Although Norfolk is a rural countryside with windmills and farmlands, it is one of the top holiday destinations in England. Every year, approximately 16000 tourists visit the county, with 59% coming from Britain. The place has a rich heritage and spellbinding cathedrals. However, tourists often look for the best beaches in Norfolk  as no vacation is truly complete without spending a day or two on a beach. 

Norfolk also prides itself on the finest Norman heritage and a lively coast. Tourists love the crabbing towns, beautiful resorts, and the traditional fishing experience. In addition, Norfolk also boasts of broad rivers and dreamy wetlands formed due to floods in medieval times. Therefore, Norfolk is a scenic destination for tourists. 


Norwich is a fantastic city overlooking a quaint town with beautiful architecture. The city houses a cathedral, built in Norman style and clad with creamy limestone that boasts impressive architecture and beaches. The gothic extensions were added centuries later to make it a two-story cluster. It is one-of-a-kind architecture in England, and tourists flock to visit the cathedral. 

The cathedral has a museum with a statue of Queen Boudica (an English national icon) and a hoarded treasure from the Iron Age. Tourists can also visit the exhibitions at the Modern forum and stay in beautiful cottages by the River Wensum. 

Great Yarmouth

The Great Yarmouth beach has received tourists since the 1780s. The beautiful shoreline goes on for 18 miles with tourists making sandcastles, paddling, and enjoying the theme parks. The Pleasure Beach is a hit among teenagers who want an amusement park and theme rides. The Golden mile also houses arcades and fabulous holiday cottages for tourists to stay in. 


Lauded as one of the best beaches in Norfolk with a fantastic shoreline, Cromer is one of the most popular vacation spots. The sand and pristine water can calm the mind of visitors looking for a seaside break. 

The historical Cromer town attracts tourists for the historical pier and Victorian places. The beach is also perfect for surfers, who can enjoy a beach museum dedicated to Henry Blogg, a famous lifeguard. 


This beach lies several miles west. Tourists can watch the sunset over the sea in absolute peace. Hunstanton beach can provide a small-town feel if someone wants to escape city noise and traffic. The feeling gets unique during low tide because one can explore the stretches of the sandy beach. 

Tourists can stay at beachside resorts built along the shoreline and watch the seal colonies on the sandbanks of The Wash. Adventure-seekers can enjoy the red limestone cliffs overlooking the town while playing with seals in the Sea Life Sanctuary. 


The endless sands of Holkham delight the tourists, especially during the sunset. The area is surrounded by beautiful nature reserves, parks, and the magnificent Holkham hall. Tourists can also enjoy a lovely stay in the holiday cottages by the beach and relax in the gorgeous cafes. 

It is also one of the pet-friendly beaches in Norfolk. However, dogs must be controlled to protect the nesting birds. 

Holiday Cottages in Norfolk 

Since Norfolk houses some of the best beaches in England, tourists can enjoy a relaxing time in the cottages. Tourists can enjoy the home comforts in a serene atmosphere overlooking the beach. 

Cottages have many amenities to offer when compared to luxury hotels. The reasonable prices, great privacy, scenic views, and convenience are reasons enough for a person to choose a cottage for their holiday. 


Norfolk has an area of 2074 square miles with more than $900 million in tourism revenue. Tourists can visit many places and enjoy the summer by doing watersports or visiting crabbing towns, luxurious resorts, holiday cottages, wetlands, and beautiful beaches.

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