The Best Places to Visit in Greece

The birthplace of democracy and since then under the yoke of many undemocratic empires such as the Roman and Ottomans: Greece has been constantly topped up with a history for many thousands of years meaning wherever you go it is now brimming with it.

The Ancient Greek sites are of course the most famous but later sites are just as well worth visiting including many fine Ottoman Mosques and Greek Orthodox Churches and Cathedrals.

Heading to the Greek islands don’t assume you’ve seen one and seen them all, some are centers for watersports, some clubbing and partying, some are strewn with ancient sites and some are just fantastic for relaxing on the beaches.

Ancient Olympics

Olympia and the Site of the statue of Zeus

Site of the Ancient Olympics, Greeks would come from across the Greek states, under a truce if needed, to compete in the games.

There is a lot to see at this ancient site including the site of the original Olympic stadium and Gymnasium. The temple of Hera is one of many Temples and close to where the Olympic flame is lit using a Parabolic mirror every 4 years for the Olympics, it is then taken to wherever the modern Olympics are being held.

Olympia is also famous of course as the site of the Statue of Zeus, one of the wonders of the ancient world, destroyed in around 425 it is believed, or possibly removed and taken to Constantinople, the temple still remains as ruins. For more information on all the sites here, which include several more temples, you can also visit the Olympia Archaeological Museum.

The Parthenon at the Acropolis

The Acropolis has been a key site since the 5th century BC originally as a defensive position and with temples added over the centuries. The Temple of Athena Nike was built right back between 421 and 415 BC and Erchtheion is a temple dedicated to Athena, Poseidon, and Erechtheus, both can be viewed from the top. The Parthenon of course can be seen from across Athens but is the most awe-inspiring up close, itself a temple to Athena as well the columns mainly still stand despite damage during a 17th-century siege.

The Greek Parliament House and Syntagma

An area where many of Greece’s biggest companies are based Syntagma is a modern square with the Greek Parliament House on one side, in what was originally a Royal Palace completed in 1843. Outside the parliament, you can watch the changing of the Presidential guard every hour and though you can’t visit the parliament you can walk the Syntagma Place gardens that surround it.

National Archaeology Museum, Athens

Though some of ancient Greece’s most famous artifacts are in international museums outside the country, which the Greeks feel should be given back, there are still a huge variety of exhibits at the recently refurbished National Archaeology museum making it one of the world’s best. Everyone can find inspiration here: from an online essay writer to a worldwide famous artist.

Among the most famous exhibits is the massive bronze Statue of Poseidon, god of the sea, and the death mask of Agamemnon, now proven not to be that of Agamemnon but still impressive covered as it is in gold.

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Knossos, Crete

No one is quite sure how ancient Knossos is but estimates suggest a Neolithic settlement was here 8500 years ago and as early as 8000 BC.

The height of the Civilisation here though was between around 2000BC and 1300BC, when the Royal Palace was abandoned. The Palace is though still the main attraction today, King Minos if he existed, may have lived here and his Labyrinth may have been nearby. What is here is in remarkable condition and even parts of the city around it remain; you can see the restored entrance to the place, columns, water systems, and the throne room, complete with frescoes.


Founded in 408 BC the city of Rhodes is situated on the northeastern tip of the island, itself located closer to mainland Turkey than Greece.

The citadel of Rhodes, apart from the beaches, is the main attraction on the island built by the Knights Hospitalier it dates from the Middle Ages and remains wonderfully well preserved containing the medieval city within its walls that itself is well preserved too. Sitting at the harbor you can only imagine how it would have looked in ancient times with the Bronze Colossus of Rhodes, one of the wonders of the world, watching over the harbor entrance.

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