is by kayak. Like stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking gives you a great core workout but you’ll be sat down instead. You’ll be able to enjoy some of Santorini’s most famous sights, including rock formations, the Akrotiri lighthouse, while also ducking into sea caves for a bit of shade from the relentless Mediterranean sun. 

Of course, while you kayak you’ll have the opportunity to stop off at a number of beaches that are inaccessible to the busloads of tourists you might find on other parts of the island. 


Maybe one for families with older kids here – and definitely not for anyone scared of heights. Parasailing will see you dragged along behind a speedboat attached to a parachute. You’re likely to reach heights of up to 100 metres! It’s an incredible activity to tick off your bucket list and the views of the caldera below will be etched into your mind forever! 


Shaped like Volkswagen Beetles, water-bikes are basically just fancy pedalos. You might not think of the Beetle as a family-sized car, but there’s space for four on one of these cute little vessels and the good news is it’s very difficult to fall off one!

Are you ready for your first time diving in Santorini?

Scuba Diving in Santorini

If you enjoy diving, Santorini boasts its beaches as it offers great chances for scuba diving due to its volcanic geological background. For people who have experience in scuba diving, this should be one of your highlights during your stay in Greece. Many diving centers and tours have opened over the last couple of years offering diving courses for all ages and levels. Just rent the necessary equipment for your scuba diving experience and your experienced guides will take you out for an amazing time in the underwater world of Santorini. There are also options available for first-timers.

Jet Skiing

Another activity that may be more suitable for families with older kids. Jet-ski safaris are a popular way to see Santorini’s collapsed volcanic craters. Thanks to the high speed of a jet ski, you’ll see what you would in a whole day on a kayak in just a couple of hours. And it really gets the adrenaline pumping! The only issue here is that it’s more difficult and expensive to do as a family. 


Have you ever wanted to fly above the water before diving down to the depths of the ocean? Okay, maybe not the depths. You want to give flyboarding a go. You’ll be strapped to a jetpack which will enable you to fly more than 10 metres in the air – all you need to do is keep your balance. This unusual activity is just 10 minutes long and it’s available on many of Santorini’s beaches. 

Catamaran cruises are a more relaxing option

Catamaran Cruise

Okay, a catamaran cruise isn’t exactly a watersport, but after all of the high adrenaline activities on this list, it might be time to do something a little less taxing. With a range of options, you could enjoy a sunset dinner cruise or a full day exploring the caldera and beyond. A cruise as a family may be a little pricey, so make sure to find something all inclusive.

Visit Algarve kayak tour in Lagos

Tu podes. Vem desfrutar do Algarve enquanto é todo nosso.

O meu nome é Bo, sou uma das co-fundadoras da SeaBookings, e preciso de partilhar algo com os meus amigos cá em Portugal. Por favor, visitem o Algarve. Partilho as razões, boas e más, pelas quais devemos fazê-lo. Comecemos pelas más.

Acabei de chegar de umas mini-férias em Lagos e garanto que foram as melhores de sempre. Fiquei na casa dos meus pais no campo pelo que, no início, praticamente nem senti nada de especial no que toca ao “novo normal”. Foi quando entramos de carro na cidade de Lagos que o meu coração apertou. A Avenida estava quase sem carros, montes e montes de lugares para estacionar. Até deitei uma lágrima. Sim, claro que já tinha noção da queda do turismo e sentimo-lo na SeaBookings, mas esta realidade foi muito confrontante. Nunca imaginei a enérgica cidade de Lagos tão calma e tão vazia. 

O turismo é muito importante para todos nós, direta ou indiretamente. Mais que nunca, e especialmente agora que o Algarve deixou de estar ao alcance de todos, precisamos dos portugueses cá. Tu podes. Visita Portugal. Não só o Algarve, claro. Mas foco me no Algarve por ter vivido esta situação tão devastadora em primeira mão. Penso que talvez um terço das lojas pequenas e cafés giros de Lagos estavam encerrados. Não há clientes! Precisamos de ti cá. Vem desfrutar do nosso Algarve!

E paralelamente a este cenário negativo, nunca desfrutei tanto do meu lindo Algarve. O porquê é óbvio mas custa admitir. O Algarve sem turistas é um verdadeiro paraíso. Se o é com turistas, imagina agora. Imagina a famosa gruta de Benagil, onde os barcos no verão até fazem fila para entrar, só para TI!

Aproveitei a visita para desfrutar do mar, claro. Já conheço bem a zona da emblemática Ponta da Piedade, seja por barco, SUP ou kayak, mas esta vez foi especial. Além de que o mar estava super calminho e a luz incrível, desfrutar da nossa costa sem muitos barcos ou praticantes de SUP e kayak foi maravilhoso. Por isso, agarra em ti, e vem desfrutar. Agora! Agora, antes dos turistas, para teres o nosso mar só para ti. E os hotéis, e os alojamentos locais, e os restaurantes, e as lojas. Só para ti.

E por fim, não queria deixar de partilhar uma nota sobre as notícias recentes sobre o aumento de casos COVID-19 e novas restrições. Felizmente, Portugal é dos países do mundo com mais testes realizados por 1000 habitantes. É também, por isso que o número de casos tem vindo a aumentar e pode parecer que estamos acima da média, comparando com outros países, mas tentemos relativizar e considerar os testes feitos. Sublinho que é super importante ter cuidado, seja em casa, seja de férias, e cumprir os protocolos em prática, tal como os nossos parceiros estão a fazer, comprometendo se com o selo Clean & Safe. 

E só mais uma nota final: isto é uma mensagem de incentivo ao turismo interno, sem excluir o turismo de fora, claro. São todos bem-vindos ao nosso Algarve. Até já!

Algarve is the best holiday destination

Travel experts agree: the Algarve is the best holiday destination this summer

A panel of travel experts at has voted the Algarve as the best destination for British tourists this summer.

52% of the in-house travel pros voted in favour of the Algarve, the South of Portugal, citing successful control of Coronavirus as one of the key factors.

The Algarve obtained more than half of the votes

“Local government has done fantastic work in limiting the spread of the virus and put in sensible measures to ensure people can enjoy their holiday safely”, said Tom Hughes, founder and MD at Clickstay.

“Their use of technology, such as the Info Praia app where tourists can real-time information about the level of occupancy of the beach, is a great example of how the government is being innovative in its approach”, he added.

The article about this study mentions that Portugal recorded a considerably lower number of Covid-19 cases than the UK, so is considered low risk by the UK government. On the other hand, the Portuguese government considers that the UK has got the virus ‘under control’ and is calling for a so-called ‘air bridge’ between the two countries, which would allow British tourists to go on holiday to the Algarve, and the rest of Portugal, without having to quarantine on arrival.

According to these travel experts, there’s a wide range of activities which you can enjoy safely, making the Algarve is the best holiday destination this summer, above other destinations in Europe.

During your stay in the Algarve, you will be able to visit the vast range of beaches without worrying about overcrowding, thanks to social distancing and hygiene protocols and dedicated beach surveillance.

“I usually go on a beach holiday during the summer but was a little anxious having seen some photos of very crowded beaches in the UK,” said one of Clickstay’s holidaymakers, “If social distancing is properly enforced on the beaches in the Algarve, I will definitely consider making the trip”.

Algarve beach
The Algarve’s beaches are a huge attraction for British tourists this summer

Outdoor activities like swimming, kayak tours, SUP tours, and surfing are permitted and most boat tours are already running, all with hygiene and safety protocols in place. In fact, these tours and activities are all recognized by the Portuguese “Safe & Clean” seal. This is surely another big boost for the region’s tourism prospects. According to Tom Hughes, “Many of our customers love to go surfing in their summer holidays, so being able to do that in a safe environment would be a massive attraction’.

For those looking for a more cultural experience, restaurants, hotels, museums and galleries are also already open, with social distancing protocols in place. So yes, you can enjoy some of the local fresh seafood and terraces in under the blue sky are abundant for a safe food-experience.

The shrimps are ready!

The research shows that the geography of the Algarve has also been a factor. In the Algarve, there are many relatively quiet places to rent a villa compared with the busier coastlines of France and Spain, which make it a good destination for those wishing to keep their distance and enjoy a relaxed holiday. 

What do you think? Would you consider the Algarve for your holidays this summer?

Safe Holidays in Portugal

Portugal recebe o selo “Safe Travels”

A distinção, atribuída pelo World Travel & Tourism Council, pretende certificar destinos que cumprem regras de higiene e segurança e visa dar confiança a quem viajar após as restrições para evitar a propagação da COVID-19

Portugal foi o primeiro país europeu a receber o selo “Safe Travels”, que reconhece um compromisso com a segurança, informou esta quinta-feira o Governo. A distinção, atribuída pelo World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), pretende certificar destinos que cumprem regras de higiene e segurança e visa dar confiança a quem viajar após as restrições para evitar a propagação da COVID-19.

O selo certifica destinos que cumprem regras de higiene e segurança

“Este selo visa reconhecer destinos que cumprem protocolos de saúde e higiene alinhados com os Protocolos de Viagens Seguras emanados pelo WTTC, ajudando, sobretudo, a instigar a confiança nos consumidores, de modo a que estes sintam que podem viajar em segurança assim que as restrições forem levantadas”, explica o Ministério de Estado, da Economia e Transição Digital, em comunicado.

A secretária de Estado do Turismo, Rita Marques, considera que a atribuição do selo vem premiar o esforço feito no país. “Portugal foi pioneiro no lançamento do selo Clean&Safe. Este selo do WTTC vem premiar o esforço que foi feito por todos. O melhor destino do mundo é também entendido como o mais seguro a nível mundial“, disse a governante.

Portugal foi pioneiro no lançamento do selo “Clean & Safe”

O WTTC publicou também orientações para outros setores, como a restauração, comércio de rua, aviação, aeroportos, centros de congressos, de reuniões e eventos. O selo pode ser obtido através da página na Internet do World Travel & Tourism Council.

O que acham destes selos? Teriam estes selos em conta na escolha do vosso destino de férias ou estabelecimento a frequentar?

Clean Safe SeaBookings Turismo em Portugal

A garantia “Clean & Safe” para o turismo em Portugal

Numa altura em que se prepara a retoma do setor, os empreendimentos turísticos, empresas de animação turística e agências de viagem (empresas que possuem registo junto da Autoridade Turística Nacional) podem solicitar a declaração como Estabelecimento “Clean & Safe”.

O Turismo de Portugal criou um selo para distinguir as atividades turísticas que asseguram o cumprimento de requisitos de higiene e limpeza para prevenção e controlo da Covid-19 e de outras eventuais infeções, reforçando, assim, a confiança do turista no destino.

O selo distingue atividades turísticas que asseguram o cumprimento de requisitos de higiene e limpeza para prevenção e controlo da Covid-19

Este reconhecimento tem a validade de um ano, é gratuito e opcional, e exige a implementação nas empresas de um protocolo interno que, de acordo com as recomendações da Direção-Geral da Saúde, assegura a higienização necessária para evitar riscos de contágio e garante os procedimentos seguros para o funcionamento das atividades turísticas.

O selo “Clean & Safe” pode ser obtido online nas plataformas digitais do Turismo de Portugal: RNET (Registo Nacional dos Empreendimentos Turísticos), RNAAT (Registo Nacional dos Agentes de Animação Turística) e RNAVT (Registo Nacional dos Agentes de Viagens e Turismo) e estará sempre associado ao número de registo da entidade.

Depois de submetida a Declaração de Compromisso por parte das empresas, estas podem utilizar o selo “Clean & Safe”, quer fisicamente nas suas instalações, quer na sua presença nas plataformas digitais.

Kayak tour in Albufeira
Mesmo atividades exteriores como passeios de kayak podem obter o selo

O Turismo de Portugal, em coordenação com as entidades competentes, irá realizar auditorias aleatórias aos estabelecimentos aderentes.

Com esta medida a Autoridade Turística Nacional pretende não apenas transmitir às empresas informação sobre as medidas mínimas necessárias de higiene e limpeza dos estabelecimentos como promover o turismo em Portugal e posicionar o País como destino seguro do ponto de vista de cuidados com a propagação do Vírus, com uma atuação coordenada por parte de todas as empresas do setor e que se alargará brevemente a outras áreas de atividade conforme inúmeras manifestações de interesse.

Passeios de barco e desportos náuticos “Clean & Safe”

Na SeaBookings, garantimos que os nossos parceiros são os melhores operadores marítimo-turísticos. Assim, disponibilizamos os passeios de barco e desportos aquáticos da mais alta qualidade em cada um dos nossos destinos. De facto, em Portugal, quase todos os nossos parceiros já obtiveram o selo “Clean & Safe”, enquanto outros ainda estão ajustando os seus protocolos internos para poder submeter a sua Declaração de Compromisso.

Clean and Safe Stamp SeaBookings
O selo está visível na página de cada experiência

No website da SeaBookings, pode verificar se uma experiência se comprometeu com selo “Clean & Safe” na respetiva página de experiência, onde exibimos o selo.

Para saber mais sobre o selo “Clean & Safe” ou sobre como os operadores marítimo-turísticos locais e outros agentes de turismo estão a implementar protocolos para garantir que Portugal é um destino de férias seguro, não hesitem em contactar-nos a qualquer momento. Teremos todo o gosto em ajudar e esperamos recebê-los com segurança para desfrutar do mar português.

Beachside Wedding

Pros and Cons of a Beachside Wedding

On average, there are over 2 million weddings in the U.S. each year. That means there are a lot of weddings to plan! While some people opt for a simple courthouse ceremony or a backyard event with family and friends, others go all-out. Things like barn weddings, country club weddings, and even traditional church weddings are all still popular in their own right. 

But many people opt to have a beachside wedding due to its natural beauty, relaxed atmosphere, and uniqueness. It’s easy to think about a walk along the beach at sunset for a romantic date or getaway (no matter where you are in the world!), but when it comes to planning your wedding around the beach, there are some pros and cons to consider. 

Your big day shouldn’t be stressful because of the location you choose. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the benefits and potential drawbacks of a beachside wedding before you decide whether it’s right for you. 

Sunset is the most romantic time for a beach wedding

Pro: A Naturally-Beautiful Backdrop for Any Season

One of the biggest draws to having a beachside wedding is the natural beauty. It takes very little decorating or “preparing” the space to make it look great. With that, you can save money, since you’ll have to worry less about creating a big budget for decorations. You can also use the beach as both your ceremony and reception area by utilizing a large tent; no need to have your guests travel to another venue for food, drinks, and dancing!

Plus, if you get married in a more tropical location or in a Mediterranean climate such as Greece or Portugal, you can have your wedding any time of the year. There are plenty of ideas regarding the best month to get married, but if you don’t want to wait, you can enjoy warm, beachside temperatures even during the winter when you choose a warm destination. 

Con: The Risks of Being Outside

Unfortunately, you can’t control the weather. Weddings take an average of 13-18 months to plan, and the one thing you can’t plan for is harsh sun, rain, wind, or even a higher tide than you expected. On bright, sunny days, you might be putting yourself and your guests at risk for UV exposure. 

It’s a good idea to have both a backup plan for inclement weather and a way to keep your guests safe. A tent or enclosed location is a great solution for rain or wind. Having sunscreen and sunglasses available for both UV protection of the skin and protection for the eyes would be a good idea, and they can also serve as cute party favors for guests to take home. 

There are plenty of location options for beachside weddings

Pro: Many Theme Options to Choose From

You don’t have to limit yourself to standing on the shoreline when you’re considering a beachside wedding. There are plenty of location options you can choose from: 

  • A long dock/pier
  • A lighthouse
  • A boat/ship
  • Further away from the shore
  • A rental property facing the beach

Don’t limit yourself to your idea(s) of what a beachside wedding has to be. When you choose the location that fits your needs, you can also choose the “theme” and style that works for you. Beachside weddings are often more casual and less formal, so guests can enjoy everything from feeling the warmth of their feet in the sand to appreciating a romantic beachside sunset as the backdrop to your reception. Get creative with your seaside locations!

Con: Not All Beaches are Private

Beach weddings can be very intimate, private things if you choose the right spot for your ceremony, but keep in mind that not all beaches are private. If you choose to get married on a public beach, you run the risk of a lot of noise, other people nearby, and even “beach rules” in place that everyone needs to follow. 

Obviously, the best way to avoid this is to rent out a block of time on a private beach. If that isn’t an option for you, be prepared to share your wedding day with other beachgoers who might be curious enough to look-in on your ceremony. That even includes animals, wildlife, and bugs that create their natural habitats on the beach and may crash the party when you least expect it!

If you plan a wedding in low season, you’ll likely have more privacy

Pro: An Instant Honeymoon Spot

Because the beach itself is so naturally romantic, you can transform it into your honeymoon location after the reception is over. Rent a small beach house for a few days and do nothing but relax. If you do decide to have a destination wedding in Greece or Portugal, you’ve already set the stage for the honeymoon of a lifetime!

Beachside weddings are beautiful, romantic, and almost always popular with guests. With a little planning and preparation, you can have the wedding of your dreams with your feet in the sand.